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Aug 21 2012

Yen Chou Energized By UFT Endorsement.

Yen Chou, a candidate for Grace Meng’s Assembly seat, has been endorsed by the mighty powerful UFT and her campaign is surely singing Oh Happy Day. Chou is a strong supporter  of an efficient education system and her work and commitment to students has been recognized throughout Queens.

The UFT endorsement is highly sought after because they can deliver a large number of boots on the ground for a campaign operation. They also have a huge, loyal following and tremendous clout in the community.

The following excerpt from the Greater New York Chinese Community Scholars for dollars highlights her teaching experience, which may have motivated the highly coveted endorsement.

Yen Chou’s extensive teaching experience started when she became a full time teacher at The Mary Louis Academy. Her teaching methods combine a rigorous curriculum that ensures academic achievement and a light environment that allows students to enjoy learning. The results were promising, winning her the Tandy Technology Scholars in 1995-1996 and her nomination for the Who’s Who Award for four consecutive years. Yen Chou also realized a growing need for Asian American immigrants to improve their academic standards. Thus, since 1996, she has also taught and eventually became dean of Aim Tutoring Academy in Flushing.








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Aug 12 2012

Yen Chou to Ethel Chen: You Owe This Community An Apology!

Not in my neighborhood

Standing up for voters by calling out shameful politics.

Yen Chou, a candidate for Assembly District 40, held a press conference with community leaders to demand an apology from Assembly Candidate Ethel Chen who filed a lawsuit that Chou claims was tantamount to an act of ‘voter suppression and harassment’.

“I think it is shameful that any candidate would stoop this low to separate our community,” said Chou in a press release. “We need to move forward and work to unify our community toward the best we can be and not be an instrument of segregation .”

Were these voters unfairly targeted by the Chen campaign?

Chou’s claims were backed up by community Leader Chaudhry Anwar, “I cannot understand why I was approached by an Ethel Chen staffer asking me did I collect the signature of two Korean community members. I Feel that the question was insulting because my wife is Korean,” adding, “This is not the way anyone should approach our community.”

More on this to follow.




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Jul 12 2012

Yen files 3,200 signatures

Flushing, NY –  July 10, 2012, at 3:00 pm, Yen Chou, candidate for the 40th Assembly District, officially filed her qualifying petitions with the New York City Board of Elections, with over 3,200 signatures.

“I would like to thank all my volunteers and the registered voters of our community for allowing me to qualify to represent the 40th Assembly District,” stated Ms. Chou. “We now need to move forward and work to unify our community toward the best we can be.”

Yen Chou is now focusing on raising the funds necessary to get the vote out on Election Day, Thursday, September 13, 2012.


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