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Feb 06 2013

Mayoral Candidate Says She’ll Find ‘Low Income People’ on Nostrand Ave


In another twist, Chris Bragg questioned Ceceilia about her Twitter feed which informed us she was tweeting from Newark, NJ.

Real NYC politicos never sleep.

It was around 11PM when I saw a tweet from Azi Paybarah announcing NYC Mayoral candidate Ceceilia Berkowitz was about to take center stage for a social media press conference hosted via Twitter.

Within minutes there is was; Ceceilia live on Twitter fielding questions from NY’s most seasoned journos and media watchers. Luckily I was wide awake and fired off a question, “Cecilia, do you support the MLS stadium proposal for FMCP?” A few minutes passed and she got back to me, “It is hard to say,” she wrote. “I think we know too little about low income people & they need their green space. Not the stadium. So NO.”

I pondered her response for a moment. She was apparently serious.

Curious, I asked how might she go about learning more about the “low income people” that she said needed the greenspace.

“Recruit them, interview them. Find them at places like four seasons jamaican restaurant at president st & Nostrand ave bkln.”

“…and similar type restaurants in queens and Bronx etc.”

And there you have it folks, another well-qualified candidate running to become our next Mayor.


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Nov 08 2012

Weiner Tweet has political world abuzz

Any coincidence that Rep. Bob Turner called it quits?

From Patch….Democrats had a big night on Tuesday, securing the presidency for Barack Obama until 2016, and holding the Senate majority. 

Could that be what made an old, familiar face pop back up in the Twittersphere?

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who had not used his Twitter feed since his lewd photo scandal broke last year, sent out a link to a video of Hurricane Sandy damage in the Rockaways to his nearly 70,000 followers Wednesday afternoon.

The tweet immediately set the media world in New York abuzz, with some thinking the message heralded a comeback for the former representative.

At least one user urged Weiner to get back in the saddle, tweeting at the former congressman: “NYC needs you. Answer the call.”

For the full story: http://bayside.patch.com/articles/weiner-making-a-comeback-on-twitter-173090c5


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Apr 11 2012

Nasty Twitter account takes cheap shots at Grace Meng

Early this morning, a bogus Twitter account was created to lampoon Grace Meng and soon spread around political circles, but instead of a few hearty chuckles; it’s proliferating racist propaganda.

We here at Queens-Politics love satire. It’s expressive and legitimized by fact. One of the freedoms we hold dear is our freedom of speech. But sometimes people take it a step too far and attempt to exploit ethnic bias to further their agenda.

The obnoxious Twitter account in question seems particularly bent on pointing out that Grace is a Chinese American. The entire account, tweets and all, reads like a racist vendetta hell-bent on dividing the community.

It’s unacceptable and far-flung from a fine display of free speech.

In Queens, there are a few good politicians that strive to represent their community by bridging cultural gaps to serve the community in a caring and professional way. Grace Meng is one of those people and she does not deserve a berating of her ethnic background and beliefs.

So, out of a deep sense of loyalty to all that we hold dear, we have an important message to whoever created the account: Anonymity is weak and cowardly. Come to peace with this challenge and reveal yourself before we do. Set the record straight, or otherwise wave the flag.


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Sep 30 2011

Elusive Perp Behind Shocking Twitter Feed Baffles Local Pols. A Complete Mystery.

Someone really has some sour grapes for State Assembly Member Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside).

During his bid for State Assembly, Ed harnessed the power of social media. He used Facebook and Twitter to campaign directly to the community, and it was a success. But it wasn’t long before his antithesis, NotEdBraunstein began to blitz his social media presence and steal his thunder. Take a look at these examples:

The real Ed Braunstein followers: 131. His updates are mundane, typically bland with the tone of a 20 year incumbent, a novice Tweeter, probably a young staffer:

    • “I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album “JHS 194 Bus Rally”
    • “Please check out my brochure about important news and changes to long term health insurance.”
    • “Here is my brochure which includes some useful safety tips for seniors.”

NotEdBraunstein  followers: 369.

    • “Don’t tell anyone I faked being Jewish to get elected in a Jewish district. I’m not as dumb as people think”.
    • “They call me the Forest Gump of the New York State Assembly.  I don’t understand why?
    • “Though I’m not very good at math I hope my Super Lobbyist Uncle Brian Meara will make a lot of $$ from the State.”
    • “I wonder if I can get all that Anthony Weiner publicity if I show my weiner?”

My Favorite line:

    • “If you want to see talk to me I’ll be the stupid drunk guy on Bell Blvd tonite.”

I don’t know the culprit behind the Twitter feed. I have been asked once or twice if it was really me, but for the record it’s not. I even campaigned for Ed. It is however, funny as hell.

Make sure you follow!

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