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Nov 01 2013

Paul Vallone To Trounce Dennis Saffran On Election Day


Senator Chuck Schumer endorses Paul Vallone for the 19th City Council District.

In a heated race to replace City Councilman Dan Halloran, all signs point to an all out Vallone victory on November 5th.

Just cruise down any street in Northeast Queens and you’ll catch a neighbor proudly displaying the “We Support Paul Vallone” sign on their front lawn. Look up and down busy commercial strips, you’ll see businesses too, proudly supporting Paul Vallone. Open any newspaper and you’ll catch a glimpse of a campaign run by a true community leader. Not convinced? Peak inside the office and there’s an army of volunteers working on GOTV. Not only that, but local civic and political leaders are standing by him. And by now, chances are he’s already knocked on your door.

Despite the attention received, this race was characterized by animosity on the part of Republican extremist, Dennis Saffran. Some say “going negative” is just part of a strategy, however it seems like that’s all Dennis Saffran did throughout his entire campaign. You’ve got to ask, how could we vote for such a hypocrite? On one hand he complains about negative campaigning not linked to Vallone but reality check: he’s doing it himself.

While it is still unclear what exactly Saffran has done for this community in the past 10 years, it was easy to see this race getting ugly quick as he already had a reputation for bad mouthing everyone behind their back. Could the negativity have been a strategy for Saffran to try and divert attention from his lack of community service and roots in the district with lie after lie? Aside from that, the leadership in Saffran’s campaign seems amateurish and disorganized. Word on the street is that the campaign is skeletal; starving for volunteers so much so they’ve begun to recruit Tea Party extremists from Nassau and Suffolk to help out in District 19.

And what about endorsements? Vallone has earned every critical endorsement in town from the PBA to the Democratic Party. Saffran was endorsed by a lobbyist and what’s left of the GOP, which is giving him no help at all.

Whatever the case may be, Vallone’s commitment to Northeast Queens has shined through all of Dennis Saffran’s negativity. And the entire community is standing behind him to be our next Councilman.


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Sep 18 2012

Halloran announces plans to attend Tea Party icon’s fundraiser; draws sharp criticism from political hopeful

Congressman West (R-Fla) has been in hot water for his controversial statements.

A Democratic candidate for the 19th City Council District is outraged with Dan Halloran for announcing plans to attend a fundraiser held by Tea Party backed Republican Congressman Allen West.

Making the case of guilt by association, in a statement Silverstein cited West’s pro-gun advocacy and his accusations toward Congress for being linked to the Communist Party as indicative of his character and policy making agenda. “Dan Halloran’s alliance with Allen West is a clear reminder of why Dan Halloran is the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress & the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress and the wrong choice to serve the 19th Council District in the NYC Council.”

Silverstein, a state committee member and a candidate for the seat currently held by Halloran, said he spoke on behalf of the constituents,

“West’s radical opinions are not in line with the viewpoints and beliefs of people in the 6th CD, 26th AD or 19th CD.”

Reached for comment, Halloran Spox Steven Stites said,

“As City Councilman, Dan Halloran works to keep cops on the streets and make New Yorkers safe. As a perennial political candidate for everything under the sun, Matt Silverstein puts out press releases.

Official Press Release Below



Contact: Campaign Chair Warren Schreiber (917)494-2247 / silverstein2013@gmail.com

19th Council District Candidate Matthew Silverstein Condemns City Councilman Dan Halloran For Agreeing To Attend A New York Fundraiser For Controversial Congressman Allen West

Bay Terrace, New York

City Council Candidate Matthew Silverstein today released the following statement:

I was shocked to learn this morning that City Councilman & Congressional candidate Dan Halloran would be attending an upcoming fundraiser for controversial Congressman Allen West.

Congressman Allen West is completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. Congressman Allen West’s comments accusing 78-81 Democratic Members of Congress of being part of the Communist Party are completely inappropriate.

What are most alarming were Congressman West’s recent comments about guns. Congressman West said at a campaign rally “Well, I got a great idea. I believe for personal security, every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm”.

According to the New York City Police Department website, since the start of 2012 there have been 1,034 shooting incidents in New York City This is already up 1.3% from 2011. With gun violence on the rise in New York City, comments like this only add more fuel to the fire. Now is the time to talk about ways in which we can reduce the rate of gun violence in our City.

Dan Halloran’s alliance with Allen West is a clear reminder of why Dan Halloran is the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress & the wrong choice to serve the 19th Council District in the NYC Council.

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Sep 03 2012

All American Grace Salutes Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, Congressional Candidate Grace Meng issued a statement supporting unions and the working men and women of America.

She also throws a well-deserved barb at the union busting activities of the Tea Party.

Press release: 

In celebration of Labor Day, Assemblywoman Grace Meng – the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s 6th District – released the following statement:

“Labor Day is a day we celebrate the great American work ethic and those hardworking men and women who struggled to provide us with workers’ rights and deliver us today’s landmarks of middle class security, including the 40-hour work week, child labor laws, pensions, a minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare.

“Unfortunately, the Tea Party-controlled Republican Congress is making every effort to turn back the clock on decades of labor achievements in favor of tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans.

“Now more than ever, we must elect representatives to Washington who will stand up in support of labor’s collective bargaining rights so that working men and women may have a voice on the job, a chance to negotiate for fair pay and safe working conditions, and the ability to a secure a comfortable retirement.”

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