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May 14 2014

Perrianno: Fashion For The Professional Man


Perrianno: fashion for the steps of City Hall to the Silver Screen.

Where do legislators and candidates go to look their best? Perrianno Men’s Fashion Concierge.

Appearances are everything,” said owner and lead stylist Perry El, a Queens native and entrepeneur that opened his first startup clothing line in 2012 to “provide exclusive men’s fashion, custom suits and styles to the professional man with a unique and unmistakable appearance,” and as fashion evolved, so did his client base.


Owner Perry LaBarca gets a warm welcome from men’s fashion mogul Domenico Vacca.

Following the success of his previous exclusive lines to celebrities and pro athletes, El, a habitué of the fashion circuit, created a new capsule collection for government and political professionals made of modern, sophisticated and stylish wool, cashmere, and silk products which blend a sign of the times portrayed in the Madmen series while reserved enough to maintain its high-end fashion motif without breaking your bank account. Still, it’s a dressier take for legislative duties with luxe statement pocket squares, handsome check suits, light-colored jackets and proper formal wear. The line eschews the lived-in look that is so pervasive in men’s wear, and instead offers custom prints and imported fabrics made for both the podium or a photography studio, and everything in between.

Perry El’s custom designs and concierge services have graced the shoulders of A-List celebrities ranging from Stephen Baldwin and James Gandolfini, to 50 cent and Raekwon–not to mention professional athletes particularly in MMA–his style has been starlit on The Grammys and MTV’s Video Music Awards, even Steve Madden wears his line, but perhaps most interesting (and for our readers) are the upper echelons of City Hall clothed in the latest Perrianno, but try to find out who they are exactly and he’ll remind you of the “code of the neighborhood” emphasizing discretion–adding to the mystery of who’s decked out in the latest Perrianno? Here’s a hint: they stand out.

My goal in developing a menswear collection was based on my frustration with the lack of trends and stale approach of major retailers,” El said about his personalized services. “If you live on the East coast, you can get fitted for the perfect suit for the perfect look with the perfect accessory; everything is one phone call away.”


Rapper 50 Cent seen here dressed in Perrianno.

Perry El was born in Flushing, Queens, and his strong fashion sense and unique style techniques started to develop as early as 12 years old. Starting from the ground up without a penny in his pocket, El began saving to invest in a fashion line in his early teens; “A hustle here, a hustle there,” he says, it meant sacrifice and fiscal discipline to build up what would one day become his signature brand.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Through experimentation of swatches, fabrics, patterns and materials, he began to produce men’s garments, shirts, and accessories – at first making them available only to inner circles and A-listers, but in 2013 something clicked: “The reaction from the public was so positive that we decided to make the collection available to everyone,”said El and The Perrianno Concierge Service was born.

perriannoshoesPlain bases and structured textile weaves play a vital role this season balancing an overly drab summer selection from major retailers. Besides the linen sport coats, customers will love the exclusive (and limited edition) range of hand-spun and hand-woven silk hankies which give a new expression to free-spirited fashion. Be it casual or formal, City Hall or 5th Avenue, Perry El has scouted the best the world has to offer and brought it to customers with a personalized approach to make you look the best season after season.




Actor Stephen Baldwin (left) in Tapestry (2014) wearing a Perrianno exlusive.


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