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Feb 27 2014

Desperate Candidate Calls Opponent A Loser

Was Grant Lally drinking last night when he tweeted his opponent calling him a 2x loser or did Anthony Weiner hack his account?

For those who may not know, a contentious primary for CD-3 is heating up between two republicans, Grant Lally and Stephen Labate and so far what we know of Lally is a laundry list of misdeeds, so it’s not surprise we can add crude and impolite comments to that list.

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Around midnight, Lally became displeased when @Rich_Kruse tweeted his enthusiasm about attending a recent fundraiser for his opponent, Stephen Labate. Lally, in return, thought it would be best to respond like a two-year-old to set the record straight.



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Feb 25 2014

Labate Campaign Questions Integrity of Opponent


Time to take the gloves off.

Stephen Labate (R- North Babylon), a candidate for NY’s 3rd Congressional district, sent out a press release calling attention to the alleged claims of an endorsement made by his opponent, Grant Lally.

Labate, who grew up in Queens and graduated from SJU, has an impressive record of military service, the kind that impresses ethics and accountability in public service, so it’s no surprise to see his campaign bringing this to light.

For those who may not know, CD-3 is in play for Republicans and includes a large swath of Northeast Queens. Stay tuned for more details.


Press Release:


P.O. BOX 6177


Contact:Elizabeth (631) 255-5151


Labate Campaign Raises Serious Concerns About The Integrity of Grant Lally

A senior aide to Stephen Labate for Congress, Jessie Bohman, is calling on Grant Lally to apologize to voters and members of the Conservative Party for his false claim that he has received the endorsement of their Party.

Bohman expressed outrage saying “Lally has been deliberately misleading the public by claiming in his initial press release and at numerous speaking engagements that he has received the official endorsement from the Nassau County Conservative Party. Upon our reaching out to the Conservative Party, we learned there was never an official endorsement. In fact, at a recent meeting of the Nassau County Conservative Party, it was agreed that, as a Party, they should remain neutral.”

According to Bohman, “Mr. Lally has been spreading untruths since coming into the race. This raises serious questions about the validity of any endorsements Lally claims to have.”

Bohman continued, “I’m calling on Mr. Lally to apologize to the members of the Conservative Party and the voters of the 3rd Congressional District for deliberately trying to mislead the public.  Lally’s shady tactics should raise serious questions about his integrity and ability to hold any elected office or position of trust. The voters of the Third Congressional District deserve better from their Congressional candidates and elected officials.”


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