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Sep 03 2014

Queens-Politics Endorses John Liu for State Senate


Queens needs John Liu

It’s time to win back Senate District 11. Vote John Liu on Primary Day.

In one of the most contentious primaries in the city, Senate District 11 has seen more than its fair share of coverage, insight, and gossip across every possible medium. We’re almost all famous. Anyway, those of us familiar with the voting public in District 11 know that John Liu is simply loved. Yes, loved. And for good reason. He’s intelligent, charming, and approachable and he would make a perfect fit in Albany.

However, the same cannot be said for his opponent who is known to mean vindictive, and outright nasty — even on the job.

There’s merit to the argument that says you need to be able to politic in politics to get anything done, but Tony Avella is just not that kind of guy. Rather, he’s the guy who takes it too far and would be better off as an environmental activist.

While both Liu and Avella have impressive records — and trust us when we say Tony Avella has a ton of baggage that’s hardly ever mentioned out there — but that’s not the point now, the point is to question who will really serve the district better in Albany, is it the guy who hates everyone or the guy that everyone loves?

It’s not rocket science folks. John Liu wins in this category, not to mention he’s the best Comptroller this city has ever seen, after all he did save the city’s pension funds.

For these reasons, Queens-Politics would like to urge all our readers to pick up the phone and call or text your friends and family in District 11 and tell them to vote for John Liu for state Senate.

The Democratic Primary will be held Tuesday, September 9th. Check your poll site here. District 11 includes the neighborhoods of Auburndale, College PointWhitestoneBaysideLittle NeckDouglastonFloral Park, Beechhurst, Malba, parts of Jamaica, Oakland Gardens, Glen Oaks, and Flushing.


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Nov 05 2012

Addabbo leads by setting the example

While some candidates were still on the campaign trail, Senator Joseph Addabbo suspended all campaign activity to help his constituents during Hurricane Sandy. Joe was on the front lines giving a hand wherever he could and deserves a round of applause. If you’re on the fence for Election Day we urge you to consider Joe Addabbo for New York State Senate.

(l to r) Lori Martini, Middle Village songwriter, actress and Mets Fan; Frank Kenna, Chief Deputy Queens County Clerk; Forest Hills, Joe Addabbo, NY State Senator, Howard Beach; Edward Wendell, President of the Woodhaven Resident’s Block Association, Woodhaven.  Frank, Joe and Ed are all Archbishop Molloy High School Graduates, Class of 1982, lending a hand by delivering food, clothing and supplies to hard hit Howard Beach, Broad Channel and the Rockaways.

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Oct 22 2012

Major endorsement could sway undecided voters

With the election less than two weeks away, Chuck's endorsement could help deliver victory for Joe Addabbo.

So who had a great weekend? Last Friday, Senator Chuck Schumer finally read the writing on the wall as he whole heartedly endorsed Joseph Addabbo for state senate and effectively put to rest all hopes of Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich taking the seat.

Press Release: Today in front of the Queens Community House in Forest Hills, alongside local supporters and electeds, Senator Schumer endorsed Senator Addabbo for his third term representing New York Senate’s 15th district.

“Senator Addabbo is an experienced leader, who provides a strong voice for the working people and families of Queens,” said Senator Schumer. “I am proud to endorse Senator Addabbo as he fights for what is right—quality education for our children, affordable and accessible healthcare for the whole community, and stronger common sense gun laws to keep our children and our streets safe.”

“This race is about the working families in our community. It’s about making sure our children receive a good education, about protecting our streets from guns, and about creating jobs in this tough economy. No one knows this more than Senator Schumer, as he has been one of New York’s most loyal and committed advocates,” said Senator Addabbo.

“I am truly honored to have Senator Schumer’s support, as he exemplifies the democratic ideals I believe in so much.”

During his two terms representing New York Senate’s 15th district, Senator Addabbo has fought for the issues that matter most to his constituents including the creation of jobs, access to affordable health care, stronger gun control laws, senior services, and quality education. Senator Addabbo is one of the strongest advocates for raising the minimum wage, and consistently stands up for New York’s working men and women. He is also the ranking member of the Senate Elections Committee.


New York Senate’s 15th district encompasses many Queens neighborhoods including Forest Hills Gardens, Glendale, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, and parts of Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Ozone Park, Rego Park, Richmond Hill, the Rockaways, and South Ozone Park

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Oct 08 2012


A handshake worth more than a billboard.

On Columbus Day, Governor Cuomo’s endorsement brings Senator Joseph Addabbo one step closer to reelection.

Cuomo extolled the virtues of incumbent Senator Addabbo saying he is a man of conscience,  integrity, and courage.

Press Release: Today at Columbus Citizens Foundation’s annual Columbus Day Parade, Governor Andrew Cuomo endorsed Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. for his third term representing New York Senate’s 15th district.

“Senator Addabbo has done great work. We’ve had a very productive, past two years on anyone’s book in Albany,” said Governor Cuomo. “The reason the state government has made progress is partially due to some very difficult but correct votes that the Legislature has taken. Now, a number of elected officials are in difficult elections, I believe, in part, because of votes they took.”

“Political courage, which Senator Joe Addabbo displayed, should be encouraged, not discouraged. And I want his constituents to know today that he is a man of conscience, he is a man of integrity, he is a man of courage, and that’s what you want in an elected official — especially in Albany,” said Governor Cuomo.

“Governor Cuomo’s endorsement is a true honor, as we have worked closely alongside each other to bring fiscal stability and ethics reform to Albany,” said Senator Addabbo. “I look forward to continue working with Governor Cuomo to improve educational opportunities, create jobs, fight for stronger gun control, and once again be proud of our state government.”

Governor Cuomo and Senator Addabbo have successfully worked together to create on-time budgets, and fight for important legislation to implement common sense gun laws, bring ethics reform to Albany, and expand access to quality education for New York children.

During his two terms representing New York Senate’s 15th district, Senator Addabbo has fought for the issues that matter most to his constituents including the creation of jobs, access to affordable health care, stronger gun control laws, senior services, and quality education. Senator Addabbo is one of the strongest advocates for raising the minimum wage, and consistently stands up for New York’s working men and women. He is also the ranking member of the Senate Elections Committee.

New York Senate’s 15th district encompasses many Queens neighborhoods including Forest Hills Gardens, Glendale, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Maspeth, Middle Village, Hamilton Beach, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, and parts of Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Ozone Park, Rego Park, Richmond Hill, the Rockaways, and South Ozone Park.



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Sep 04 2012

Reyes Receives Nod From Dole, Rumsfeld

The Reyes campaign proudly announces that Juan Reyes has been endorsed by former U.S. Senator Bob Dole (pictured above with Reyes) and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Juan Reyes received an enormous boost to his campaign for State Senate after receiving the blessing of two notable GOP politicians.

Press Release: Dole, a former five-term Senator from Kansas who served as Senate Majority Leader and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, was the Republican Presidential nominee in 1996.

Rumsfeld, a former four-term Congressman from Illinois who served as White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, was also Secretary of Defense under two U.S. Presidents.

Dole called Reyes, an attorney running in the September 13th Republican Primary for State Senate, “An outstanding leader who will fight for you and your family in Albany. He won’t tolerate the political nonsense that has done so much damage to New York’s economy.”

Rumsfeld said,

“Juan is smart, tough minded, decent and hardworking. He is a solid conservative who stands for lower taxes, less government spending, and a strong emphasis on economic growth in the private sector.”

Reyes, a former counsel to several city agencies in the Giuliani Administration, said he was “humbled and grateful to have the endorsement of two giants in the Republican Party.”

 “My top priority is to help get New York’s economy moving and bringing new jobs and industries to our state,” said Reyes,”Republicans understand that private sector experience like mine is invaluable with New York’s current economic condition, and I urge every Republican voter to come out on Thursday, September 13th and help me win this critical election.”


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Aug 29 2012


Juan Reyes, a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party.

A new hope for good government.

Reyes is calling on Governor Cuomo for ethics reform and points out the impropriety of his opponent Eric Ulrich.

PRESS RELEASE: Citing the growing number of cases of political corruption and abuse of power in the State Capitol, Republican State Senate candidate Juan Reyes of Queens today called for decisive action by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Juan Reyes said “New Yorkers are tired of the never ending scandals coming out of Albany: Brian Mclaughlin, stealing money from little leagues, Malcolm Smith, Hiram Monserrete – misuse of funds and violence, Carl Kruger – bribery, Vito Lopez – sexual harassment, Shirley Huntley – arrested for funneling money, Naomi Rivera probed for misuse of state funds.

Reyes added,

“My own opponent, Eric Ulrich, used convicted felon Richard Hartman to collect many of his nominating petitions, and had another convicted felon, John Haggerty, file those petitions with the Board of Elections. It is as if Ulrich wants to get a head start on Albany by using experienced criminals.”

Reyes continued,

‘”Ulrich’s former chief of staff was also reportedly terminated from a Catholic institution for unknown circumstances. Last year his Chief of Staff was admonished by a Queens Supreme Court Judge for having intentionally deceived Republican voters in what many thought might constitute mail fraud. At least one of his close friends whom he worked with was likewise alleged to have been terminated from a Catholic institution under a cloud.”

Reyes, a former appointee of Mayor Giuliani, continued,

“The Governor has taken some steps to clean up Albany, but we need to go farther. I support the termination of state pension payments for anyone convicted of a felony in relation to his or her official state responsibilities.”

“We also need to put some strict limits on the activities of state legislators,” Reyes added, “starting with a moratorium on any legislative pay raise, and adding term limits for all state constitutional officers, members of the legislature, committee chairmen and legislative floor leaders, including the Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker.”

Reyes noted that “Until a career in the state legislature is seen as a public service, instead of a license to steal, we will continue to be plagued by political corruption.”


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Jul 15 2012

Reyes Family Files Petitions

Look out Eric, here comes a storm.

In case you didn’t hear, Republican Juan Reyes successfully filed his nominating petitions for state Senate.

Reyes, the father of three young daughters, and his wife Meaghan used the petition filing as a teaching experience for their children.

The Reyes girls, ages 5 and 7, personally handed their father’s nominating petitiions to Board of Elections personnel at the agency’s office at 32 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

“I want my daughters to know right from wrong,” said Reyes, “and they may not be old enough to vote for many years, but when they are, I hope they will understand the importance of being a good citizen.”


For more information or copies of this family photo, contact the Reyes campaign at 718-487-9551.

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Feb 03 2012

The GOP Superbowl Of Northeast Queens

Elio Forcina 3:16

Forcina scores in a late two-point conversion.

It’s like Super Bowl 42: The underdog Giants against the superpower Patriots.

Political ‘feelers’ are out and reporting back the potential Republican Candidates for Tony Avella’s 11th state Senate district.

This is what was returned:


  • Like Joe Montana, the greatest football player ever, Frank Padavan is being lured out of retirement after a recent injury. He may not be interested, but on paper he’s got serious name recognition. Chance of running 50-50.
  • Like Patton Manning, Dan Halloran, long considered a rising star to run against Avella would just have to stay out of it – that’s if Frank throws his hat in the ring. Chance of running 60-40.
  • Like Tony Romo, Vince Tabone is County and  can raise serious money just like the Dallas Cowboys with John Catsimatidis as his manager. Vince always comes up short, but maybe 2012 will be his year as he was already redistricted into the 25th A.D by Braunstein and the Democrats. Keep an eye on him.
  • As far as insiders are concerned Marco Desena is still playing in the College Bowl, not much is known about him but who knows as he has Robert Hornak as his Vince Lombardi.
  • Like Tim Tebow, Elio Forcina, a one-time, pro-life Assembly candidate could be forced into the Superbowl if neither Manning or Montana step up. Elio recently switched parties to become a Republican. Many questioned his decision, but it’s becoming clear as the new lines are finalized.

During the primary for the 26th A.D I volunteered on Elio’s campaign because I felt he was amiable enough to represent the district. Our small but devoted campaign team sacked the District Leaders and solidified a small but reliable voting bloc. A quick story, three days before Election Day, Elio went missing. We searched high, we searched low, we even searched Cherry Valley and he was nowhere to be found. A light bulb went off in my head, and I suddenly had a hunch to see if he was at St. Luke’s church in Whitestone. I drove there around 8pm to find Elio in the first pew taking a knee and praying the rosary for “unborn children.”

Questions to ponder:

Will Elio throw a hail-mary pass for another play at elected office on the GOP line if Frank and Dan stand down?

Will someone rise up from the recent GOP’s Candidate School?

Will the new Northeast Queens Republican club field their own candidate?

What do you think?


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Nov 28 2011

The Low Down On Shelly Silver

 Sheldon Silver (D-Manhatten) pictured here with Governor Andrew Cuomo

Shelly says I cook the fish around here pal.

An ex-staffer believes Shelly Silver is happy as a clam with a Republican majority in the Senate.

After Thanksgiving weekend, QP had a chance to meet up with an old friend, a former state Senate staffer from the GOP. She had some interesting viewpoints on Shelly Silver and how he maintains absolute political authority with the GOP majority in the senate.

Some critics think the state legislature is dysfunctional because the assembly speaker has a lot of power, others believe the legislature is not exactly dysfunctional but could use some tweaking, however Capital staffers have their own unique perspective.

According to the source,  the conditions are perfect for Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) to nurture his political gravitas.

The source  believes that Shelly, who has been Speaker since 1994, has flowered with the Republican controlled Senate because when things go awry Shelly needs someone to blame.

“With Joe Bruno and Malcolm Smith out of the picture Shelly’s power inflated because if the unions, the lobbyists and the special interests need something done, they go to Shelly and no one else – they don’t have to seek out the GOP leadership – they only need to see Shelly, and as a Republican in New York, you need Shelly Silver if you plan on seeing anything, and I mean anything through.”

The source believes Dean Skelos, who is currently serving his first term as Majority Leader of the Senate  is the legislative colleague of a lifetime.

“When things get hairy Shelly can demonize the GOP, but behind the scenes it works out because the GOP always asks for a lot less then their Democratic colleagues and Shelly really likes that.”

It used to be three men in a Smokey room but now the old cliché could be a thing of the past.

“Shelly was sick and tired with the Democrats because they all want more than the state is able to give,” according to the source.

She said Republicans are easier to work with alleging that at some point Shelly was so fed up with his party he even threatened to retire.

You mean the coup of 2009?

She shakes her head and raises her hands to her cheeks, as if she made her case in point. “The biggest freak show is the democrats, and everyone realized it.  John Samson and Malcolm Smith they couldn’t get the conference organized and Monseratte – he went to the other side,” she said, referring to the 2009 turmoil when Democratic Senators Hiram Monseratte and Pedro Espada  flipped handing power to the Republicans and bringing state government to a grinding halt for five weeks.

Monseratte, who lost an Assembly race to Franscisco Moya and his old Senate Seat to Jose Peralta, may have been a seedy character (he allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a broken glass), but he flipped for a good reason.

“If you would have lined up the Democrats, even Shelly would have voted Republican,” adding, “That’s how bad it was, it was total chaos in Albany and the Chamber rebuked Hiram to cover their ass.”

According to the source, Shelly didn’t fare any better working with former Senate majority leader Malcolm Smith, who is a Democrat – even though he was reported to be running power rings around Malcolm. Because senate democrats like Malcolm “wanted too much from the state coffers,” she said they couldn’t cooperate with each other.

Under the present political climate, the former staffer believes Shelly Silver is now the “kingpin of government” more so than he ever would have been with Democrats in control of the Senate chamber.

“With Republicans back in power things are running a lot smoother, and Shelly, he couldn’t be happier.”


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