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Aug 30 2012


The title of this press release explains the priorites of candidates running for office.

Press Release: Senator Addabbo visited Maspeth Senior Center to meet with local seniors and discuss one of the more serious senior-related issues we face today: the ongoing national debate on Medicare.

The issue is particularly important, as the GOP gathers in Tampa for the Convention to nominate the Romney/Ryan ticket, one of the most extreme tickets in party history. The Romney/Ryan plan would gut Medicare, making it insolvent by 2016.

Romney/Ryan’s New York Campaign Chairman, Eric Ulrich, who is also running for NY State Senate’s 15th district, supports this plan and many other ultra-conservative policy initiatives of the Romney/Ryan ticket, making it clear that he remains deeply out of touch with voters in the 15th district.

“From the veterans who have defended us in war, to the parents and grandparents who have made countless sacrifices to build a better future to our community, we owe it to our seniors to make sure they get the care they need in retirement,” said Addabbo. “We need to stop this attack from every angle.”

“It is wrong and unfair to rob our seniors, who’ve given so much to the community, of their right to Medicare and affordable healthcare,” said Addabbo. “I hear that on the ground here every day in my district. “

Senator Addabbo works hard to get results for seniors. He helped create the Gold Alert Program, which will alert the public if an elderly Alzheimer’s patient or vulnerable adult has gone missing, has voted to simplify the renewal process for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program, and fought to save the Woodhaven Senior Center.

Senator Addabbo schedules weekly visits to his district’s senior centers to discuss local issues, answer questions, and address senior-related concerns.


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Aug 29 2012


Juan Reyes, a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party.

A new hope for good government.

Reyes is calling on Governor Cuomo for ethics reform and points out the impropriety of his opponent Eric Ulrich.

PRESS RELEASE: Citing the growing number of cases of political corruption and abuse of power in the State Capitol, Republican State Senate candidate Juan Reyes of Queens today called for decisive action by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Juan Reyes said “New Yorkers are tired of the never ending scandals coming out of Albany: Brian Mclaughlin, stealing money from little leagues, Malcolm Smith, Hiram Monserrete – misuse of funds and violence, Carl Kruger – bribery, Vito Lopez – sexual harassment, Shirley Huntley – arrested for funneling money, Naomi Rivera probed for misuse of state funds.

Reyes added,

“My own opponent, Eric Ulrich, used convicted felon Richard Hartman to collect many of his nominating petitions, and had another convicted felon, John Haggerty, file those petitions with the Board of Elections. It is as if Ulrich wants to get a head start on Albany by using experienced criminals.”

Reyes continued,

‘”Ulrich’s former chief of staff was also reportedly terminated from a Catholic institution for unknown circumstances. Last year his Chief of Staff was admonished by a Queens Supreme Court Judge for having intentionally deceived Republican voters in what many thought might constitute mail fraud. At least one of his close friends whom he worked with was likewise alleged to have been terminated from a Catholic institution under a cloud.”

Reyes, a former appointee of Mayor Giuliani, continued,

“The Governor has taken some steps to clean up Albany, but we need to go farther. I support the termination of state pension payments for anyone convicted of a felony in relation to his or her official state responsibilities.”

“We also need to put some strict limits on the activities of state legislators,” Reyes added, “starting with a moratorium on any legislative pay raise, and adding term limits for all state constitutional officers, members of the legislature, committee chairmen and legislative floor leaders, including the Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker.”

Reyes noted that “Until a career in the state legislature is seen as a public service, instead of a license to steal, we will continue to be plagued by political corruption.”


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