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Dec 18 2012

Taylor Considered Frontrunner For Party Endorsement

District Leader Martha Taylor is widely considered the frontrunner for the Party nod.

Joe Crowley will visit Rory Lancman’s announcement tonight, but it’s District Leader Martha Taylor who has the one up when it comes to the Party’s endorsement for City Council District 24, according to insiders.

Ask any activist in the community and they will most assuredly recognize her name. Taylor, who worked in the Comptroller’s office as the Director of Affirmative Claims from 2002-2011 (and is currently an attorney by trade), has a distinguished record of community service that is well-known by constituents  and among political circles.

During her run in 2009, early support from big political dynamos was recognized here and will likely continue into 2013. The endorsement is likely to go to Taylor considering her opponent, Rory Lancman, has fallen into disfavor with the Party as key decision makers will recall his insurgent (and costly) primary against Congresswoman Grace Meng.

Since her run for Jim Gennaro’s seat in 2009, Taylor made the most of out of her Democratic District Leader position (24th A.D Part A) by aiding constituents and being a central figure in civic activism. Her visibility in the comunity is aided in part by her work experience in the Mayor’s Community Affair’s unit under the Dinkin’s administration.

Isaac Sasson is also expected to announce a run, but it is not likely he will be considered for the endorsement.

Years of coalition building, and a very helpful Party nod, might bring her one step closer to victory for Jim Gennaro’s term limited Council seat in 2013.


* Note: Martha Taylor did not run against Jim Gennaro in 2009. A committee was filed, but was later dissolved. 

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Dec 18 2012

Sasson To Enter Council Race?

Isaac Sasson won the lotto which tends to overshadow any of his accomplishments, but at least no one will be able to say he’s running for the paycheck.

While the battle lines for City Council have not yet been finalized, many candidates are already gearing up for will surely be an uncertain and competitive primary season. With the term limiting of Councilman James Gennaro, so far only two candidates have officially expressed interest including Assemblyman Rory Lancman and District Leader Martha Taylor, however the political world will be surprised to hear another familiar candidate is ready and willing for another shot at political office. That candidate is Isaac Sasson, a retired cancer researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

Sasson has been eyeing elected office for several years earning him the reputation as an independent and insurgent candidate. He ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2003 against then City Councilman John Lui, and again for Council in 2009 and most recently for Senate in 2010 where he came close to victory each time. Having forgone the chance to rematch Senator Stavisky in 2012, Sassoon endorsed independent Democrat John Messer. But this time in 2013 it could be his year.

Since his last run, Sasson, a Sephardic Orthodox rabbi, has grown his base to absorb some moderate and conservative Dems while cornering the Jewish vote. He is often mentioned as one of the most prominent leaders in the Jewish Community – and it just so happens that the neighborhoods of District 24: Kew Garden Hills, Hillcrest, Fresh Meadows, Jamaica, Utopia, and Jamaica Estates has a large Jewish population. But Lancman and Taylor are Jewish too, so how will this play out and will it split the vote? Many conservative leaning Jews have been outraged by Lanceman’s liberal positions particularly on marriage rights – and thus feeling alienated – they’ve looked for leadership in Isaac Sasson to uphold their values. He’s also scored major points advocating for tenant’s rights plus his activism on Communty Board 7, which includes sections of District 24, has him firmly planted in the mind’s of voters outside of Flushing where he resides. His appeal also comes from his education, as those pleased with Councilman Gennaro’s scholarly approach to legislation (Gennaro is also a scientist) will appreciate the same characteristic in Sasson as he graduated from the City College of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree and earned his Ph.D. degree in chemistry from the University of Connecticut.

Even when the lines shift, the Jewish vote is historically consistent and historically Democrat with a high probability of voting in primary elections, so it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Meanwhile, many have come to know Sasson as a scholar, a volunteer, and an independent voice in the community. His position on hyper local issues is always backed up by facts and figures – a very rare quality in the political world especially in comparison to the long history of servitude Taylor and Lanceman have to the Democratic Party. Given that, it’s not likely he’ll get the coveted endorsement, but the demographics in this race suggest Sasson will have a large enough base (and the name recognition) to potentially pull off a win in a three-way primary. His campaign war chest will surely help. But we don’t know anything for sure as both Taylor and Lancman have the experience, name recognition, and extensive resumes of service which are not to be underestimated. In the end Sassoon will likely run, but not for personal gain or prestige, he’ll run to serve the community.


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Sep 04 2012

Quinn Endorses Iannece

A happy belated birthday to Jerry Iannece, the Chairman of CB 11 and Assembly candidate, who received the nod from Christine Quinn in his bid to run for the seat left vacant by Rory Lanceman.

Press Release: New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced her support for

Community Board Chairman Jerry Iannece in the 25th Assembly District.

Jerry Iannece has served Queens and New York for over a decade as a civic leader” Stated Speaker Quinn. “At every level of local government, he has worked to improve his community and I am excited to see him at work in Albany,” said Christine Quinn.

Christine Quinn has served as Speaker of the New York City Council since 2006. Serving

Manhattan’s lower west side, she was first elected to the City Council in 1999 after a career of

public service fighting hate crimes and helping protect affordable housing.


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Mar 28 2012

Lancman the Communicator

Rory Lanceman shakes hands with James Huntley, President of CWA Local 1182.

Move over Reagan, Lancman is the next great communicator.

This morning, Congressional Candidate Rory Lanceman received an endorsement from CWA Local 1182.

Read the press release below.

PRESS RELEASE: Today, Communications Workers of America Local 1182, a union representing over 2,500 men and women who help keep New York City clean and moving, endorsed Assemblyman Rory Lancman for New York’s 6th Congressional district.  Local 1182 President James Huntley praised Lancman for his extensive work on workplace safety, and for his leadership on issues important to working men and women in New York.

“Time-and-time again, when we had a worker safety issue, needed a leader on key legislation or needed someone who understands the dangers we face on the job every day, we looked to Rory Lancman,” Huntley said.  “We need more people like Rory in Washington – people who will fight for the things that working families value and have the drive and work ethic to get things done.  On behalf of our members, we are proud to endorse Rory Lancman for Congress.”

As chairman of the Assembly Subcommittee on Workplace Safety, Assemblyman Lancman has led efforts to crack down on violence in the workplace, something that traffic and sanitation enforcement agents face every day on the job. He has been a strong supporter of laws that would make attacking a traffic enforcement agent or a sanitation enforcement agent a felony. Assemblyman Lancman has also issued numerous reports on violence in the workplace, including “Workplace Violence in New York,” and “Employee Safety in the Juvenile Justice System.”

“I’m proud to accept the endorsement of CWA Local 1182 and their many members who work hard every day to help keep our city clean and moving,” Lancman said.  “I look forward to working with them on behalf of all working New Yorkers who now, more than ever, need a champion in Washington who will fight for them.”

Rory Lancman is running for Congress in New York’s 6th Congressional District. Raised by a single mom in a rent-stabilized apartment, Rory understands the struggle that ordinary New Yorkers face in this economy. He went to public schools, served his country as an officer in New York’s own 42nd Infantry Division and worked a variety of jobs to put himself through college and contribute to his family. Elected to the Assembly in 2006, Rory’s focus in Albany has been on fighting for economic opportunity, keeping workers safe on the job and keeping America and our allies safe from attack. Rory is running for Congress to level the playing field for working and middle-class New Yorkers and expand opportunity so that everyone has a fair shot at the American dream.


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