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Oct 10 2013

Convicted Felon Serves On Bob Turner’s Legal Team


According to eyewitnesses, when they came into court and saw Haggerty sitting next to Tom Ognibene, they thought he was on trial. Instead it was Haggerty trying to take over the Queens Republican Party (something he’s failed to do for the past 12 years) positioned on the plaintiffs side, a side he is not accustom to being in. Photo: John Haggerty awaits his sentencing. Photo from the NYPOST.

In the history of corrupt political practices…

A few weeks after the disastrous hate-filled republican reorganization meeting, just when you thought things could get no more bizarre in the Queens GOP feud, who shows up and sits second chair next to Tom Ognibene in defense of  former Congressman Bob Turner and the Eric Ulrich-run attempt to overthrow Chairman Ragusa? According to multiple sources, none other than John Haggerty, a convicted felon who stole a million dollars from Michael Bloomberg and is out on appeal pending his request for a retrial.

Contacted for a response, Robert Hornak, Executive Chairman of the Queens GOP was baffled.

John Haggerty was in court today representing Congressman Turner and I find it mind boggling that he would allow such a person to represent him.”

First, it has to be shocking for former Congressman Turner, a well-respected and articulate Republican spokesperson to allow a convicted felon to sit in defense of his claim to being the new chair of the Queens GOP. It leads one to think if he was elected, what type of republican leadership would we have? While both sides have had their problems, one thing remains clear: Just a few weeks ago the Queens GOP held a meeting and the results were definitive. Phil Ragusa was re-elected chairman while Eric Ulrich cried that the results were unfair.

If the results were truly unfair, then why didn’t the renegades file an order to show cause asking for an independent monitor to elect a new chairman? Is it because they knew they didn’t have the votes to win? Or perhaps Tom Ognibene was merely taking lessons on how to steal from John Haggerty? Nevertheless, Turner’s decision to allow a convicted felon to defend his right to be chairman is quite perplexing. It leaves us to believe Bob Turner would do anything for political power including associating himself with one of the most corrupt politician in years who stole more than Tony Seminerio, Sheldon Leffeler, Brian McLaughlin, and so on and so on.


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Aug 10 2012

Estrada to Haggerty: You are destructive to the growth of the Hispanic and African American Community!

"Haggerty to Myrna Littlewort who are against the leadership of the Queens County GOP have become destructive to the growth of the Hispanic and African American Community in the 35th Assembly District," says Ruben Estrada.

A searing open letter from Ruben Estrada to the Haggerty brothers.

“Hispanics need not apply”

Motto of the Haggerty Brothers (John and Bart Haggerty)

Today I write to inform the public of the most intolerable discriminatory actions perpetuated on viable, respectable and honorable American Hispanic Republican candidate in Queens County.  Allow me to introduce myself and that which I represent and moreover the major national Republican Party initiative developed, and being implemented with the interest of reaching out to the Hispanic community.

I am writing this personally as a lifelong Republican Party builder, and in my capacity as the area coordinator of the Future Majority Project “FMP” who identified and supported Eric M.  Mingott, Candidate for the NYS Assembly 35th Assembly District, a decision of which I applaud.

The Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) Future Majority Project has a goal of growing the Republican family in three areas: Americans of Hispanic descent, women and young voters. Specific to this campaign, the goal is to identify 100 new state level candidates of Hispanic descent and provide advice, resources and support to help elect at least 30 diverse candidates in the 2012 election cycle.

As the designated coordinator of FMP, our efforts in New York have been aggressive and positive.  My involvement as coordinator allowed me to assist in identifying true viable and electable Republican state level candidates of Hispanic descent within New York.

Our objectives include: recruit at least 100 new Hispanic legislative candidates across the country, increase the number of female Republican legislative candidates and partner with the College Republican National Committee for a national youth training and mobilization program.

As a lifelong American Republican of Puerto Rican heritage born and raised in El Barrio (Spanish Harlem), Republican Party Builder and Chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition of New York, I have been recognized by the Republican National Committee as a Republican Hispanic leader in the United States, Member of the RNC Hispanic Steering Committee and the most active Hispanic Republican advocating for Hispanic inclusion nationally and particularly in New York State.

Most recently I have had the pleasure of meeting, and recommending for support to the FMP the candidacy to New York State Assembly in the 35 Assembly District of Queens, NY a very impressive and committed Hispanic Candidate with true Republican values (a young man with the ability to be the voice of equality and opportunities in his community) Mr. Eric M. Mingott.

I must commend Eric M. Mingott with the honorable attempt he had made in securing a place on the ballot for NYS Assembly in the 35th A.D.  Eric M. Mingott had recently resigned from his position with the Internal Revenue Service in order to help improve his community and create employment opportunities in the 35th A.D.  He is currently working on sponsoring three legislative bills that would create local manufacturing jobs and attract investors to the 35th Assembly District in order to support small business and improve the overall quality of life in neighborhoods such as East Elmhurst, Corona, Jackson Heights and Rego Park.

Yet, I find it very difficult to accept that the self-interest negative bigoted entities known as the “Hispanics need not apply” Haggerty brothers (John and Bart Haggerty) within the Queens Republican party for negatively influencing the outcome of the nomination and designation of Mr. Mingott’s candidacy.  John Haggerty along with Myrna Littlewort and Gigi Salvadore (all registered Republicans) has proven once again that their self-interest and selfishness comes before the best interest of our community and party (Republican Party).  Once again the actions of rebel groups, such as those, from John

Haggerty to Myrna Littlewort who are against the leadership of the Queens County GOP have become destructive to the growth of the Hispanic and African American Community in the 35th Assembly District.

With that said, and although the decision was made, one which must have been difficult for the Board of Elections; I must state that the negative influences internally and externally within the Republican party of those such as John Haggerty and Bart Haggerty (employees, supporters, friends, and colleagues of New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich); and the ever so trivial personal and territorial egos of Myrna Littlewort and Gigi Salvador has caused the results of the disqualifying the nomination and designation of the only candidate seeking ballot, a Hispanic Republican in the 35th Assembly District, Eric M. Mingott.

Notwithstanding, the irony of the efforts by the Haggerty brothers and their allies, understand that it was void of an opposing candidate seeking the nomination and designation to the 35 AD, Queens County. Objections and opposition to the candidacy of Eric M. Mingott is merely one of hate opposition of Hispanic inclusion and outright bigoted.  The actions by the Haggerty brothers bring a negative effect on those Hispanic potential candidates may they be just contemplating a run for public office or well supported viable Republican Hispanic’s.  This resonates negatively to our well respected national and statewide initiative of increasing Hispanic Republican representation.

Republicans in Queens County should be ashamed of the Haggerty brothers, the law and/or judge who have allowed them to continue their destructive involvement in politics, perpetuate their obvious bigotry, and permit a known convicted criminal and their allies to set policy.


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Dec 24 2011

Humpty Dumpty Republicans

Mr. Romney, Mario D'Elia will make sure that you take Malba.

Vince Tabone makes promises he can’t keep.

Executive Vice Chairman of the Queens GOP Vince Tabone met with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on December 14 and discussed the possibility of local organizational support for the governor’s presidential bid, according to a press release.

Support? That’s a funny word coming from Vince Tabone. If by support he means recruiting Rob Sperenza (who still thinks John McCain is running) and Elio Forcina (who is a religious fanatic and thinks Rick Santorum was sent by God) lounging in a campaign office eating donuts as Mario D’Elia, (a Democrat who was known to stand in the streets in the 80’s screaming vote for Reagan!) then Vince is totally correct about having the support to offer.

However, after observing Tabone’s failed campaigns and broken promises, I’m asking this question; is the man so disillusioned about this so-called support that be would blatantly lie to the presidential candidate? Yes indeed. There is no support, and a shoutout from Dee Richard isn’t going to cut the mustard. The party has become a small bunch of old fogeys and talking heads like William Lewis, Kimon Thermos, and Bob Bishop. There isn’t anybody to get excited about, let alone anyone worth their salt to brag about to a Presidential candidate. Not even the riches of John Catsimatidis can reinvigorate the party even though there are more Republicans in Queens than in any other county. No voter in their right mind would answer the door if these guys came knocking – let alone if they could climb the flight of stairs to get there.

The biggest joke of politics this year was when Vince, Ragusa, Ognibene and company destroyed the party. We have Ulrich down in south Queens freelancing with Mitt Romney  while Robert Hornak has an old fart man crush on Newt Gingrich. Everyone seems to be jockying for  photo op with Congressman Bob Turner (who was Ulrich’s creation by the way).  What about the Haggertys? They aren’t old. Nah, they’ll settle for whomever throws the most money at them. You can expect the Haggertys to support Donald Trump after they sell him the Independence line.

With Frank Padavan in semi-retirement, not even he can put the party together again.

All of these guys have forgot what being a Republican is all about.  They’ve been chipping away at the local GOP for a decade, and you know who suffers? I’ll tell you, it’s young people because they are excluded from the party and democracy takes a slam when there is not a single local Republican voice to counter the heavily weighted Democratic opinion. Has anyone seen a viable young Republican club? Candidates have to poach and hire from the Suffolk and Nassau clubs for bodies. During Tabone’s failed bid for assembly, his volunteers came from Long Island, not the neighborhood. It boils down to logistics. They have none. Has anyone seen the Republican party perform any community service lately? Of course not, it just doesn’t happen. Thank God for Dan Halloran because without him, the GOP would be nothing, even with his colorful antics. In summation, they have failed to adapt. I blame the leadership. Meetings are stocked with the elderly and infirm. God Bless them, but I bet their grandkids are Democrats!

Of course the seniors tend to vote, but real campaign support for Romney, like boots on the ground? I think not.


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