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Jun 06 2012

Something To Look Forward To Each Day!


Tim Furey (above). When is the last time anyone with red hair won an election? Hold on a sec, Dan Halloran has red hair.

An Irish street brawl is about to erupt on Bell Boulevard.

Tim Furey, a republican, will take a shot at Ed Braunstein for the 26th Assembly District.

Furey, who ran against Mark Weprin and lost, has been relatively quiet about his intentions. Suspicions were confirmed after he appeared on the petition sheets of Senate hopeful Joe Concannon.

Rumor has it the GOP reached out to Furey after Ralph Cefalo declined the party’s nomination.

Furey, like a linebacker from Nortre Dame’s Fighting Irish, will storm into the district and attempt to sack Braunstein.

Both Braunstein and Furey are of Irish decent and have large families with a history of community service. Predictions? It is likely that Matt Silverstein gets caught up in Irish Street Brawl, forced to take sides. In the midst of the chaos, Joe Concannon body slams Matt Silverstein, hosts victory party at Sullivans.

Will Furey be able to chase the snakes out of Bayside? The challenge will likely force Ed and the Democrats to come out in full force against Halloran, Concannon, and the entire GOP in a no-holds-barred battle of the Boulevard.


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Jun 01 2012

GOP hopeful declines to run against Braunstein

For want of a nail the kingdom was lost.

Recently the Queens GOP tapped Ralph Cefalo, a resident of Malba, to run against freshman Assembly member Ed Braunstein, but it’s not going to happen.

“It was all about timing…just look how late in the game the redistricting is,” said Cefalo who refused to be a ‘sacrificial lamb’ just to be the token resistance to another term for Braunstein.

Cefalo cites the lengthy redistricting process and the exclusion of his voting base as the key factor in his decision.  “The areas where I would have been strongest – including Malba and Malba Gardens – are no longer in the district.”

Cefalo also believes there was not enough time to mount an effective campaign time before the lines were finalized.

In the meantime he will be helping Councilman Dan Halloran’s congressional campaign in areas where Halloran is not so strong including Glendale, Middle Village, and Forest Hills.

“I’ll be helping Dan to see what I can do for him,” said Cefalo.


Ralph Cefalo’s letter:

My Fellow Republicans, after much reflection and discussion with both family and close advisors, I have chosen not to seek election in the 26th Assembly District.   There are a number of reasons for this decision.   Among the reasons is the fact that due to the recently redrawn district lines, come next January my family and I will no longer reside in the 26th Assembly District.   Additionally, the assembly position is not the seat that I initially sought to run for and I feel that at this time it is too late to begin a campaign for the assembly. 

I will continue to support Republican candidates and work with them to achieve success in November.  I firmly believe in the ideals and values of the Republican Party and have been a staunch supporter for the past thirty-five [35] years.  I thank the leadership of the Queens GOP for asking me to run for the assembly.   Most importantly, I thank all those who have faith and confidence in me.   Rest assured that as I have in the past, moving forward I will continue to work for our community.


Thank You and May God Bless America


Ralph M. Cefalo 

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