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Mar 14 2013

Senator Avella: Worst Thing To Happen To Queens Since Donald Manes

TwotimintonyWake up voters! Tony is trying to pull the wool over our eyes yet again.

Remember when disgraced Borough President Donald Manes embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Queens taxpayers then committed a gruesome suicide? Well we’re looking at round 2 when career politician Tony Avella picks up where he left off.

We already know Tony has been playing power broker with his dubious political maneuvers. We know his disrespect for colleagues has cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost funding, we know he pals around with the likes of radical white-hater Charles Barron, Asian-bashing racist Sonny Carson, and disgraced former Assemblyman Brian McLoughlin, and we know he’s connected to not one but two contaminated sights in Whitestone and College Point.

Barring the receipt of a gift basket filled with cash, what more evidence do you need? He’s waged war against young activists, isolated himself from his colleagues, and he’s been misspending time and taxpayer resources trying to save pigs and on other “pet” legislation that really doesn’t help anyone other than to further his own political agenda.

Don’t let the entire borough suffer the same neglect and political malfeasance Tony Avella has cast on northeast Queens.


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Jan 29 2013

‘Tony Avella Supports Anti-Asian Racist’ [letter to editor]


Anti-Asian Racists?

Old wounds never quite heal.

Below is a letter to the editor from a Korean-American activist which describes a long-standing sense of outrage and disapproval inside Asian-American communities and political circles regarding Tony Avella’s advocacy of anti-asian racist Sonny Carson.

[Email] While in the New York City Council, Tony Avella strongly supported renaming a street after racist Sonny Carson.

In 1990, Sonny Carson organized a boycott of Korean owned businesses in Flatbush Brooklyn. Sonny Carson proclaimed himself ”anti-white and anti-Asian.”

The anti Asian boycott, tried to shut down Korean and Chinese stores not only in Flatbush but also in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens.

Sonny Carson also stated on various occasions that in the future “there’ll be funerals, not boycotts.”

It is inexcusable that Tony Avella wanted to rename a street after Robert (Sonny) Carson, the convicted kidnapper and racial antagonist who lead the boycott against Asian American store owners. Sonny Carson and his supporters shouted threats and spit at Korean Americans. Sonny Carson handed out flyers telling people to ”boycott all Korean stores” and avoid shopping ”with people who do not look like us.”

Tony Avella supported anti-Asian racist Sonny Carson so Korean Americans should not support Tony Avella for Queens Borough President!

He is trying to fool us by pretending to care about Comfort Women.


– Dong Sun Park



And In Korean:

당신이 현 뉴욕주 상원의원 토니 아벨라 (Tony Avella) 에 대해 모르셨던 사실.

뉴욕시 시의원으로 활동하는 중, 현 뉴욕주 상원의원 토니 아벨라는 강력하게 인종 차별자인  써니 카슨  (Robert Sonny Carson) 의 이름을 딴 거리변경을 지원하게됩니다.

1990 년, 써니 카슨은  브루클린에 있는 Flatbush 지역에서 한국 인 이민자 들이 가지고 있는 상점에 대한 보이콧을 열렬히 펼쳤습니다.

이 소니 카슨이란 인물은 강한 반백인 성향과 반동양인 성향을 지닌 사람으로써 한국인 과 중국인들이 가지고 있는 상점에 대해 보이콧을 선포,

브루클린 Flatbush에뿐만 아니라 베드포드 스타이븐슨 (Bedford Stuyvesant) , 할렘, 브루클린과 자메이카 등 여러 지역에서  각종 방법을 동원해 한국어, 중국어 점포들을 폐업시키려고  노력한 사람입니다.  또한 써니 카슨은 각종 행사에 참여 , 이 한국인과 중국인 상점들에겐 앞으로는  “ 단순한 보이콧이 아니라, 장례식이 있을것” 이라며 위협하고 다녔습니다.

써니 카슨과 그의 지지자들은 한국인 이민자들에게 갖은 위협을 일삼으며 사람들에게 ‘한국 상점 보이콧’, ‘우리처럼 보이지 않는 사람들과 쇼핑을하지 마십시오.’ 라는 전단지를 나누어 주며 한국이민자들의 경제활동을 적극적으로 막았던 인물입니다.  토니 아벨라 주 상원의원은 이러한 한국인 상점에 대해 반인간적인 행동을 하고 유괴범 판정까지 받았던 써니 카슨이라는 인종차별자를 기리는 거리변경 법안을 거리낌없이 지지하였다는것에 전혀 변명의 여지가 없으며 이는 또 토니 아벨라 상원의원이 한국인을 대변할 인물이 않된다는 것을 입증하는 증거가됩니다 .

이제 이러한 사실을 당신이 아시는 한, 인종차별자를 적극 지지했던 이 토니 아벨라의원을 한국인이 많이 거주하는 퀸즈 지역의 퀸즈보로장으로 선출시키는 일은 없어야 할것입니다!

Sonny Carson


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Apr 11 2012

Nasty Twitter account takes cheap shots at Grace Meng

Early this morning, a bogus Twitter account was created to lampoon Grace Meng and soon spread around political circles, but instead of a few hearty chuckles; it’s proliferating racist propaganda.

We here at Queens-Politics love satire. It’s expressive and legitimized by fact. One of the freedoms we hold dear is our freedom of speech. But sometimes people take it a step too far and attempt to exploit ethnic bias to further their agenda.

The obnoxious Twitter account in question seems particularly bent on pointing out that Grace is a Chinese American. The entire account, tweets and all, reads like a racist vendetta hell-bent on dividing the community.

It’s unacceptable and far-flung from a fine display of free speech.

In Queens, there are a few good politicians that strive to represent their community by bridging cultural gaps to serve the community in a caring and professional way. Grace Meng is one of those people and she does not deserve a berating of her ethnic background and beliefs.

So, out of a deep sense of loyalty to all that we hold dear, we have an important message to whoever created the account: Anonymity is weak and cowardly. Come to peace with this challenge and reveal yourself before we do. Set the record straight, or otherwise wave the flag.


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Oct 19 2011

GOP Thug Uses Nasty Intimidation Tactics In Nassau County Race

GOP Henchman Vinny Prisco, alleged to be working on behalf of Nassau County incumbent John Ciotti makes his war face. If you see this man at your campaign, call the police.

What’s going on with our neighbors to the east?

In a stunning racist outburst, feral ‘volunteer’ GOP hatchman, Vinny Prisco, allegedly from the campaign of incumbent legislator John Ciotti, illustrates the need to cautiously screen your volunteer group. You just wouldn’t want this joker on your campaign. Find out why below.

As longstanding Nassau County legislator John Ciotti (D-Elmont) tries to distance himself from the racist and sexist shenanigans of his campaign workers, the sister of his opponent, Mickey Solages the victim of harassing taunts by a loose cannon that identifies as Republican, caught it all on tape.

Surprise! A lawsuit may be underway:

From WPIX:

The acts of Ciotti campaign worker Vinnie Prisco and another man referred to as Joe in the video of the men were severe enough to spur Mickey Solages to file a criminal complaint with police. The Nassau County Police Department has a precinct across the street from the campaign office where the confrontation that was captured on video took place a week ago Saturday.

While Ciotti works on damage control, I contacted the premier consulting firm in Long Island, the Pendulum Network to find out where the GOP campaign went wrong.

“The events in Nassau emphasize the need for candidates to vet their volunteer group. You have to reign in your core volunteers, you need to know who they are, they represent your campaign,” according to Michael Chapman co-founder of the Pendulum Network Political Consulting firm based in Long Island.

“I find that many campaigns have jumped the shark with regard to volunteer recruitment and engagement in that they take a one-sized fits all approach in order to save both time and money,” said Chapman.

So they are being lazy, Michael? “They’re so happy to have volunteers to help that they forget the most important thing…training them. They need to be properly educated on their tasks and the overall mission of the candidate and/or organization.

At its core it should be about building relationships, not destroying them,” according to Michael.

I am no stranger to GOP intimidation. During Assembly Member Ed Braunstein’s campaign – who has a fake twitter account in his likeness of over 400 followers –  I was attacked and verbally threatened by GOP goons.

There I was, bullhorn in hand, turning the tide of the election in Whitestone as two unidentifiable males with clip-on ties threatened to call the police on me for demonstrating my First Amendment Rights. They were axe men, cronies, thugs but I didn’t budge – even after they broke off my sideview mirrors, I got louder. Their insults were stuck in a sophomoric scatalogical aspersion. What a bubble head. It didn’t phase me, and they didn’t like that. Little did they know, I had the truculent edge over the competition. This was my neighborhood. In the end they managed to tear down my sign while blocking me with some guy that can only be described as a large grouse. I couldn’t stop them.

I really think Ciotti is nervous about losing to Carrie Solages. Maybe it’s the 2-to-1 Democrat advantage. It’s also a majority \ minority district and it’s the first time an African American candidate is running and the GOP is freaked out.

The Nassau County GOP has a history of nefarious activity like setting up roadblocks in black neighborhoods on the day of elections and openly tearing down campaign signs, according to insiders.

Dirty campaigning with racist undertones. Shame on you John Ciotti and your crony Vinny Prisco at the Nassau County GOP.

See Nasty GOP Henchmen Oct- 16

Vinny Prisco parks himself outside of Democratic opponent Carrie Solages campaign office in Elmont. Not pictured, the young girl who he was taunting with racist and sexist comments. "Don't worry, we will put them on the back of the bus where they belong," said Prisco on video tape. Yea Prisco, I hope they put you in the back of a paddy wagon.


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