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May 14 2014

Perrianno: Fashion For The Professional Man


Perrianno: fashion for the steps of City Hall to the Silver Screen.

Where do legislators and candidates go to look their best? Perrianno Men’s Fashion Concierge.

Appearances are everything,” said owner and lead stylist Perry El, a Queens native and entrepeneur that opened his first startup clothing line in 2012 to “provide exclusive men’s fashion, custom suits and styles to the professional man with a unique and unmistakable appearance,” and as fashion evolved, so did his client base.


Owner Perry LaBarca gets a warm welcome from men’s fashion mogul Domenico Vacca.

Following the success of his previous exclusive lines to celebrities and pro athletes, El, a habitué of the fashion circuit, created a new capsule collection for government and political professionals made of modern, sophisticated and stylish wool, cashmere, and silk products which blend a sign of the times portrayed in the Madmen series while reserved enough to maintain its high-end fashion motif without breaking your bank account. Still, it’s a dressier take for legislative duties with luxe statement pocket squares, handsome check suits, light-colored jackets and proper formal wear. The line eschews the lived-in look that is so pervasive in men’s wear, and instead offers custom prints and imported fabrics made for both the podium or a photography studio, and everything in between.

Perry El’s custom designs and concierge services have graced the shoulders of A-List celebrities ranging from Stephen Baldwin and James Gandolfini, to 50 cent and Raekwon–not to mention professional athletes particularly in MMA–his style has been starlit on The Grammys and MTV’s Video Music Awards, even Steve Madden wears his line, but perhaps most interesting (and for our readers) are the upper echelons of City Hall clothed in the latest Perrianno, but try to find out who they are exactly and he’ll remind you of the “code of the neighborhood” emphasizing discretion–adding to the mystery of who’s decked out in the latest Perrianno? Here’s a hint: they stand out.

My goal in developing a menswear collection was based on my frustration with the lack of trends and stale approach of major retailers,” El said about his personalized services. “If you live on the East coast, you can get fitted for the perfect suit for the perfect look with the perfect accessory; everything is one phone call away.”


Rapper 50 Cent seen here dressed in Perrianno.

Perry El was born in Flushing, Queens, and his strong fashion sense and unique style techniques started to develop as early as 12 years old. Starting from the ground up without a penny in his pocket, El began saving to invest in a fashion line in his early teens; “A hustle here, a hustle there,” he says, it meant sacrifice and fiscal discipline to build up what would one day become his signature brand.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Through experimentation of swatches, fabrics, patterns and materials, he began to produce men’s garments, shirts, and accessories – at first making them available only to inner circles and A-listers, but in 2013 something clicked: “The reaction from the public was so positive that we decided to make the collection available to everyone,”said El and The Perrianno Concierge Service was born.

perriannoshoesPlain bases and structured textile weaves play a vital role this season balancing an overly drab summer selection from major retailers. Besides the linen sport coats, customers will love the exclusive (and limited edition) range of hand-spun and hand-woven silk hankies which give a new expression to free-spirited fashion. Be it casual or formal, City Hall or 5th Avenue, Perry El has scouted the best the world has to offer and brought it to customers with a personalized approach to make you look the best season after season.




Actor Stephen Baldwin (left) in Tapestry (2014) wearing a Perrianno exlusive.


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Dec 20 2013

A New Day

Square_IconJust a month after election season and things are just BEGGINING to heat up.

In the past few weeks, we’ve sat back and witnessed the Speaker’s race unfold, a rather dramatic event wrought with vicious political maneuvering and backhanded deals. You’ll see some interesting details in the next few days…

Looking back on the year, Queens-Politics had some really great moments, unforgettable moments in the never-ending quest to increase accountability in public affairs. QP played a significant role in city, state, and federal elections becoming the goto political blog and springboard for journalists and politicos. While not everyone will admit it, the hit counter doesn’t lie nor does my insight reposted word for word and without any credit. At times it’s a bit challenging – after all you don’t make friends when blogging about their political corruption, but that’s just par for the course. In reality it’s more like a badge of honor, a trying time when only those truly committed to serving the people survive.

Queens-Politics first began when a bunch of us came together looking for a new outlet to feature the stories unheard in traditional media. Focusing on accountability, anonymity would be out of the question. Too many people take liberties under the cloak of anonymity, and some of their commentary is just sick and repulsive, but still worth a good chuckle knowing you’ve really shaken things up. At least on QP, you know who the author is and you can contact me. If you want a comment posted, you have to email it and identify yourself, at least to me. And that’s probably why we don’t get many comments, which is perfectly fine. All too often readers will try to pigeon hole a blog’s author as Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal leaning, and so on and so forth. These folks are a little shortsighted. While the views and editorial focus on QP represent my own insight as a Democrat, let’s not get it confused with pragmatism and increasing accountability in ALL sectors of government and politics.

Anyway, for those of you wondering where I’ve been, I’m still here and the best is yet to come.


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Nov 06 2013

Turnout Hits Historic Low Proportion


Calling all voters.

As if the notoriety candidates brought to all New Yorkers through the press, social media, and old-fashioned campaign mail wasn’t enough to raise awareness this season, voter turnout still came back less than what was hoped for.

Reaching a meager 24 percent, turnout was the lowest in more than fifty years, according to the NYPOST.

While paper ballots have yet to be counted, the Board of Elections reported 1,026,169 ballots cast with over 4.3 million registered voters in NYC.

“That compares with a turnout of 93 percent in 1953. Before Tuesday, the lowest turnout since 1950 had been in 2009, when 1.137 million ballots were cast in Mayor Bloomberg’s widely expected victory over Bill Thompson,” according to the Post article.


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Nov 02 2013

Queens Borough President Debate

Presented by QPTV

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Oct 29 2013

Potential Senate Candidate Eyeing Peralta’s Seat


Richard Alles, legislative director for the Uniformed Fire Officers Association may challenge incumbent Senator Jose Peralta in the 13th district in Queens.

It’s never too early to set your eyes on the prize.

From The Politicker: Richard Alles, the legislative director for the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, is mulling a run for State Senator José Peralta’s Queens-based seat.

Mr. Alles, a Jackson Heights resident, confirmed his interest in challenging Mr. Peralta next year. 

“Yes, there is interest,” Mr. Alles told Politicker when reached for comment. “It’s a little premature to say much more. I’m testing the waters, trying to solicit support.”

Mr. Alles declined to elaborate on his campaign but Queens Democratic sources said the UFOA member has had an interest in the seat since Mr. Peralta launched a bid for Queens borough president earlier this year. Mr. Peralta eventually dropped out of the Democratic primary.

Mr. Peralta’s reputation took a slight hit when it was revealed in May he was one of the elected officials federal prosecutors recorded while meeting with ex-State Senator Shirley Huntley, who is now serving a year in prison on embezzlement charges. Mr. Peralta has not been implicated in any crime.

For full article: http://politicker.com/2013/10/firefighter-union-official-eying-jose-peraltas-seat/


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Sep 26 2013

Birth Pangs From The Streets

As you all may know Queens-Politics is north Queens based even though we cover the whole borough city, state, and sometimes national news. Reporting straight from the hood, Joe Lhota is taking off like wild fire, and this is not just some political speak – just ask some of the largest voting groups who’ve they endorsed. Many individuals feel a personal connection with Joe Lhota that we have not seen in a long time. Although North Queens was Rudy country, Joe seems to have a connection with the people that we never really had with Rudy. Bloomberg, although thankfully played defense to the radical lefties who want to destroy our city, he was never really one of us.

Joe Lhota, the Bronx Bomber, has never lost his outer borough sensibility. Gifted with the ability to manage city agencies and understand the interweave of public and private sectors and comprehend how they all interrelate has made Joe special, but as he spends more time in North Queens, more and more people are realizing Joe is really one of us. Joe has a compassion to sincerely try to better the lives of all New Yorkers and a purity that says he might just pull it off. Recent polls have shown that the city is just getting to know Joe Lhota and we are confident that once the city gets to know Joe and contrasts him with the alternative, he may just be our next mayor.

New Yorkers, political insiders, political junkies, gadflies, and County kiss assess get ready to have a front row seat in one of the most exciting months in NYC political history. We all grew up watching Rocky and in that movie although based on a fictional boxer, was a metaphor for comebacks, dreams, overcoming adversity, and the little guy taking on the system. This mayoral race will surprise a lot of people. We see and feel here on the streets of North Queens, the rumblings and birth pangs of a new Renaissance of common sense pro-New York values.


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Sep 01 2013

Join Italian-Americans For Joe Lhota In Queens

joelhota.jpg.pagespeed.ce.TShHPh0jf2[From Invite] Join Italian Americans for Joe Lhota in support of our next Mayor this Wednesday evening for great food and conversation about the issues facing our City and our Borough. No, you don’t have to be Italian. Nobody’s perfect!

Details below.





Date: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Time: 8:15 P.M. – 11 P.M.

Location: Vivaldi Ristorante 201-10 Cross Island Pkwy, Bayside, New York.

Tickets: $250 per person. *The campaign cordially requests that you RSVP and contribute online to qualify Joe Lhota for matching funds.

Contact: Michalle Makarov RSVP@JoeLhotaForMayor.com, 646-678-4796. 

Link: Italian Americans For Joe Lhota PDF Invite



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Aug 30 2013

AARP Presents Top Issues For Political Debate


Includes top issues and debate schedule below.

[Press Release] Top Issues for City’s Most Powerful Voting Bloc on Agenda for AARP Queens City Council Debate 

Queens 50+ Voters Concerned About Retirement, Age Discrimination, Safety, Caregivers, Health Care, AARP Survey Finds; Seek Answers From Candidates

QUEENS, New York – With a new survey showing Queens voters age 50 and above have major concerns about key issues facing older city residents – and with voters 50+ expected to account for more than half the electorate in this fall’s elections – candidates for the open 27th City Council District seat will debate the issues at an AARP-sponsored debate next week.

The debate for the seat currently held by Democrat Leroy G. Comrie Jr. will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, Sept. 5 at York College, 94-20 Guy R. Blvd., Queens, 11451.

The event is one of five City Council debates AARP is sponsoring next week ahead of the primary elections Sept. 10 and general elections Nov. 5 – and following the successful mayoral town hall forum AARP co-sponsored on August 6.

recent AARP survey found about three quarters to four fifths of the 50+ Queens voters surveyed said they’re “extremely” or “very” likely to support candidates who’ll work on:

-          Cutting health care and health insurance costs (82 percent),

-          Supporting New Yorkers who provide care at home for an adult loved one who is ill, frail, elderly or disabled (79 percent),

-          Safeguarding New Yorkers against consumer scams, identify theft or fraud (79 percent),

-          Helping New Yorkers have enough money for a financially secure retirement (80 percent),

-          Ensuring work opportunities for New Yorkers as they age (75 percent),

-          Maintaining safe and independent mobility around town for New Yorkers of all ages (73 percent),

-          Ensuring New Yorkers can afford to stay in their homes  (82 percent)

-        Nearly three quarters of Queens respondents (73 percent) expressed concerns about age discrimination at work, while nearly half (48 percent) said they expect to delay their retirement for financial reasons.

The survey also showed big majorities of Queens 50+ voters think city elected officials should make it their “top” or a “high” priority to work on: 

-          Laws, regulations and policies that support older workers (70 percent),

-          Promoting age friendly living in New York City (72 percent).

-          Strengthening laws and regulations and funding services that support family caregivers (77 percent). In fact, of the 36 percent of Queens 50+ voters who have provided care to an adult relative, friend or spouse who is ill, frail, elderly or has a disability in the past five years, 58 percent said caregiving put a strain on the quality of life for themselves and their family, including financial hardship, emotional stress and stress at work.

“New Yorkers will get a new mayor next year, but many neighborhoods will also get a new City Council representative who will have an important say in the future of the city,” said Beth Finkel, State Director for AARP in New York. “Research shows AARP members will likely make up half the electorate, and our goal through these City Council debates is to ensure the candidates address issues of importance to older New Yorkers – through the campaign and once in office.”

Candidates will answer questions posed by a moderator.

AARP conducted the telephone survey of 1,302 registered city voters age 50 and older, including 309 in Queens, between May 17 and June 30. The total survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percent.

Other AARP-sponsored City Council debates will be held in districts:

- 7, seat currently held by Robert Jackson, D-Manhattan (6:30-8:30 Sept. 4 at City College’s Aaron Davis Hall, 138 Convent Ave., Manhattan, 10031),

- 15, seat currently held by Joel Rivera, D-Bronx (10 a.m.-noon Sept. 4 at Fordham University, 441 E. Fordham Road, Bronx, N.Y., 10458),

- 34, seat currently held by Diana Reyna, D-Brooklyn (4:30-6:30 p.m. Sept. 5 at United Methodist Parish In Bushwick, 1139 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, 11221), and,

- 35, seat currently held by Letitia James, WFP-Brooklyn (10 a.m.-Noon Sept. 6, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, 85 S. Oxford Street, Brooklyn, 11217).


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Aug 27 2013

Queens-Politics Endorses Cathy Guerriero For NYC Public Advocate

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.39.09 PM

Queens voters will be best served with Cathy Guerriero as our next Public Advocate.

It’s not often you’ll hear a candidate speak the truth or confront problems head-on and offer innovative solutions with out of the box yet plausible thinking. It’s even less often to see a candidate with the right combination of life experience, hands on skills, and academic background to confront the problems we face as New Yorkers.

In NYC politics you must be willing to fight for what’s right. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Cathy Gurrerio for Public Advocate. She’ll bring the right set of skills to the table, but most of all we feel she’s the best choice to represent the people of Queens in City Hall.

Following her campaign these past few months, one fact becomes clear: Guerriero is not afraid to tell it how it is.

Now the Public Advocate’s race has been somewhat overshadowed by the Mayor and Comptroller’s race but this election is just as important, if not more. The Public Advocate, or the Chief Ombudsman, is responsible for presiding over City Council meetings and processing and investigating citizen complaints. They also have the power of the bully pulpit to which they can use to provide a watchdog function in city government. Now the powers are very broad, the office has the latitude to sit a lame duck or the city’s chief ombudsman. The office of Public Advocate in NYC is very much what you make of it, and Cathy Guerriero will bring the right mindset and qualifications to make the most of it.

While her opponents have run dynamic campaigns, we regard Cathy as the far more qualified candidate.

As New Yorkers, we’re going to need someone in the PA’s office that comes from the grassroots (and is not a career politician) in order to keep the Mayor, the Comptroller and the City Council all in check. We’re going to need an advocate that will standup when others sit down. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Cathy Guerriero. As voters, we need to make sure that the Public Advocate’s office is about helping people, and we now have the candidate that we know will do exactly that.

Cathy has a great shot at winning; she’s been endorsed by the largest voting blocs in Queens (she’s been very busy networking) and practically every union in the city. If people like us take our friends, our neighbors, our family to the polls — then we can make sure that Cathy Guerriero becomes our next Public Advocate.

We hope that you will make every effort you can to support this reform-minded candidate in her run for public office, and help return the reins of city government back to the working class. On September 10, we hope you will vote for Cathy Guerriero to become our next Public Advocate.


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Aug 21 2013


Democratic Donkey[Press Release] KEW GARDENS HILLS, AUGUST 20, 2013, — Orthodox Jewish community leaders from across the city announced that they will be holding a forum for Democratic candidates for Mayor of New York City.

Jewish New York Government Outreach (JNYGO or “Jaynie-Go”) is sponsoring the event on August 28, at 8:00 PM at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, 150-05 70th Road, to give the candidates an opportunity to address issues vital to all New Yorkers in general, and especially matters affecting the city’s Orthodox Jewish voters in particular.

The event was planned by a committee of distinguished Jewish community leaders, from those who have held public office, to senior community activists and heads of respected institutions.

Jewish New York Government Outreach is a project uniting diverse Jewish community leaders from across New York City seeking to engage candidates for elected office on the matters of great concern to the city’s Orthodox communities. For further information, contact Yaakov Serle at (917) 549-6145.


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Aug 01 2013

Thompson Comes To Queens


You can find Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson in the following locations in Queens.


THURSDAY & FRIDAY: As Part of 24 Hour Campaign Tour, Bill Thompson Campaigns in Queens

NEW YORK, NY— As part of a 24 Hour, citywide tour, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson will campaign in Queens on THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 and FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.

Please RSVP to Dani Lever at 917 710 5811.

Queens Stops

WHAT: Campaigns at Roosevelt Avenue Subway Stop with Senator Peralta
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 5:00pm

WHERE: Outside Roosevelt Avenue Subway Stop
Queens, NY
WHAT: Hosts Laurelton Meet and Greet with Supporters
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 6:30pm

WHERE: Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church
228-20 137th Avenue
(Next door to PS 156)
Laurelton, NY


WHAT: Speaks at Laurelton Forum
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 7:00pm

WHERE: Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church
228-20 137th Avenue
Laurelton, NY

WHAT: Campaigns with Bridge and Tunnel Workers
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 10:30pm
WHERE: Outside of Administration Building

10-55 51st Avenue

Long Island City, NY

WHAT: Meets with Livery Cab Drivers

WHEN: Friday, August 2 at 3:50am
WHERE: 101-09 Northern Boulevard
Corona, NY


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May 10 2013

GOP Candidate For Queens Beep Ready For Homerun


Tony Arcabascio played minor league ball on the Cardinals, and he went to high school with Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

Former minor league baseball pitcher, Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio is stepping up to the plate.

Just last year Arcabascio came out of left field launching a State Senate campaign against heavy hitting incumbent Sen. Mike Gianaris. Arcabascio may have struck out his first bid, but that didn’t put a wet towel on his political aspirations, this time around Tony is playing hardball.

“What’s gone at borough hall has been the best for politicians not for the people,” said Arcabascio.

In stark contrast to his Democratic opponents, the longtime businessman has never held elected office but he’s been waiting in the bullpen for quite some time to give back to the community.

His decision comes at the tale end of a media blitz covering every aspect of a wide-ranging (and ongoing) corruption scandal that rocked Albany, New York City, and everything in between. The results, he said, “has made the people cynical about government.”

“Everything is kind of just the status quo – things just go on. People see the newspapers, people see the results of corruption and the majority taken into custody are democratic politicians who hold public office looking to profit from our fellow New Yorkers.”

An Astoria native, Arcabascio is the son of working class immigrants from Italy. He recently switched parties from Independent to Republican, an advantage considering Arcabascio is viewed as a neutral in GOP party politics – both sides appear to like him. But liking him and securing votes are two separate issues, especially considering it’s been over fifty years since a Republican presided over Borough Hall when James Lundy was elected to just one term.

But based on his 2012 campaign, where he received the endorsement of the Queens GOP, Arcabascio remains optimistic about the Party’s support this year. In the meantime he’s focused on a new plan for the office of Borough President: concentrating the limited powers of the office to “bring in companies and fill the empty warehouses.”

“We need a cheerleader for Queens,” he proclaimed.

Citing his goal to harness diversity, Arcabascio wants to build bridges to connect hyperlocal issues with Borough Hall. Job creation and attracting new industries is the staple of the campaign. “Not every place is Astoria and not every place is Cambria Heights or Douglaston. You have to be nimble with outside public sector experience, most of the guys running they are all career politicians.”

Arcabascio feels his private sector experience will bring a renewed vigor into Borough Hall politics. His conservative philosophy is best exemplified by his stance regarding the recently passed Paid Sick Leave Bill by the City Council.

“Look, I had a business, and no businessman needed government to tell him or me that his employees needed time off. I don’t need a government to tell me to be a decent person,” he explained. “I know the troubles small businessman go through.”

Fundraising will undoubtedly be an issue, in comparison his democratic opponents have amassed multimillion dollar war chests but Arcabascio doesn’t think it will be a problem. “You have to want to help, it can’t be about the money.”


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Mar 01 2013

Avella Failed To Bring Home the Bacon To Council District 19



What can you get done in politics when you have no allies? Just ask Tony Avella.

History set to repeat itself except on a larger scale if Tony is elected Borough President.

Tony doesn’t get along with anyone, and that is his Achilles heel, not for himself but for his constituency.

During his time as City Councilman, Tony brought back some of the lowest amount of discretionary funds in the entire City Council.  The capital budget, expense funds – Tony wasn’t bringing home the bacon, persistently ranking at the bottom rung of allocated funds. He even received less funding than Hiram Monseratte and Charles Barron. During his tenure, civics went hungry, infrastructure neglected, and somehow he’s hailed as a hero for rescuing a pet pig. And when he was running for citywide office, Tony even sent parts of the little funding he had outside the borough!

Trust me when I say it’s not personal, although multiple confirmed reports of him walking in the halls of Albany spreading rumors and innuendo about me is hard to ignore. I just don’t want this to happen across the borough, or to you.  Tony is an honorable man, he’ll fight for what he believes in, there’s no questioning it. He deserves utmost praise for his activism against the spread of hydrofracking and a host of quality of life issues, most especially his landmark initiative for Flushing Meadows. But we don’t think he should have another chance to neglect Queens the way he neglected the Council District.

His colleagues feel the same way. He isn’t so good at what he does – and yet – the blindly faithful will continue to support him, blog about him, even try to discredit anyone who’s brave enough to talk about it. Perhaps he should remain in the Senate as his record in municipal affairs is rather pathetic.

But that’s just his personality, a personality which has been detrimental to the district year after year. The numbers don’t lie. So let’s be clear, I’m not encouraging anyone to kiss the ring of the speaker, but you must be able to cooperate, to work with colleagues for the constituents and put aside personal grudges at a bare minimum. Isn’t that politics 101? Isn’t that why we elected him in the first place?

He’s a very nice guy to people he likes and the rest of us can take a hike. Remember that in the voting booth.


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Feb 18 2013

Vote Donovan Richards In Tuesday’s Special Election

There’s a special election this week, and the people of South Queens will have a chance to elect a tried and tested reformer and civic activist into City Hall. That’s why we here at Queens-Politics are proud to endorse Donovan Richards for New York’s 31st City Council District including the neighborhoods of  Far Rockaway, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens and Rosedale.

  • On Tuesday, February 19th from 6am-9pm the polls will be open and we’re asking you to please make time to cast a ballot.
  • Every vote counts. Low turnout is expected in this crowded race which can go anyway, but with your help we can elect Donovan into City Hall.
  • To read more about Donovan Richards, click here.
  • To locate your polling site click here.
  • To contact the campaign click here.
  • See you at the polls!



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Jan 30 2013

New Coalition to Rally in Opposition to Casino Proposal



A new coalition has come together to denounce plans for a casino in Willets Point, Queens.

A rally will take place on February 6th and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Details including commentary from local civic leaders can be found below in the press release.



What: Members of “Don’t Gamble on our Community” coalition will officially announce their group’s formation focusing its efforts on specifically preventing a casino from opening at Willets Point for both economic and moral reasons. 

Who: Community, civic and government leaders.

When: Wednesday, February 6, 2013at 11:00 AM,

Where: RAICES Corona Senior Center located at 107-24 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY 11368.

“Don’t gamble on our Community” coalition draws diverse elements

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:00 AM, the members of “Don’t Gamble on our Community” coalition will officially announce their group’s formation at the RAICES Corona Senior Center located at 107-24 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY 11368. The group, consisting of community, civic and government leaders is focusing its efforts on specifically preventing a casino from opening at Willets Point for both economic and moral reasons.

Michael Olmeda, the group’s convener, said,

A casino in Willets Point makes no economic sense. It will not draw tourist dollars in any significant amount. Instead, it will suck up local dollars that might otherwise be spent at existing recreational facilities, and it will impoverish some of our citizens in the process.”

Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, who represents Willets Point, remarks

“It is unprecedented to convert part of an existing economic development project that provides affordable housing and retail jobs for the purpose of building a casino which would obviously affect the social fabric of our community.”

Councilman Peter Koo who represents the neighboring Flushing community states,

“Shutting the public out of a decision of this magnitude, denying residents an opportunity to have input or even offer comment in any sort of formal proceeding, is inexcusable and necessarily corrosive of local democracy.”

Jesus Sosa, President of the Latinos Unidos de Flushing said,

“I oppose a casino at Willets Point for moral reasons. It is immoral to take the livelihood of low and middle income people in addition to their taxes to bail out a State, which hasn’t done the economic planning it should have done.”

Andrew Rocco, President of College Point Civic Association, one of the group’s leading members, added,

“Rather than creating and investing in a gambling industry, I want our governmental leaders to invest in the things we already have: world class cultural institutions, affordable housing, and our scenic waterfront.”

Maria Morel, Chairwoman of A Better Living Resource Coalition, said

“We are encouraging everyone to call or e-mail Speaker Silver telling him that we do not want this casino in our community.”

 Edwin Salas President of Statewide Association of Minority Businesses agrees.

“Speaker Sheldon Silver does not speak for us,” states Salas. “Casinos located within urban communities have a net negative impact on the host community’s economy; i.e., more jobs are lost at existing businesses than the casino itself generates, because money formerly spent at those businesses is instead spent at the casino—and subsequently exiting the community.”

Anyone who wants to stop the casino is encouraged to stop by and sign our petition, which will be circulated throughout the surrounding communities and delivered to the Governor and Legislature sometime in June.


Which of these leaders has actively opposed the MLS stadium proposal on public parkland?

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