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Dec 08 2012

New Blog: The Barkan Report

He’s not exactly the new kid on the block, he’s Ross Barkan and chances are if you read the local newspapers, you’ve read his work. The former Queens Tribune reporter became a well-known figure in Queens politics in a very short time. And now, since his departure, he’s spearheaded his own blog, The Barkan Report and it’s already causing quite a stir.

Since we’ve been posting a lot about the Borough Presidents Race on Queens-Politics, here’s an excerpt from his article Peralta or Comrie? 

Interviews with multiple Democratic sources have revealed that the battle for the backing of the Queens Democratic Party in next year’s borough president race is between Councilman Leroy Comrie and State Sen. Jose Peralta.

Both are minority candidates, a plus for Party Chair Joe Crowley, who is looking to appear as a progressive leader at home while climbing the political ladder in Washington. After making what turned out to be a far-sighted move in backing Grace Meng for the 6th District seat, Crowley is searching for a candidate representative of Queens’ changing demographics who can replicate Meng’s success, according to sources.

Peralta may have the inside track because of Comrie’s fundraising struggles.

“The filing in six weeks is very important,” said one Democratic source. “The organization looks at the viability of candidates. No money is a problem.”

Comrie, according to his most recent filings, has pulled in a paltry $61,151. Peralta has just about equaled that number, though his fundraising efforts began more recently.


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Dec 06 2011

Exodus of Queens Journalists

Journalists come and go, but hopefully they’ll be replaced with local voices.

In the past six months a few notable Queens based journalists from several newspapers have left for greener pastures.

Is it a trend to watch?

This week Brian Rafferty, Executive Editor of the Queens Tribune has left to work as a spokesman for the Long Island Railroad. In November, Connor Adams of the Times Ledger left his job to work for  The International Business Times, and so did Joseph Orovic the Deputy Editor of the Queens Tribune, who was on of the most politically knowledgeable journalists in Queens.

If anyone else decides to leave then its a certifiable trend. Is it political news? Absolutely. Savvy news connoisseurs should always be aware of whom exactly is reporting the news.

In an unrelated note, Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich’s communications director Conor Greene jumped ship to  take a job in the office of Councilman David Greenfield, a Democrat from Brooklyn. No one leaves a staff position without cause. Rumor has it he got tired of fetching Ulrich’s morning coffee with a double shot of Sambuca.

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