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Oct 16 2013

The Truth Behind Democrat Paul Graziano’s Latest GOP Endorsement


When he’s not bankrolling looney Republican campaigns, Paul Graziano is out bashing his fellow dems with lies and mistruths leading us to wonder why would this guy even run as a Democrat to begin with?

Hell hath no fury like a ponytailed politician.

Democrat Paul Graziano campaigned to represent democratic constituents and be their nominee for the City Council with the hope of joining the democratic conference, but he betrayed those folks with a recent endorsement of a conservative republican based on his own personal vendetta, not what’s best for the community.

After matching funds were dispersed for the primary, all four candidates had a fair shot. Democrat Paul Graziano with his silly haircut and a record of no community service nor business experience, and whose sole claim to fame was being Tony Avella’s lap dog and pandering to the biggest weirdos in the civic world, lost the primary fair and square by coming in third place to victor Paul Vallone, Austin Shafran, and a near loss to John Duane.

The results of this primary show us that a majority of democratic voters knew they couldn’t trust Graziano to represent the community and that his latest endorsement of conservative republican Dennis Saffran, by his own admission, was clearly made out of personal bitterness with a PAC (that despite being unconnected to Paul Vallone) sent out mailers questioning Graziano’s checkered past which infuriated him is living proof that those voters were correct. But the truth, however, didn’t matter to Graziano, he blamed Vallone for the mailers even though he had nothing to do with the matter.

So what does Graziano do after his pitiful loss? Forget any semblance of democratic unity or any chance of attacking the actual PAC that sent out the mailers, instead he openly blamed Paul Vallone out of sour grapes. And spitefully, with his pony tail flapping in the air, he turned his back on all democrats by endorsing the conservative republican nominee, Dennis Saffran, a Tea Party fanatic that does not represent the interests of this community. Thankfully for the constituents of CD 19 this endorsement is as meaningless as a Tony Avella press conference.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.48.13 PM

Hypocrisy? Graziano complained about lobbyists in the community saying they would sell-out the community for their own self-interests when here, Graziano clearly made this endorsement out of his very own self-interest: To satisfy his blood lust with a petty act of revenge, not what’s best for the people. So far, while the major papers ran the story as if his endorsement really mattered, they failed to ask if it was personally motivated.

On another note, while Graziano decried the flyers in one breath, in another he promotes free speech and supports vigorous debate. Looks like he’s trying to burn the candle at both ends. New York Times best-selling political novelist, Brad Thor once said, “I live in America. I have the right to write whatever I want. And it’s equaled by another right just as powerful: the right not to read it. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend people,” but tell that to this hypocrite.

The message is clear to those who look beyond the headlines. Graziano’s latest campaign gimmick places his own personal bitterness over the best choice for the constituents he wished to serve with nothing more than a disgraceful and petty act of revenge. His political partnership with Tea Party fanatic Dennis Saffran is meant to mislead people and betrays democrats and republicans alike. Just imagine what these two would do to the community if we let them get elected. Shame on you Paul.


A reader sent us this comment,

As Paul led all his opponents in pre-Primary polls, they each targeted him for attack, slinging mud at him for the support he received from an organization he legally could not control.

Paul indeed was the only candidate who DID NOT sling mud at his opponents, running by-far the cleanest and most positive campaign of all. -Anonymous

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Aug 01 2013

Is a QueensCrap Blogger on Avella or Graziano’s Payroll?

Annex - Three Stooges, Avella Graziano Crapper

What is the extent of the corroboration between Avella, Graziano, and Queenscrap?

Might explain some of the hostility.

Some rumors are a bit too scary, like how the largest blog in Queens comes out in full swinging support of corrupt Senator Tony Avella and wannabe anti-development goo goo lobbyist Paul Graziano.

According to sources, one of the authors on ‘Crapper is on the payroll of either Avella or Graziano- both of whom have been trading donations and favors quid pro quo for quite some time.

While the true identity of ‘Crapper is up for some heavyweight discussion, we’re not surprised to see that ‘Crapper too has fallen victim to Tony’s approach to politics and taken to berating both Avella and Graziano’s opponents with malice – often overlooking any facts that raise doubts to Tony’s efficacy as a leader which lends further credence to the rumor.

We feel it’s outright disingenuous for a blog of this caliber to promulgate such bullshit about how great Tony Avella and Paul Graziano are without so much as mentioning how many times Tony has been caught up in the universe of corruption: from allowing convicted Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin’s to throw him lavish fundraisers, “Avella has served Assemblymember McLaughlin faithfully since he took office in 1992, according to City Limits,” to the favor trading with convicted felon Richard Lipsky, right down to supporting anti-Asian racist Sonny Carson not to mention his personal vendetta against young activists.

Avella has even issued press blackouts trying to harangue Queens-Politics for kicking up his own dirt and exposing his corruption. He’s probably angry because he couldn’t get any of his legislation passed up in Albany and that his colleagues refuse to work with him. They are hoping he wins downstate just so he’ll never have to return to Albany for another lame duck session (but he didn’t rule out running again as Senator).

Meanwhile we’re wondering how much of his official duties have been conducted as a cheap political campaign stunt. 

In an ideal world, calling attention to these facts should be the duty of the mainstream press and editorials – but you don’t really see that happening here in Queens. Luckily, a few brave souls are willing to pledge their lives and sacred honor so that the voters can finally be informed.


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Jun 12 2013

Avella Endorses Republican Sympathizer

Tony+Avella+State+Lawmakers+Environmental+anvIGLX1w6hlHe really did.

With little fanfare, State Sen. Tony Avella endorsed Paul Graziano for City Council, a candidate who cuts checks for Republicans.

As first heard on Queens-Politics, long-shot carpet bagger Paul Graziano opened up his wallet for Sunny Hahn who is running against Peter Koo, a beloved figure in North Queens.

What other Republican sympathies does Tony Avella harbor? Sort of odd after he spent all that time bashing Frank Padavan. Now his overgrown henchman is cutting checks to elect crazy pro-lifers into City Hall.



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Jun 12 2013

Graziano Helps Line Pockets Of Republican Candidate


Bankrolling the Republican opponent of a beloved democratic councilman will not bode well with primary voters.

He sent money to bankroll Peter Koo’s opponent!

Running in a Democratic Primary for the 19th Council District, lobbyist Paul Graziano made a hefty financial contribution to a GOP candidate for city council, Sunny Hahn.

Graziano’s $175 contribution to Hahn will be matched 6 to 1 by the city’s matching funds program and will be used to fund campaign related initatives to unseat Democrat Peter Koo, who is running for reelection.

Bankrolling the opponent of a beloved democratic councilman will not bode well with primary voters.

Hahn, who has flirted with running for office several times in the past few years, including a bid for State Senate against State Sen. Toby Stavisky (where she was passed over for the GOP endorsement which went to JD Kim), has already started bashing Peter Koo calling him clueless and accusing him of being in the pocket of developers at a recent meeting hosted by the Queens Village Republican Club.



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Mar 23 2013


In response to calling Graziano out on his plans to host an event in a public park without a permit, the campaign is now actually claiming that “In Bowne Park,” as it appears on their flyer, means “on the sidewalk,” according to Christina Wilkinson who designed the flyer which included the address near the entrance to the park. So now the public and the press will assemble on the sidewalk. She also said Graziano is on the radio talking smack about me but she declined to mention the station as of this posting, even though I was willing to phone in and call their bluff.

Furthermore, Wilkinson also tried to downplay the misleading flyer by stating “In Bowne Park” means in the neighborhood of Bowne Park, like saying in Flushing, or in Bayside. Anyone who lives in that section of Queens will never say “I live IN Bowne Park”, but  instead, by Bowne Park as a landmark, unless they were in fact living in a cardboard box inside the park.

I can’t help but think if an objection wasn’t raised, how many people would be illegally loitering inside Bowne park on Saturday. And this is especially egregious when other organizations legitimately applied and received a permit for the space.

Why is this a BIG deal? Because he’s a candidate for public office where integrity and accountability for your actions matter most.

As a voter you shouldn’t allow any candidate to get away with this because corruption is a slippery slope. If one law is circumvented, what’s next?


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Mar 22 2013

Graziano To Host Illegal Gathering in Local Park



Self-proclaimed activist candidate Paul Graziano launches campaign with an illegal event from a district he doesn’t live in.

Graziano, Tony Avella’s axe-man, is at it again. This time he has chosen to launch his political campaign in a public park without the necessary permit.

According to the NYC Parks Department, one permit was issued for Saturday, March 23 at Bowne Park in Flushing. This permit was issued to the Northeast Queens Republican Club which will be holding their annual Easter Egg Hunt for the community.

No other permits have been issued for that day, according to a Parks spox, but that hasn’t stopped Graziano from advertising his illegal gathering where he invited hundreds of people. [See his official invite below]

While Graziano works in conjunction with Senator Tony Avella and Queens Crap to cast aspersions on me, we here Queens-Politics are disgusted with the level of shadow politics, backroom deals, and now, an illegal gathering meant to kickoff a phony campaign for City Council.

In the meantime, Queens-Politics will continue to monitor Graziano’s every single move.


Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 1.04.29 PM


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Mar 14 2013

Is Graziano Bundling For Avella?



Spare some change for my boss?

Hold on to your wallets, Paul Graziano is looking for your money to help support career politician Tony Avella.

As reported before on Queens-Politics, Graziano has become a pawn in Tony Avella’s unquenchable lust for power. In this capacity, Graziano has been influential in building Tony’s war chest with an unimpressive $6, 857.00. Aside from his own repeated donations over the years, Graziano also has members of his household contribute a substantial sum to Avella’s campaign, and there’s no telling how much more bundling he’s responsible for.

Is it a favor to Tony Avella that he jumped in the race? The writing is on the wall. Other blogs have tried to cover it up and distract from the point, but given their longstanding political and reciprocal relationship, we’re wondering how far they will go to deceive the voters by forging fake resumes of community service chock filled with exaggerated and failed endeavors to convince us this man is a good choice for CD19.

Graziano is another one of these anti-development goo goos. He would like you to think he’s some sort of activist, but in reality if you strike that from his resume, you have another unqualified candidate running in a district where he doesn’t even live and has never been seen.

Given it’s a redistricting year, he doesn’t have to live in CD 19, and bundling is not illegal, but if these two cohorts think they can pull the wool over the eyes of the voting public, he’s got another thing coming.

Pretty soon they’ll throw Charles Barron in the mix, if he isn’t already.


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Feb 28 2013

Is Avella Playing Power Broker in Northeast Queens?


He answers to me now.

Rumor has it Tony Avella propped up a lobbyist for the City Council primary to divide the voting blocs in district 19.

Paul Graziano, who works at an architectural firm in New Jersey as an urban planner (and also worked for Avella) could be part of a massive scheme of voter manipulation with Tony Avella at the helm.

Was Graziano influenced by Avella to run? It’s the million dollar question. The relationship is there and is very concerning.

Questions arise like did Tony Avella hand out proclamation in return for bankrolling his campaign as Graziano did time and time again? Is it favor for a favor? Are the voters going to buy into this power play? After all, seems like Graziano often rewards his former boss in campaign donations for such recognition.

Graziano is an activist, a good activist at that, and we don’t want to see him promoted beyond his level of ability. But to see him being used as a pawn in Avella’s devious political manipulation of the electoral system speaks volumes about his character.

It’s not rocket science folks.


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