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Nov 02 2012

Congresswoman Grace Meng thanks Queens-Politics

A special thanks to Assemblywoman Grace Meng for accepting my endorsement of her bid for U.S Congress with kind words that reflect the mission of Queens-Politics to restore accountability in government and politics.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Queens Politics – a blog that stands for the issues I believe in, including transparency in government and electoral reform. My thanks as well to Queens Politics Editor in Chief, Adam Lombardi, for his community activism and parish volunteerism in Auburndale and throughout Queens.” -Grace Meng

Grace, we know what you are altogether right. Your platform is right, the place is right, and you are the right person for that place, and when the right time comes, we will be right on the spot with our right hands raised to cast our ballots and usher in a new era of good government. When elected I know you shall bring to Congress an earnest desire to perform your duties efficiently and honorably. When you are successful at the polls, it will not be a personal triumph, but the triumph of those principles which you represent.

Cheers to the people’s victory on November 6th. Vote Grace For Congress!

Grace Meng

Grace Meng and I.


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Oct 22 2012

New poll indicates Halloran inching ahead of opponent

If the new poll indicates a valid trend, Meng could be in trouble.

[Updated x3] A press release from the Halloran campaign highlights the findings of a new poll that suggests a dead heat in the race for NY6.

According to pollsters Mclaughin and Associates, a poll taken on October 10th & 11th, 2012 indicates Halloran is in a neck and neck battle against Meng with Halloran receiving 33% to Meng’s 36%, which is well within the margin of error.

Press release: Council Member Dan Halloran is in a statistical dead heat with Assembly Member Grace Meng, according to the latest poll. Despite spending well over a million dollars (including more than $122,000 of her own funds) and outspending Halloran by more than 10 to 1, she has failed to develop a significant lead.

The poll indicates that Halloran holds a 5% lead among voters who have heard of both candidates. Halloran leads by an astounding 28% among voters who have a firm opinion of both candidates. The poll concludes that “voters who know both Halloran and Meng like Halloran better.”

Mitt Romney is leading President Obama in the district, according to the poll. Romney receives 46% to Obama’s 43%, with 11% undecided. Poll respondents gave President Obama a 61% negative job rating.

Pollster McLaughlin & Associates point out that,

 “Voters of this district have a history of electing Republicans, including Senator Frank Padavan, Senator Serf Maltese, Rudy Giuliani and Dan Halloran himself.  Further, portions of this district also voted for Congressman Bob Turner.”

Halloran spokesman Kevin Ryan said,

“The poll confirms that Dan Halloran is on his way to winning this race. Dan won over Democrats in his Council race and he is doing it again in the heart of Queens. Voters know that he will fight to create jobs, help small businesses and reduce gas prices.”

Ryan continued,

“Dan Halloran is ranked the #1 New York City Councilman for constituent services and voters know it. You can’t buy a record like that, even if you’re a multi-millionaire like Grace Meng.”


Update Oct. 22 10:48 AM : In a statement, Meng spox Austin Finan said Dan Halloran is making poll numbers up.

Leave it to Dan Halloran to release a tailor-made poll. This “poll” is nothing more than a desperate attempt on behalf of the Halloran campaign to raise money from its far right, radical Tea Party base of support. Once again, Dan Halloran just makes things up and expects no one to question him. I think we would all like to see the methodology of this survey so that we may see what is obvious: this poll does not represent the diversity or true sensibilities of middle-class voters in Queens.

Please note that Grace for New York’s internal polling shows the Assemblywoman with a sizeable, 51%-22% lead with 27% undecided.

Update Oct. 22 12:20 PM: Halloran Spox, Kevin Ryan responds to Finan’s comment,

I do not believe anyone would categorize Rudy Giuliani, who endorsed Dan Halloran, as a far-right radical member of the Tea Party. I have not seen a summary of any poll from the Meng campaign, but our summary is available for anyone to see.
Update Oct. 22 12:30 PM: Meng spox, Austin Finan casts more doubt on the methodology of the Halloran-released poll and requests specifics to prove validity,
400 voters from throughout the 6th Congressional were polled, demographically representative amongst all political parties and blanks, and at no time – testing any messages in any scenario – did Dan Halloran receive more than 24% of anything looking like support of any kind from anywhere. Once the Halloran camp releases what percentage of respondents in their bogus poll speak what languages – and from what neighborhoods and amongst what registrants – we’ll gladly release additional info.

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May 15 2012

An open message to Elizabeth Crowley: The Citizens Will Reject The Politics of Lies and Deception

Elizabeth Crowley wants you to believe that she was the one that secured the resources to design, develop, and implement the new schools within her Council District.

As a matter of fact Crowley mailed a piece of campaign literature all across Queens to curry favor with those deeply concerned about Education in her bid to become your Congresswoman from the 6thDistrict, however upon research and review and confirmation from her office spokesman, she’s taking credit for schools that were budgeted and started construction prior to her even being elected to the City Council.

Elizabeth Crowley fought for the resources to open four new public schools to relieve overcrowding in her City Council District,” according to her campaign mail.

Her spokesman, Eric Yun, indicated that the “Metropolitan High School site was funded by Elizabeth”, but a check of District Education sources and community leaders indicate that the development of this site goes back to 2001, during the days of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Those in the community clearly recall Forest City Rattner was going to place a 35 multiplex movie theater. The community and its elected officials were adamantly opposed and the site was eventually turned over to the Department of Education for an 8 acre educational complex.

Who really fought for the funding?

District 24 Community Education Council president Nick Comaianni said it wasn’t Liz.

No, it wasn’t Liz, not at all – that goes back to Tom Ognibene and Councilman Dennis Gallagher– the actual school was funded during the term of Councilmembers Gallagher, Katz and during my times at the CEC. We obviously came up with a plan to locally zone the school, but we finalized it by the time it was built. I believe when it was finished—2 years ago, Crowley would have been the Councilperson but it wasn’t funded during her term, no way now how,” said Comaianni .

According to Comaianni,

“It [the funding] came from CEC24 that lobbied the Chancellor to get as much money to deal with the overcrowding. These schools go back to the capital budget in 2005, we had 3,600 seats and we lobbied for an extra 3,000 seats and we got it with the help of Councilman Gallagher.”

(Btw: Crowley’s spokesperson did not even realize that the Metropolitan Campus is NOT within her Council District it is actually in the 29th District occupied by Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz. To be fair we should mention that the leader in that high school fight was Councilwoman Melinda Katz.)

The second school Elizabeth is falsely asserting she delivered is the new Maspeth High School which hasn’t even opened its doors. This project first appeared in the 2005 Capital Plan four years before Elizabeth was sworn into office. Oddly this school was the subject of great debate and many in the community opposed the construction. Elizabeth told the Daily News that she would “oppose this development if the school were not locally zoned.”

Yun contacted us after his initial quotes to retract his statement. Yun said he had “misspoke” and that Crowley fought to keep local zoning and construction, which did in fact occur before her election into office. He said two of the four schools mentioned in Crowley’s literature were schools in Richmond Hill. Richmond Hill is outside the 6th Congressional District.

Yun initially indicated two additional schools were elementary schools, but couldn’t name them. Checking the district, the only three schools to be developed were PS113 and PS128 and PS49. Does Elizabeth really believe this to be true? Does she believe that she fought for those resources? How do you fight for something that’s already in the budget? All of the aforementioned schools were under construction well prior to her election!

Yun’s retraction was questionable. What are the four schools mentioned in Crowley’s campaign literature? Is it P.S 290 and P.S 273 in Richmond Hill which opened in September 2010? Is it possible that she entered the Council on January 7th 2009 and these schools were designed, constructed and occupied within a short few months?  No, the funding was in place prior to her election. Is it the Metropolitan High School? Is it Maspeth High School? Is it Public School 113, 128 or 49? The answer is it was none of them.

The voting citizens deserve honesty from their elected officials not misinformation distortions and half-truths. How could Miss Crowley have fought for these projects and delivered for her Council District when she was not even elected? The answer is clear: She Didn’t! But Liz hopes you will read her fancy slick piece of political pandering and believe all is true.

Sorry Liz, Queens Politics is designed to tell the truth by holding deceitful politicians like you accountable for what you tell us.

We have seen it all whether it is Al Gore saying he created the Internet….Or Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex with that woman…. or John Kerry overstating his military service…. Now it is Elizabeth Crowley unable to list her own accomplishments and achievements as she seeks to obtain higher office, she stakes claim to projects she had nothing to do with… Is this the type of leadership we want to lead us in Washington? I don’t think so and I don’t think the sophisticated voters of Queens will think so either. And Liz, stay in the Council for some more time until you can have some accomplishments of your own to write about.

Well Elizabeth, or Mr. Yun if any of this information is incorrect call me you have the number.

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Apr 14 2012

Unpredictable Candidates hoping to repair reputation through backbiting

The Lancman and Gottlieb camps are at war and someone is sure to be vilified.

Unconfirmed rumors are spreading that the Lancman camp has dug up some dirt on Gottlieb that goes back forty two years ago. And in return, the Gottlieb camp has dug up dirt concerning Rory’s relationship with former disgraced Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin.

The candidates may be going nuclear, but neither camp can agree on where to post the stories.

One candidate is pitching to the Post, and the other is pitching to the Daily News.

One thing is certain. By trading barbs, Lancman and Gottlieb have drawn an inordinate amount of attention to each other.

On Sunday or possibly Monday an interesting story is sure to break.

Let the games begin.

[UPDATE: On Sunday, April 15th. 12:27am, The NY Post Breaks the story]

As predicted (we posted at 6:30pm, Saturday). Incendiary charge vs. Queens Candidate.


For the latest news before the major papers print it, read Queens-Politics.com first.

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Apr 11 2012

The Angry Lancman


Rory Lancman is unusually unhappy these days.

With years of political experience, why is it so easy for a professional legislator to fly off the handle?

Rory Lancman is enraged and we can see why, sort of. His camp – as well as many insiders – believes that the candidacy of Jett Gottlieb is a sham perpetrated by the County organization to split the Jewish vote that Lancman needs to win.

As the rumors were finally confirmed that another Jewish candidate will be running, Lancman went out and lambasted County for allegedly propping up Gottlieb and trying to derail his chances of winning. The rationale was that Gottlieb had a patronage gig at the Board of Elections so he must be susceptible to their influence.

The conspiracy theories grew like weeds on a neglected tomb, but so far it’s just speculation.

This month, shortly after Crowley threw her hat in the ring and after County convinced Avi Fink to leave the Stavisky faction to spearhead Liz’s campaign, allegedly, Lancman had enough. His tough as nails campaign team went on the offensive, “Get the fake out of the race,” he told the Daily News, which prompted responses from County leader Joe Crowley and a swath of Democratic insiders who said things like, “He lobbied too hard, [for the seat],” according to an article in the Observer by Colin Cambell. 

Who is the real Rory? Lancman is an excellent communicator. He fought for six years in the Assembly and is highly regarded as an authority on matters of public policy. He’s smart and articulate yet soft-spoken, and he has an outstanding Democratic club, which he helped organize.  So it seems a bit out of character to whine and cry foul particularly when all the evidence is circumstantial. 

Lancman is well acquainted with the wheeling and dealing of campaign politics so why is this rumor so much of a shocker to him? This is not meant to imply that Jeff Gottlieb is some sort of enlightened statesman, but what we are saying is that everyone has the right to run for public office even if someone encouraged them to run. After all, Gottlieb said he wants to do it and it doesn’t look like anyone held a gun to the 70-year-old historian’s head.

Like the ancient Citron trees of Israel, Gottlieb has strong roots in the conservative Jewish communities. Yes, Rory has a stellar record of fighting for Israel, but conservative Jews don’t have a voice to fall back on. Gottlieb might just be that guy.

Let the people decide.

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Apr 09 2012

Why Queens-Politics readers Live Better

In 2000 Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader - known in the annals of history as a classic spoiler candidate - siphoned votes from Democratic candidate Al Gore, contributing to the victory of GOP candidate George W. Bush.

“You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But don’t worry: you will someday.” -American Beauty (1999)

BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Gottleib, a local historian and former tour guide of Forest Hills, is rumored to have thrown his hat into the ring for the 6th CD to split the Jewish vote that presumably would have voted for Rory Lancman.

According to insiders, County is furious with Lancman who turned a deaf ear to explicit instruction not to run. Apparently Lancman didn’t get the message.  Other sources have even suggested that the momentum of his campaign may have scared a few folks looking for an insurance policy for Meng’s victory.

Anyway, Gottlieb founded the Central Queens Historical Association in 1988 and the Queens Jewish Historical Society in 2002, according to the New York Post.

FEC filings are not up yet. However, True News had some interesting background on Gottlieb:

Former Brian Mclaughlin, Hevesi, David Weprin and Morton Povman staffer Jeff Gottlieb expected to enter the race for congress in the Meng district according to political consultant Jay Golub.  Gottlieb will clearly split the Jewish vote with Lanman making county choice Grace Meng a walk in to win.  – True News From Change NYC.


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Dec 06 2011

Congressional Candidate Endorses NAACP Redistricting Proposal

Say it ain't so, Mike.

Mike Scala is running for Congress in NY-6, and he wants the new district lines drawn to be reflective of ethnic populations.

In his press release Scala quotes, “In order to maintain the district’s black majority, the new map would extend the eastern border into western Nassau County… Let me stop you right there Mike. Queens-Politics does not support a redistricting system based on ethnic division. The NAACP and many other other advocacy organizations like the Asian American Legal Defense continually push for district lines to be drawn to maximize the electability of a candidate from a select ethnic background, but this is an inherently problematic endeavor.

While it’s critically important to have a parity in Congressional politics, changing the lines to be reflective of anything other than geography is not the right thing to do because it dilutes the electoral process.

While the process is far from perfect, the idea of drawing lines to be inclusive of some and exclusive to others is not democracy. It’s calling our voters vacuous and presuming that the issues don’t matter and they will vote based solely on skin color or religion, which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard considering the electoral results of the past four years.

The press release goes on: “The northern and western boundaries of the district would also be modified.  NAACP State President Hazel Dukes stated that the proposal would help “preserve New York’s black congressional districts and black New Yorkers’ voting rights.”

So you want to gerrymander the district, again? It’s still gerrymandering even if a renowned advocacy organization introduces the proposal.

In a perfect world, the best candidate should win on the issues not because of their sexual identification, religion, or ethnicity. 

In Reynolds V. Sims Chief Justice Earl Warren said, “Legislators represent people, not trees or acres. Legislators are elected by voters, not farms or cities or economic interests.” This means it’s one person, one vote.

When a lack of quality candidates exists are the district lines to be blamed?

The NAACP’s redistricting plan attempts to establish a political advantage for their group. This is an admirable cause,  but their plan will inevitably protect incumbents and will eliminate the chance for competition, or at  the very least it will stifle the competition based on factors other than policy positions.

Are the districts gerrymandered as is? Probably, but how will another gerrymandered district fix anything?

Geography is the key to fair redistricting, so is competition.

Advocating the development of a potential tyranny of the majority in every district is not in the voters best interest. It bears a striking resemblance to racial steering whereby real estate agents define neighborhood boundaries and limit housing opportunities for select ethnic groups.

This is an illegal and unethical methodology, but it’s still common practice. Does that mean it should continue?

If defining an area by excluding one group over the other in real estate practice is illegal, why on Earth would we condone the practice in the polis?

That’s politics for you.


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