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Mar 23 2013

Man Down In Quest For Council Seat

Matthew Silverstein

Matthew Silverstein at the DNC.

Silverstein Drops Bid For CD19.

Democratic State Committeeman Matt Silverstein has dropped his bid in the race for Council District 19. His exit leaves: Paul Vallone, John Duane, Austin Shafran, and Paul Graziano to decide who will face Councilman Dan Halloran (one of the council’s three Republicans) in November. For the full story click here.

There’s a line of thought that holds the Bay Terrace votes (where Silverstein’s influence is strongest) can make or break a candidate. So the real question is, who will he support?





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Sep 18 2012

Halloran announces plans to attend Tea Party icon’s fundraiser; draws sharp criticism from political hopeful

Congressman West (R-Fla) has been in hot water for his controversial statements.

A Democratic candidate for the 19th City Council District is outraged with Dan Halloran for announcing plans to attend a fundraiser held by Tea Party backed Republican Congressman Allen West.

Making the case of guilt by association, in a statement Silverstein cited West’s pro-gun advocacy and his accusations toward Congress for being linked to the Communist Party as indicative of his character and policy making agenda. “Dan Halloran’s alliance with Allen West is a clear reminder of why Dan Halloran is the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress & the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress and the wrong choice to serve the 19th Council District in the NYC Council.”

Silverstein, a state committee member and a candidate for the seat currently held by Halloran, said he spoke on behalf of the constituents,

“West’s radical opinions are not in line with the viewpoints and beliefs of people in the 6th CD, 26th AD or 19th CD.”

Reached for comment, Halloran Spox Steven Stites said,

“As City Councilman, Dan Halloran works to keep cops on the streets and make New Yorkers safe. As a perennial political candidate for everything under the sun, Matt Silverstein puts out press releases.

Official Press Release Below



Contact: Campaign Chair Warren Schreiber (917)494-2247 / silverstein2013@gmail.com

19th Council District Candidate Matthew Silverstein Condemns City Councilman Dan Halloran For Agreeing To Attend A New York Fundraiser For Controversial Congressman Allen West

Bay Terrace, New York

City Council Candidate Matthew Silverstein today released the following statement:

I was shocked to learn this morning that City Councilman & Congressional candidate Dan Halloran would be attending an upcoming fundraiser for controversial Congressman Allen West.

Congressman Allen West is completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. Congressman Allen West’s comments accusing 78-81 Democratic Members of Congress of being part of the Communist Party are completely inappropriate.

What are most alarming were Congressman West’s recent comments about guns. Congressman West said at a campaign rally “Well, I got a great idea. I believe for personal security, every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm”.

According to the New York City Police Department website, since the start of 2012 there have been 1,034 shooting incidents in New York City This is already up 1.3% from 2011. With gun violence on the rise in New York City, comments like this only add more fuel to the fire. Now is the time to talk about ways in which we can reduce the rate of gun violence in our City.

Dan Halloran’s alliance with Allen West is a clear reminder of why Dan Halloran is the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress & the wrong choice to serve the 19th Council District in the NYC Council.

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Sep 06 2012

Live at the DNC: Matthew Silverstein

Matthew Silverstein is excited to hear President Obama's speech tonight at the DNC.

A local State Committee member for the 26th A.D in Queens has a front row seat to the Democratic National Convention and he’s sent Queens-Politics a few pictures to share the experience.

Matthew Silverstein is a delegate representing the 5th Congressional District of New York. He is part of the largest number of youth delegates to any DNC convention, with over 600 young attendees.

“This is the most important election of our lifetime,” said Silverstein, who at the time of his interview was anxiously awaiting President Obama’s speech at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Silverstein said the crowd’s enthusiasm is very high and that “everyone is fired up and ready to go.”

Asked his favorite moment so far, Silverstein said President Clinton’s speech was the most exciting part and called it “one of the greatest moments in American political history.”

Matthew is also running for the 19th City Council District in Queens.


A view from the convention floor.

Silverstein with Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

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Jan 09 2012

A New Years Brunch In Whitestone…

A lovely brunch was held at the home of Debra Markell, President of Waterside Estates at Cresthaven Homeowners Association, and hosted by State Committeeman Matthew Silverstein (D-26) Markell, respectfully, and Warren Schreiber, the President of the Bay Terrace Community Alliance. Many elected officials were in attendance and over 125 guests had passed through to a warm reception. Pictured above, NYC Comptroller John Liu, Matthew Silverstein, Mary Conaty, Debra Markell Kleiner, Warren Schreiber, and NYS Assemblyman David Weprin.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Matthew Silverstein, Debra Markell and Warren Schreiber.

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and State Senator Toby Stavisky.

Matthew Silverstein, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, Debra Markell Kleinert, and Warren Schreiber.

An annual New Years Brunch was attended by over 125 friends and supporters on Sunday, according to Matthew Silverstein, who hosted the event with Debra Markell and Warren Schreiber. Queens-Politics was invited to the brunch, now in it’s second year (a hearty thank you), however our Editor  had a commitment to volunteer in Auburndale that went into overtime. Looks like big things may be happening…

Pictures courtesy of Matthew Silverstein.

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Dec 09 2011

The North Queens Cyber Soapbox

From Daysofourlives.comBreaking News: Silverstein takes on Governor from his toilet in Bay Terrace; pens complaint while taking a crap.

It’s the Thursday morning north Queens Cyber Soapbox, and like the times of ancient Rome when people would stand on their soapbox and preach to the crowd, now we do it on the internet.

This morning I received a dozen emails, voicemails, facebook messages etc. that pointed out different leads, different angles. But the real story is the cyber soapbox, where all the local leaders, friend and foe alike, share their presence on the internet.

I woke up to Steve Behar talking about the President.

A lengthy conversation took place in regards to Dan Halloran’s 6-page article in the Village Voice. There’s no right or wrong answer. It is what it is.

Bob Friedrich has regained his column in the Times Ledger between William Lewis (an Occupy basher) and Dee Richard to give a right leaning spin to every possible issue. A few folks were talking about that.

Elio Forcina had an urgent prayer request, “Please pray for the soul of a desperate mother whose children were starving in Texas-after being denied food stamps for the 5th time in months , she shot her 2 children, they are in the ICU and killed herself at the welfare office.”

Dan Halloran was posting pictures of the renovated Council Chambers.

Mathew Silverstein hailed a blog post on the Courier website as a monumental achievement. Apparently he’s angry over a $700 tuition hike at CUNY Schools. He  did not mention how hard our parochial schools have been hit nor did he relish in the MTA Payroll tax that will save non-public schools 8 million dollars next year.

Warren Schreiber, President of the Bay Terrace Community alliance continues to be way too nosey.

Al Centola, President of the Malba Gardens Civic mentioned his online impersonator that wrote a few unkind words about the Welcome to Whitestone Civic President, Devon O’Connor on the Times Ledger web page. This is why we don’t allow anonymous comments on Queens-Politics.com.

Whitestone Village was disappointed that Ed Braunstein couldn’t make it to the fundraiser held Wednesday night at Verdi’s. Ed was held up in negotiation in Albany, but Cheers to the guys for their hard work.

Till next week,


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Oct 21 2011

Two Queens Candidates File For A “Run”

Born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, Justin Wax Jacobs is a lifelong resident of Briarwood. The recent graduate of the University at Albany has filed a campaign committee. Generally seen by insiders as tantamount to running for office.


From City Hall News,

 Justin Wax Jacobs looks like he’s giving politics another crack. The 22-year-old recently registered a campaign committee to run in 2012 against Queens Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz, after getting tossed from the ballot on the most minor of technicalities in the recent special election for the seat. The young politico gathered 1,600 signatures in six days to run as an independent, but was by the Board of Elections because he failed to write the correct district number on the top of every page – becoming a poster boy for a broken system. 





Silverstein is keeping his options open.


 Matt Silverstein, the former president of both the New York and Queens Young Democrats, took a step towards joining the fray to take on Republican Councilman Dan Halloran in 2013. Silverstein registered a campaign committee this week and may face off against several 2009 contenders for the seat.

 Silverstein said in an email he was simply keeping his “options open,” according to City Hall News.



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