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Jan 26 2012

Going Once, Going Twice, Going To Be Gerrymandered

The countdown for the official lines to be redrawn and finally revealed is underway and some are screaming their heads off about the rumors filtering down from political insiders and anonymous sources.

One trend seems to be clear, there’s a rising tide against district lines that maximize the voting efficacy of underrepresented ethnic groups.

The following email was received from SEVENTY7SEVEN7@aol.com expressing outrage with the possibility that proposed maps by the Asian American Legal and Defense Fund and Education Fund will be taken seriously.

It is very peculiar how people from Korea, Burma, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand – just to name a few – are somehow regarded as having a collective interest to vote for an Asian candidate despite a divergence in political leanings.

Reapportioning lines based on ethnicity  is predicated on the assumption that people are so naive they will vote on racial identification – and nothing else. This may be true for a lot of voters, but we here at Queens-Politics would like to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that in the interest of facilitating a competitive field of grassroots candidates, the opponents of race based districts will lay down their sword to bridge the disconnect by compromise, while the electorate stands up and recognizes the importance of voting for a candidate on principal.

Messages like this must be carefully crafted because it walks a fine line. In other words, some well-meaning pundit could say, hey this smells a little xenophobic especially when these initiatives point to the Asian population as the prime example and invariably reference English dominance motifs like in the text below.


It is absolutely wrong to intentional separate any area to intentional increase any ethnic group, or Political Party group to make them more Dominate in any area.

Every one should oppose AALDEF to deliberately, intentional create an Asian Dominated area to solely increase Asian dominated districts, under the alleged claim  to increase Asian Representation.

You don’t need any area redrawn to be dominated by any group or nationality to get fair representation.  

AALDEF redistrict lines are to segregate all others from what ALLDEFF wants to create an Asian communities regardless of where they actually live. If Asians wanted to live in that area they would have moved into that area not another area.

Don’t allow  AALDEF to have any influence to create other area’s to segregate other communities intentionally for only Asians.

All Elected Officials regardless of their Ethnic background are suppose to represent every one in their area fairly and therefore it is not necessary to change district lines to cater to the Asian community in other districts or any other group.  

There is no need to allege or claim the need to create or redraw district lines to include other Asians from other districts to push group them in other areas to increase Asian numbers, so only Asian officials can get elected. Sounds extremely bias and intentional to segregate others out of their self created districts and should be illegal in every way.

AALDEF has destroyed Flushing community to segregate all others to only benefit their Asian community.

See Attachment. See how the Store signs were changed in Flushing, so no other nationality can read the signs or feel welcome in the stores and not recognize or display our primary English language in the United States of America. Do you want this to continue in to other areas created?

The solution is simply. Create or redraw district lines fairly.  No one group, Ethnic nationality or Political affiliation to dominate any area to get a true variety of people with no dominance, therefore everyone is treated fairly by the Representative that is elected

This forces people or groups to work together as a Community and not create segregated dominated Communities unfairly that only care about themselves. I recommend no more than 25% cap of any group, ethnic nationality or Political affiliation where possible.

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Nov 23 2011

A Former McCarthy Era Operative Gloats

Xenophobia, the fear of people who are different from one’s self.

A highly illuminating article courtesy of the Daily News. This report explores the dynamics between a longtime district leader and her political rival in Flushing.

Julia Harrison is a former City Council Member. She has some harsh comments for John Liu.

Foreword: Harrison is best known for blaming the asian population for increased crime, higher real estate prices, and displacing old timers.

Her comments became the hallmark of Harrison’s political career.

The publicized slip blew up in her face as a protest took  place on the steps of City Hall.

In 1996 the protest was led by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former Governor George Pataki who joined more that 2,000 Asian-Americans and civic leaders to rebuke Ms. Harrison for her published comments.

In response, Harrison who is now 91, stood before her colleagues in the Council’s chamber and read an empty apology. She never meant to insult immigrants, she was misunderstood. But it’s par for the course considering Harrison is part of the old guard –  a dwindling bloc of grey haired voters who resist any type of change in a neighborhood that is predominantly asian.

Despite the controversy, Harrison ran for reelection and won another term as Councilwoman until she was eventually term limited out of office in 2001.

Since then, deep wounds have festered in the underworld of Queens politics and while her opponent is weak, Julia has returned  for a moment in the limelight.

During the last election, turnout was abysmal. But to Harrison’s credit, she pulled her base out to the polls.

As the newly minted elected District Leader, she’s feeling her oats.

Best Quote,

“If you survive long enough in the murky world of Queens politics you will see your fortunes change.”


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