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Nov 21 2011

Fishy Arrest of ‘Lone-wolf’ Terrorist Raises Eyebrows

Why did the FBI decline to prosecute Jose Pimentel, the would-be Jihadi bomber?

The absence of a federal investigation could be indicative of a chasm between NYPD and FBI philosophy says Rep. Peter King.

Something smells sort of fishy. Capital New York explores several takes on the recent arrest that coincided with a demonstration by the OWS  movement in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s apartment on the West side of Manhattan.

Jose Pimental made a bomb out of Christmas lights.

Does this have the makings of a conspiracy theory? You decide.

Capital New York: The Sunday evening press conference about the Washington Heights terrorist suspect was front page news in the Times, Post, Newsday and Metro’s New York edition.

Live-tweets during the press conference showed a number of Occupy Wall Street sympathizers questioned the timing of the press conference, which roughly coincided with a loud protest outside the mayor’s house on 79th Street. 

Talking Points Memo’s founding editor Josh Marshall suggests there is something awry with the terror-suspect’s arrest, since federal officials apparently wanted no part of it, or of the announcement. Joseph Goldstein and William Rashbaum note the absence of federal officials too, and Republican congressman Peter King said there’s a “growing difference in philosophy” between the FBI and NYPD and that it was “not a good sign the FBI wasn’t there” at Bloomberg’s press conference.

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