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Jan 17 2013

New Blog Sheds Light On Political Expenditures

In keeping up with an age of increased transparency and citizen journalism, Jon Reznick has blown the lid off campaign finance expenditures with a brand new investigative blog called Follow The Money 2013.

Reznick, the Treasure of the New York State Young Democracts, said the inspiration came from observing that most critics concentrated on campaign donations, rather than campaign expenditures,”…most people look at donors, I’m interested in where these campaigns spend, and how their products are priced,” wrote Reznick.

But like most people shedding light on political issues, he faced some resistance. Reznick said he was contacted by the Campaign Finance Board alleging copyright infringement (they said he couldn’t use their logo) just a mere eight hours after the blog launched on Tumblr.

In response friends joked, “If only government responses were that quick.”

In the meantime the blog seems to be catching on quickly, and as the first round of campaign filings were made this month, surely he will receive a lion’s share of traffic in the immediate future.


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