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Apr 30 2012

Lancman Bullies Mittman into Court; uses same machine tactics he detests


Hey, if your phone rings it might be Rory saying you can't run.

Rory Lancman believes he should be the only Jewish candidate in the race and is taking Robert Mittman to court to prove his point.

A source close to the Mittman campaign revealed that Mittman has been threatened numerous times and pressured with harassment by a high-powered political consultant and media strategist to drop out of the race.

Mittman did not relent to these wanton demands and now faces a challenge in court by Lancman’s election attorney, Jerry Goldfeder.

Our source confirms that it is indeed a ruthless intimidation tactic set in motion by none other than Rory Lancman himself who is looking for a round 2 after drudging up dirt on Gottlieb, the other jewish candidate, which shamed him out of the race.

David G Feuerherd of Rego Park, Barbara Rodriguez and Jeffrey Wang, both of Flushing, have all filed as objectors to the 2,800 signatures Mittman filed to get on the ballot.

Specs and a general objection have been filed.

It seems a little ironic when a candidate for Congress begins his campaign by denigrating a man like Gottlieb – whom Rory accused of being a plant by the Democrats – than pulls more nefarious political stunts then they likely deserve. Looks like Mittman is next on Rory’s chopping block.

Dr. Mittman is a lifelong public servant. He has no IOU’s and he is not beholden to any party loyalists and we’re sure he doesn’t think he should be ordained into the seat, so why should Rory Lancman believe he should be the only Jewish candidate in the race?

Let the voter decide. Is it any wonder why people are so fed-up with Albany insiders? It’s all clear in this race: intimidation, counter-intimidation, allegations of fraud, criminal misdeeds, back room deals, anti-Asian sentiment, the list goes on.

Instead of a discussion on the economy, healthcare, or how special interests has a strong hold on elected officials, we have  a ruthless and venial politician who believes his own interests are the only self motivator.

In America, the foundation of success is choice and freedom. At Queens-Politics we believe that the people have a right to evaluate the candidates on who best serves the community.

Yet, there is no honor found in Queens politics. Somewhere along the lines the pols become perverted. Look at Karl Kruger, Pedro Espada, Seabrook, Martinez, McLoughlin, and now Lancman, just to name a few.

You would think Rory would recognize this race is not about him, it’s about fair representation and a right to run to help the good people of the 6th Congressional District.

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Apr 19 2012

The ol’ switcharoo: Gottlieb is out, blames personal attacks

This afternoon Jeff Gottlieb declined the nomination to run for the sixth Congressional District.

A source close to the campaign said it was a tough decision for Gottlieb and his family and made the following statement.

“Jeff made a difficult decision for him and his family and he wanted to run but the personal attacks against him took its toll, so he decided to decline and give Steven Green the opportunity to run a strong and vibrant campaign to challenge the Jewish voters of the district to look at the record closely and vote based upon family values, morals, and support for Israel,” according to a source close to the Gottlieb campaign.

While not much is known about Mr. Green, he was on Gottlieb’s committee to fill vacancies, which is political speak for a group of individuals named above Jeff”s petitions that in the event Jeff declined they would come together and choose his replacement from among the committee members.

Green is also a member of the JFK Democratic club and an attorney by trade.

A source close to the Green campaign indicated that Green is much more conservative than Gottlieb and Lancman with a strong appeal to the Orthodox Jewish community.



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Apr 18 2012

Burning Down the House: Candidates Fight Fire with Fire

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Are Rory Lancman’s attacks having an effect on Jeff Gottlieb? While most of us have read that Jeff Gottlieb, a candidate for the 6th CD, had a meltdown forty years ago (as it was published in this blog and in the Post) we must debate if his service to the City after his lapse in judgment make up for the incident.

Forced to relive his past misdeeds, what will Gottlieb do? Will he stay in and punch it out blow-by-blow with Rory? Will he talk about Lancman’s support of gay marriage or his liberal voting record to the conservative and Orthodox Jewish community? Perhaps Jeff will have a few talking points about Lancman’s ties to Brian McLoughlin, or allegations of real estate fraud?

We don’t know with absolute certainty but recent events beg the question, does Jeff have the guts to go toe-to-toe with everyone? A decision must be made by midnight tomorrow.

The clock is ticking.

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Apr 17 2012

After Petition Deadline; Mittman Appears to Outpace Gottlieb

I see your schwartz is as big as mine.

Reports are coming in for the 6th CD petition deadline in Queens and Robert Mittman took Gottlieb to task with an estimated 1,800 signatures.

Robert Mittman: 311 pages.

Jeff Gottlieb: 260 pages.

While the official tally is not in yet, each page can have a maximum of 20 signatures, but that rarely happens.



Colin Cambell reported earlier today these numbers:



Each candidate needed a minimum of 938 signatures.

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Apr 14 2012

Unpredictable Candidates hoping to repair reputation through backbiting

The Lancman and Gottlieb camps are at war and someone is sure to be vilified.

Unconfirmed rumors are spreading that the Lancman camp has dug up some dirt on Gottlieb that goes back forty two years ago. And in return, the Gottlieb camp has dug up dirt concerning Rory’s relationship with former disgraced Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin.

The candidates may be going nuclear, but neither camp can agree on where to post the stories.

One candidate is pitching to the Post, and the other is pitching to the Daily News.

One thing is certain. By trading barbs, Lancman and Gottlieb have drawn an inordinate amount of attention to each other.

On Sunday or possibly Monday an interesting story is sure to break.

Let the games begin.

[UPDATE: On Sunday, April 15th. 12:27am, The NY Post Breaks the story]

As predicted (we posted at 6:30pm, Saturday). Incendiary charge vs. Queens Candidate.


For the latest news before the major papers print it, read Queens-Politics.com first.

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Apr 11 2012

The Angry Lancman


Rory Lancman is unusually unhappy these days.

With years of political experience, why is it so easy for a professional legislator to fly off the handle?

Rory Lancman is enraged and we can see why, sort of. His camp – as well as many insiders – believes that the candidacy of Jett Gottlieb is a sham perpetrated by the County organization to split the Jewish vote that Lancman needs to win.

As the rumors were finally confirmed that another Jewish candidate will be running, Lancman went out and lambasted County for allegedly propping up Gottlieb and trying to derail his chances of winning. The rationale was that Gottlieb had a patronage gig at the Board of Elections so he must be susceptible to their influence.

The conspiracy theories grew like weeds on a neglected tomb, but so far it’s just speculation.

This month, shortly after Crowley threw her hat in the ring and after County convinced Avi Fink to leave the Stavisky faction to spearhead Liz’s campaign, allegedly, Lancman had enough. His tough as nails campaign team went on the offensive, “Get the fake out of the race,” he told the Daily News, which prompted responses from County leader Joe Crowley and a swath of Democratic insiders who said things like, “He lobbied too hard, [for the seat],” according to an article in the Observer by Colin Cambell. 

Who is the real Rory? Lancman is an excellent communicator. He fought for six years in the Assembly and is highly regarded as an authority on matters of public policy. He’s smart and articulate yet soft-spoken, and he has an outstanding Democratic club, which he helped organize.  So it seems a bit out of character to whine and cry foul particularly when all the evidence is circumstantial. 

Lancman is well acquainted with the wheeling and dealing of campaign politics so why is this rumor so much of a shocker to him? This is not meant to imply that Jeff Gottlieb is some sort of enlightened statesman, but what we are saying is that everyone has the right to run for public office even if someone encouraged them to run. After all, Gottlieb said he wants to do it and it doesn’t look like anyone held a gun to the 70-year-old historian’s head.

Like the ancient Citron trees of Israel, Gottlieb has strong roots in the conservative Jewish communities. Yes, Rory has a stellar record of fighting for Israel, but conservative Jews don’t have a voice to fall back on. Gottlieb might just be that guy.

Let the people decide.

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Apr 09 2012

Hey Folks, Why Not Jeff?


Jeff Gottlieb giving a tour of historic Forest Hills.

In the past few weeks conspiracy theories spread through political circles like wildfire as latecomer Jeff Gottlieb finally confirmed to toss in his hat for the chance to become the Democratic candidate in a four-way primary for CD6.

Did County prop up this candidate? It’s plausible, but not likely (but perhaps County gave the go-ahead?) Gottlieb spent thirty years in Democratic leadership. He’s an educator, a historian, a preservationist, he’s active in the community, especially in the Jewish community, and he lives in the district. We all know him and we’ve seen him on Queens Boulevard.

Gottlieb was also a delegate to the convention and is known as a masterful petition collector, just ask Grace Meng.

So we are asking, why not Jeff? At a time when voter turnout is pitiful, we should probably encourage everyone to run. But intense media scrutiny is not unwarranted. Every candidate seeking public office should be vetted to the umpteenth degree, especially a Johnny Come Lately.

Should we really care that Jeff has a patronage gig at the Board of Elections and question his motive? Does it mean he’s a paper candidate to siphon the Jewish vote from Lancman? Or maybe he found a path to victory in the past few weeks.

Jeff doesn’t have the money of Grace Meng or Rory Lancman or the name recognition of Liz Crowley, but what he does have is grassroots support and while he’s been unavailable for interview, we heard he was out in the neighborhood knocking on doors…


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Apr 09 2012

Why Queens-Politics readers Live Better

In 2000 Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader - known in the annals of history as a classic spoiler candidate - siphoned votes from Democratic candidate Al Gore, contributing to the victory of GOP candidate George W. Bush.

“You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But don’t worry: you will someday.” -American Beauty (1999)

BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Gottleib, a local historian and former tour guide of Forest Hills, is rumored to have thrown his hat into the ring for the 6th CD to split the Jewish vote that presumably would have voted for Rory Lancman.

According to insiders, County is furious with Lancman who turned a deaf ear to explicit instruction not to run. Apparently Lancman didn’t get the message.  Other sources have even suggested that the momentum of his campaign may have scared a few folks looking for an insurance policy for Meng’s victory.

Anyway, Gottlieb founded the Central Queens Historical Association in 1988 and the Queens Jewish Historical Society in 2002, according to the New York Post.

FEC filings are not up yet. However, True News had some interesting background on Gottlieb:

Former Brian Mclaughlin, Hevesi, David Weprin and Morton Povman staffer Jeff Gottlieb expected to enter the race for congress in the Meng district according to political consultant Jay Golub.  Gottlieb will clearly split the Jewish vote with Lanman making county choice Grace Meng a walk in to win.  – True News From Change NYC.


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