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May 08 2014

A timeless tribute to a political activist

NEQRC will honor the loss of their beloved Board member & Sergeant at Arms, Rabbi Pomerantz.

NEQRC will honor the loss of their beloved Board member & Sergeant at Arms, Rabbi Morton H. Pomerantz with trees planted in Israel.

In memoriam.

For many, Rabbi Morton Pomerantz was a quiet man, but when he spoke people listened. His activism helped steer the debate of republican politics for the past 40 years and gave strength to one of the most active republican political clubs in Queens.

“He spoke rarely, kindly and quietly with great wisdom and gentleness. That made everyone listen closely to him. It’s a rare gift in public discourse these days,” said Kevin Ryan, President of the Northeast Queens Republican Club.

Pomerantz, a Navy veteran who lived in Douglaston, had a long history of supporting conservative politics with particular emphasis on veteran’s rights. A lifelong Democrat, Pomerantz later switched to the GOP after becoming disenfranchised with the Carter administration’s handling of Israel. Since then he’s been a fixture in political circles, supporting many republican campaigns including U.S. Rep. Peter King, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former New York Gov. George Pataki, and former Sen. Alphonse D’Amato.

In honor of Rabbi Pomerantz, a longtime board member and Sgt-at-Arms for the NEQRC, club members came together to arrange a ring of 5 trees to be planted in his honor at his birthplace in Israel.

“As a Rabbi and as a Republican club officer, his faith was a vital part of his life. So, a family of trees growing in Israel, strong and quiet and making the atmosphere a little better – like he did – seemed like a fitting, if very modest, tribute to our friend and executive board member,” according to Ryan.

Club members felt the Rabbi should have a fitting tribute, yet still felt any memorial would fall short of recognizing the lives he touched throughout his travels in politics and in the civic community.

‘It’s nothing compared to the many lives Rabbi Pomerantz touched in so many different ways throughout his life. We will miss him,” said Ryan.

Rabbi Pomerantz was 76, and passed away May 2nd at Winthrop Hospital in Mineola after a short illness.


The services for Rabbi Morton Pomerantz are this Thursday,
May 8th at 11AM at:
Riverside-Nassau North Chapels
55 North Station Plaza
Great Neck, NY
(516) 487-9600
2 blocks east of the Great Neck LIRR station house.
Burial to follow with military honors at
Calverton National Cemetery, L.I.E. Exit 68


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Nov 06 2013

Joe Lhota, Future Party Boss?


He lost the mayoral race, so what’s the next best thing?

Old grudges die-hard, but after tonight the balance of power in the GOP will certainly shift.

For far too long, NYC Republicans have lacked a genuine leader. And many of problems NYC Republicans face are symptomatic of being, well, leaderless. There’s Rudy Guiliani and then there’s no one else, except for Joe Lhota.

Right after he lost, the question quickly became what will Lhota do next? And chances are he will become the de facto Republican Party power broker in NYC.

“He’s going to have a big say,” according a Republican operative in the Lhota camp who is already thinking beyond tonight’s loss. “It doesn’t matter, de Blasio will take it and Joe – he will run again.”

Lhota’s campaign efforts boiled down to a base building exercise, a wide-scale base building exercise — a couple million dollars worth, according to sources familiar with the situation. But it wasn’t a complete loss. During the campaign he became a household name, picked up some steam, and he will run again. But for now, chances are Joe Lhota will be anointed the de facto leader of NYC Republicans everywhere.


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Nov 01 2013

Guiliani Says Saffran Deceived Voters

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

This evening former Mayor Rudy Guiliani launched a robocall informing Republican and undecided voters in District 19 that he did not endorse Dennis Saffran, a GOP candidate for City Council, despite misleading literature from the campaign.

In the call, Guiliani said Saffran is actively deceiving voters by using his quotes and pictures to fake an endorsement.

“It has come to my attention that the Republican candidate has been using my name and image as part of his campaign. I’m calling to set the record straight. This is deceptive,” declared Guiliani.

The call targeted both Republican and undecided voters in the swing district, Queens-Politics has learned.

The former Mayor, who has worked alongside generations of the Vallone family, ended the call with reminding voters “that having the Vallone family in City Council is good for the City of New York”.

Below is a transcript from the robocall:

Hi, this is Rudy Guiliani I’m calling about important information about the race for City Council in your district 19. It has come to my attention that the Republican candidate has been using my name and image as part of his campaign. I’m calling to set the record straight. This is deceptive. I have not endorsed the Republican candidate in this race in 2013 for City Council District 19. He’s running against Paul Vallone and I go way back with the Vallone family. Having worked with Paul’s father for eight years improving our quality of life and seeing Paul’s brother continue his father’s commitment to a safe and prosperous city, I can say with confidence that having the Vallone family in City Council is good for the City of New York. Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider my comments when casting your vote.

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Sep 28 2013

Phil Ragusa Emerges Victor At Queens GOP Reorg Meeting

Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

Newly reelected Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

Tensions flared yesterday afternoon as the Queens GOP called a meeting to elect leadership at the Reception House in Flushing.

Results were predictable. Contested Chairman Phil Ragusa won re-election with 417 votes to 174 against former Rep. Bob Turner, who was backed by Bart Haggerty and the Southern faction, and will maintain his leadership post within the Queens Republican Party, according to unofficial reports.

Republicans from both North and South Queens alliances were present at the meeting.

“The weighted vote was I think 10 points apart. Lots of proxies were disqualified so that should make for fun in court,” said a source familiar with the results.

The controversial meeting was set for 12:30PM on a Friday drawing the ire of many disenfranchised republicans who cried foul at the workday scheduled meeting claiming party officials with jobs would be unable to attend.

Events leading up to the reorganization meeting were also disputed in the press. Immediately preceding Friday’s meeting, south Queens loyalists, and supposed Party reformers, cried foul to the press over a last-minute decision to schedule the meeting not only on a workday but during a Jewish holiday.

“The source said some of the notices were mailed out during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot and Jewish GOP committee members did not receive the notices and will not be able to make the meeting. Others, the source said, will not able to take off from work on short notice”, according to an article published Thursday evening in the Queens Chronicle.

Earlier this month, newly re-elected Chairman Ragusa also won his re-election as District Leader against local businessman Sal Bacarella in a highly watched race. Both victories appear to reaffirm Ragusa’s control over the party.

Will this put an end to the thirty year hostilities between northern and southern Queens Republicans? Only time will tell.

As more details emerge, check back with Queens-Politics for the latest updates.


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Sep 01 2013

Join Italian-Americans For Joe Lhota In Queens

joelhota.jpg.pagespeed.ce.TShHPh0jf2[From Invite] Join Italian Americans for Joe Lhota in support of our next Mayor this Wednesday evening for great food and conversation about the issues facing our City and our Borough. No, you don’t have to be Italian. Nobody’s perfect!

Details below.





Date: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Time: 8:15 P.M. – 11 P.M.

Location: Vivaldi Ristorante 201-10 Cross Island Pkwy, Bayside, New York.

Tickets: $250 per person. *The campaign cordially requests that you RSVP and contribute online to qualify Joe Lhota for matching funds.

Contact: Michalle Makarov RSVP@JoeLhotaForMayor.com, 646-678-4796. 

Link: Italian Americans For Joe Lhota PDF Invite



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Jul 18 2013

Ragusa, Haggerty Facing Challenges


The ol’ North vs. South alliances are being tested yet again.

Lots at stake in Party politics.

Nearly every Republican State Committee Member is facing objections in latest round of petition challenges including Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa.

Far flung from the powerful world of council members and other higher elects, the low-level state committee members are unpaid, volunteer party positions elected for a two-year term to the New York State Republican Committee or their Democratic counterparts, but despite their low-level on the totem pole, it hasn’t stopped a frenzy of challenges evident in the latest record of objections released by the Board.

Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa is facing a challenge to the state committee spot in the 26th Assembly District (also the location of the official Party HQ) by his opponent, Salvatore Bacarella, a member of the North East Queens Republican Club. Meanwhile, Bart Haggerty, once named an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving bribery, and brother to convicted felon John Haggerty, is challenging the likes of Juan Reyes (as well as his wife), who ran a County-backed primary against Bart Haggerty’s longtime friend and ally, Councilman Eric Ulrich for State Committee. Haggerty himself is also running for reelection.

Marie Lynch, as well as Rolaine Antoine, and Catherine James – all recently let go from their positions at the Board of Elections, are also facing multiple challenges to their elected positions. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Examining the objectors, some trends emerge. Often the result of a political maneuver, these party positions are highly coveted as evident by the veracity to which they are being challenged, particularly in comparison to their democratic counterparts.

While the objector can be any registered voter, it’s usually a strategic decision made by higher-ups who will take the next step once specs need to be filed.


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Jun 12 2013

Graziano Helps Line Pockets Of Republican Candidate


Bankrolling the Republican opponent of a beloved democratic councilman will not bode well with primary voters.

He sent money to bankroll Peter Koo’s opponent!

Running in a Democratic Primary for the 19th Council District, lobbyist Paul Graziano made a hefty financial contribution to a GOP candidate for city council, Sunny Hahn.

Graziano’s $175 contribution to Hahn will be matched 6 to 1 by the city’s matching funds program and will be used to fund campaign related initatives to unseat Democrat Peter Koo, who is running for reelection.

Bankrolling the opponent of a beloved democratic councilman will not bode well with primary voters.

Hahn, who has flirted with running for office several times in the past few years, including a bid for State Senate against State Sen. Toby Stavisky (where she was passed over for the GOP endorsement which went to JD Kim), has already started bashing Peter Koo calling him clueless and accusing him of being in the pocket of developers at a recent meeting hosted by the Queens Village Republican Club.



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May 01 2013

Queens GOP Endorses Peterson For Council


Longtime GOP hopeful Daniel Peterson is rising to the occasion. Whether or not it’s a paper endorsement is up for debate.

Can the Republicans win Peter Vallone’s Seat?

Hold on to your hats, the Queens GOP endorsed Daniel Peterson for Peter Vallone’s soon to be vacated City Council seat.

Peterson, a Republican County Executive Committee member, previously served as their Director of New Media as well as former President of the New York Young Republican Club.


On the campaign trail, he has hopes to restore balance in the heavily Democratic district with strong Conservative principals.

But questions remain, like how much support can the fractured party really deliver in western Queens?


Aside from his political accolades, Peterson has an impressive private sector resume having worked in retail as well as the music industry. Since 2008, he has been employed at Time Equities, Inc. where he focuses on commercial lease administration.

Despite a slow start with fundraising, Peterson still thinks he has a shot at victory whether he faces Democratic community activist Tony Meloni or longtime Democratic insider Costa Constantinides in a general election. Either way, Peterson will be launching his campaign full steam ahead in the coming weeks.

The seat has been held by Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. for the past 12 years.


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Apr 05 2013

Party Boss Unconnected With Corruption Scandal

Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

He wasn’t even named in the criminal complaint.

It seems the political discourse has boiled down to guilt by association, so how does a certain council member escape any scrutiny in a statewide corruption sting?

Phil Ragusa is the official Chairman of the Queens County Republican Party. He is a man that has faithfully served government and politics for over thirty years. In his professional life he owns an accounting business and has volunteered his time and service to the Republican Party. His reputation has never been marred; he has been nothing but a good and decent citizen to the community. Maybe he didn’t give 100% of his time to rebuilding the party so he entrusted others with the responsibility to do just that. This trust may have been compromised, but for any political figure to call for his resignation at this point is ridiculous.

Ragusa wasn’t even named in the criminal complaint, but the Councilman didn’t care. Instead this loudmouthed Republican with misplaced priorities should be calling for Christine Quinn to resign not his own party’s leader.

Sensing a golden opportunity, the Republican Councilmember openly chastised his own Party Chairman and called for his resignation, even suggesting a replacement. Kind of ironic considering for his entire career in the halls of government where this Councilman serves has been the subject of one investigation after another. Yet not once has he stood up and pointed the finger at Christine Quinn – even at a time when the public trust for her leadership is nonexistent. Now after he’s kept quiet all these years, he tells us he wants his own bagman to take over? But why? Is it so he can have his own brand of control? His lingo is the jittery patter of a would-be Republican aristocracy, utterly incapable of introspection and yet, at least according to the Councilman, better than the rest of them in every way.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  It’s very easy to beat someone when they’re down. And maybe they deserve it. But the courts will have to decide this, not the pundits and certainly not Jay Leno. It’s never easy to standup to fraud and mismanagement; you don’t win a lot of friends this way, trust me. But it is hypocritical for the GOP councilman to take the moral high ground when his chief political operative was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving bribery and another advisor wearing an orange jumpsuit as we speak.

The rhetoric he uses is meant to define and defend his mutiny, to distinguish between the exalted them and the vast divergent world of not-them. Reporters turn the other cheek as if this never occurred, but it did: these criminals are the pillars of corruption for which his tenure was built upon. And if the Councilman wants to judge someone, he needs to take a good look at his former staff: a convicted felon and a man with a tainted reputation involving graft and bribery. If I am wrong, I ask this GOP councilman to stop grandstanding and hold a press conference to repudiate the speaker who has failed to maintain control of the legislative body. Her own scandals notwithstanding, it’s time to speak up Councilman.


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Mar 14 2013

Can Dems Can Learn From GOP Infighting?


Maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way?

Good for democracy but bad for parties.

Fueled in part by intense media scrutiny, the constant tug of war inside GOP party politics may have a bright side after all.

For far too long the GOP’s lack of party unity is said to be a bad thing. Factions have waged a seemingly endless war for control of limited resources between what is called north \ south alliances (which often conjure up references to a “civil war” and the token comparison to the Hatfields and McCoys).  While everyone seems to nip at each other’s heels, the media tends to reinforce a negative view with comparisons to their Democratic counterparts which appear (at least on the outside) to have far more solidarity and party unity.  Let’s set aside the present situation and look at the bright side.

James Madison said we need faction to counteract faction. Not only does faction create dialogue, but it also opens up a multi-pronged approach to the Democratic majority in Queens. Republicans have choices, real choices, at least in their primaries. Through the infighting, one fringe benefit for voters is that Republicans tend to exercise independence not only from their respective factions but also from each other, much more so than their Democratic counterparts do. The internal strife and power struggles help dilute a paralysis of views, and while the infighting continues, independents arise with a chance to stand out from the maddening crowd.

As voters, we should appreciate that pettiness, hubris — and other seemingly meaningless motivational factors — offer us differing Republican candidates and choices for leadership. As political people, we can see how harmful such aggressive efforts to seize power can weaken party structure and impede their ability to win elections.


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Feb 16 2013

A conversation with Eric Mingott on the GOP Proxy War

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 9.47.09 PM

“If you don’t like the leader you challenge them in an election – you don’t sabotage them.”

Eric Mingott is a proud Republican. He’s a former Marine and presently works as a tax accountant, but his heart is – and forever shall be – in service to the public. Mingott was a hopeful for the 35th Assembly District until his dreams were crushed after John Haggerty knocked him off the ballot, but now (as he’s eying another run for office) he’s looking to the future to rebuild a fractured Republican party.

During his campaign in 2012, Mingott had taken the time to register friends and family with the Republican Party so that they could serve as witnesses to his petitions. “Family, friends, they registered republican because of me — and we’re glad and proud — but the BOE didn’t process them in time,” he said.  Mingott said he collected 260 signatures out of the 185. “We received enough but at the end of the day, but we failed because of the witnesses.”

Then John Haggerty showed up at court.  He was one of the “perps whose hands were in it and exposed themselves to knocking me off the ballot,” said Mingott.  Haggerty, a convicted felon that specialized in the nuances of election law, challenged Mingott’s petitions. But Mingott didn’t have his own election lawyer fearing it would cost too much money and reasoned with himself that, after all, it was a Hispanic coalition and the Future Majority Project (an advocacy organization which helps Hispanics and women win public office) that had put their faith in him and propped up his grassroots campaign. However, he said for the sake of the Party, and for solidarity, he backed off when Haggerty attacked.   “We’d have been in court until after the primary,” he joked at his decision which he regrets everyday. “I am a Marine and Marines never give up.”

His experience is one small battle of a war that has been going on for 30 years. Most recently, insiders consider the illegal appointee just part of a ‘proxy war’ waged by southern Queens rebels Tom Ognibene and Eric Ulrich. However, Mingott does not believe that the ends justify the means.

“If you don’t like the leader you challenge them in an election – you don’t sabotage them,” said Mingott.

But Mingott, who considers himself part of the old school of gentleman politics, believes if “they said they mailed it, then they must have mailed it” and that the public humiliation of either side is ungentlemanly.

“Why would someone in that position lie,” he asked while insisting the matter be handled in-house. “Within the party, our infighting should not be public, which is the best way to go.”

It looks as if it will be a tough battle looming ahead as the Judge’s decision is appealed in court. Although Mingott doesn’t know Michael Michel, he knows Judith Stupp and said she ran the BOE to the best of her abilities. “These are pure party positions where we need good citizens because at the end of the day the American people are the ones that will be hurting. New Yorkers in general getting hurt, the voters are getting hurt — it’s not about sneaking things in at the last minute” he relented.

Mingott believes the proxy war is doing irreparable harm to the Party’s image. “We’re hoping we can move the party into a better position; it’s not about leadership, the party leadership is there…but more and more everyday people don’t want to be republicans because of the mass-media  looking at us as anti-everything. It’s not about leadership it’s about resources.”

In the 35th AD in the East Elmhurst \ Corona section of Queens with incumbent Jeffrion Aubry, the GOP are outnumbered 10 to 1 and trying to get a Republican movement in his district would be a tough undertaking. Despite the odds, Mingott seems undaunted. “People don’t want to hear us because of what the national level republicans are preaching.” Again, Mingott insisted it’s not for lack of leadership. “Our leadership is there we need younger people and fresh faces.  It’s time to focus on elections and reelecting our candidates and finding new ones. The infighting serves no purpose.”


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Dec 07 2012

Rick Santorum Reads Queens-Politics

With national figures like the fmr. GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum reading Queens-Politics.com, we’re wondering who else on the national level reads the blog. A QP contributor passed along a copy of our article announcing Santorum’s exit from the race and had it autographed in Pennsylvania. ICMI: this photo was originally posted on our extremely active FB page. Be sure to Like it.

Does this mean President Obama reads about Toby Stavisky and the North Flushing Senior Center?

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Oct 29 2012

Estrada Endorses Arcabascio for Senate

(l to r) Ruben Estrada, Tony Arcabascio

Latino National Republican Coalition of Orange County, chaired by Ruben Estrada, announced their endorsement of Tony Arcabascio over Senator Michael Gianaris for New York’s 12th Senate District.

Press Release: Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio, the Republican candidate running for New York Senate in the 12th Senate District, has accepted the endorsement of the Latino National Republican Coalition of New York State.

The LNRC NY supports the agendas of Republican candidates who share in their beliefs of traditional Conservative American values and stands for Job Creation and fiscal responsibility throughout New York State.

Tony’s stance on key issues such as job creation (bringing jobs back to the New York State), access to affordable and quality health care for all, improving the quality of education for students, and holding state officials accountable for how they spend taxpayers’ money is aligned with the Coalition’s point of views.

Chairman Ruben Estrada said “The LNRC NY is certain that Aurelio (Tony) Arcabasio is ready to go to Albany and get things done for his constituents in the 12th Senate District.  I am more, then certain, that Mr. Arcabasio has the ability to handle the diversity of the 12th Senate District”

“I gladly accept the endorsement of the Latino National Republican Coalition,” Tony said. “New York is known as a great city that proudly celebrates all cultures. As the son of Italian immigrants, I believe the 12th District is a beautiful representation of diversity at its best and with a strong Hispanic Population in our community, I feel I am ready to represent every resident in the 12th Senate District. 

It is refreshing to have the support of an organization that believes in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If I am elected to the New York Senate, I will be there to represent everyone in my district.” ~Tony Arcabasio


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Oct 22 2012

Major endorsement could sway undecided voters

With the election less than two weeks away, Chuck's endorsement could help deliver victory for Joe Addabbo.

So who had a great weekend? Last Friday, Senator Chuck Schumer finally read the writing on the wall as he whole heartedly endorsed Joseph Addabbo for state senate and effectively put to rest all hopes of Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich taking the seat.

Press Release: Today in front of the Queens Community House in Forest Hills, alongside local supporters and electeds, Senator Schumer endorsed Senator Addabbo for his third term representing New York Senate’s 15th district.

“Senator Addabbo is an experienced leader, who provides a strong voice for the working people and families of Queens,” said Senator Schumer. “I am proud to endorse Senator Addabbo as he fights for what is right—quality education for our children, affordable and accessible healthcare for the whole community, and stronger common sense gun laws to keep our children and our streets safe.”

“This race is about the working families in our community. It’s about making sure our children receive a good education, about protecting our streets from guns, and about creating jobs in this tough economy. No one knows this more than Senator Schumer, as he has been one of New York’s most loyal and committed advocates,” said Senator Addabbo.

“I am truly honored to have Senator Schumer’s support, as he exemplifies the democratic ideals I believe in so much.”

During his two terms representing New York Senate’s 15th district, Senator Addabbo has fought for the issues that matter most to his constituents including the creation of jobs, access to affordable health care, stronger gun control laws, senior services, and quality education. Senator Addabbo is one of the strongest advocates for raising the minimum wage, and consistently stands up for New York’s working men and women. He is also the ranking member of the Senate Elections Committee.


New York Senate’s 15th district encompasses many Queens neighborhoods including Forest Hills Gardens, Glendale, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, and parts of Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Ozone Park, Rego Park, Richmond Hill, the Rockaways, and South Ozone Park

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Sep 27 2012

Queens GOP Chairman Can Count On Solidarity

Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

The New York Post reported Congressman Bob Turner, whose district was chopped up during reapportionment, is interested in becoming the Queens County Republican Leader, however the one-term Congressman neglected to mention it won’t be a cake walk.

Bob Turner will have to convince leaders in 18 Assembly Districts that he’s the right man for the job, which will prove to be an uphill battle considering Queens County Republican leaders are already confident that incumbent Chairman Phil Ragusa has the bulk of support.

“Phil Ragusa will be re-elected to another term because the vast majority of leaders in the 18 Assembly District appreciate his integrity and hard work these past five years,” according to Queens County Republican Executive Vice Chairman Vince Tabone.

Republican candidates have found it difficult to gain a foothold in some parts of Queens, but the GOP remains dedicated to providing an alternative to Queens County Democratic candidates and have since stepped up efforts with youth outreach, voter registration drives, and dedicating full support for Councilman Dan Halloran’s bid for Congress.

Even with GOP endorsed candidates, like Juan Reyes, losing this election cycle the official party leadership remains confident.

“Is Chairman Crowley seeking reelection since several County endorsed candidates lost?,” asked Tabone.

Meanwhile another battle for control of the Party seems to be looming overhead, but one fact remains clear: the Queens County GOP can count on solidarity when it comes to reelecting Chairman Ragusa.


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