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Jan 29 2013

Failures of Mainstream Journalism Borderline Cronyism

From Truenews:

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Spitting in the Face of Thomas Jefferson Today’s Journalist Do Not Feel It is There Job to Informthe Public. . .  And They Do Not Care What You Think

As True News reported yesterday New Yorkers have no clue what the 2013 candidates for mayor will do if they are elected.  Today’s journalist spend more time spreading candidates and consultants spin instead of doing research to find out who these candidates are.  We have a public that knows nothing more about the candidates then the consultants want them to know and many in the press feel they are doing their job.   Many play ball with insiders, looking for high paying jobs from consultants like George Arzt or in government. Reporter Adam Lisberg last year got a high paying job with the  MTA.  Other journalist play ball because they need the tips and explanations of insiders because they are clueless about the subject they are covering.


The lessons of John Peter Zenger and generations of reporters who saw themselves as Jeffersonian truth seekers are lost.  Today’s journalist like their pols they cover lack the embarrassed gene.  They dismiss any person blame for dumb down thepublic. It is ironic that in an era where the internet and bloggers put information at the finger tips of today’s main stream journalist they have stop doing investigative reportering.  These same insiders journalist go out of their way to ignor and black list bloggers who write the real stories.  For 13 years blogger Rafael Martínez Alequín exposed the corruption of Padro Espadahe was even beaten by Espada thugs for information he was exposing about them.  The take over of Albany and the millions that the senator rip off from the government would not have happen if the media did not blacklist what Alequin exposed. More on the Failure of Journalism


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