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Jun 12 2013

Avella Endorses Republican Sympathizer

Tony+Avella+State+Lawmakers+Environmental+anvIGLX1w6hlHe really did.

With little fanfare, State Sen. Tony Avella endorsed Paul Graziano for City Council, a candidate who cuts checks for Republicans.

As first heard on Queens-Politics, long-shot carpet bagger Paul Graziano opened up his wallet for Sunny Hahn who is running against Peter Koo, a beloved figure in North Queens.

What other Republican sympathies does Tony Avella harbor? Sort of odd after he spent all that time bashing Frank Padavan. Now his overgrown henchman is cutting checks to elect crazy pro-lifers into City Hall.



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Apr 22 2013

Saffran Joins Race For Halloran Seat


Republican candidate Dennis Saffran pictured with former Mayor Rudy Guiliani will file to run for the 19th City Council District this week.

Republican attorney Dennis Saffran announced his intention to run for the 19th City Council District in Queens currently held by Dan Halloran who will be arraigned later this week on federal corruption charges.

In an open letter to the Queens Young Republican Club Saffran wrote, “I’m running again this year for two reasons. First, of course, to restore our communities and to the Republican Party in our area, the tradition of integrity and honesty in government set for many years by Senator Frank Padavan and former Councilman Mike Abel.”

He ran for the same seat in 2001 but lost to Tony Avella by 200 votes with 35,000 ballots cast.

Saffran, 57, is a self-described neo-conservative and former head of the Center For Community Interest – a public interest group that worked to carry out the policies of Rudy Guiliani which focused on quality of life issues and crime prevention including the crackdown on squeegee men and the closure of adult entertainment shops.

During the campaign in 2001, Saffran advocated for Mayoral control of schools as well as dismantling the Board of Education. This year he intends to focus on restoring ethics in the political process as well as public safety issues such as advocating for public safety surveillance cameras despite criticism from the NYCLU “and other far left opponents.”

“Of course it was cameras liked these that allowed the Boston police to track fown the Marathon bomber in four days, and without which they would almost certainly still be at large,” wrote Saffran.

So far Saffran is the only Republican candidate to declare his intentions. A campaign committee will be filed later this week.


See the full missive below:

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 4.44.38 AM


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Feb 03 2012

The GOP Superbowl Of Northeast Queens

Elio Forcina 3:16

Forcina scores in a late two-point conversion.

It’s like Super Bowl 42: The underdog Giants against the superpower Patriots.

Political ‘feelers’ are out and reporting back the potential Republican Candidates for Tony Avella’s 11th state Senate district.

This is what was returned:


  • Like Joe Montana, the greatest football player ever, Frank Padavan is being lured out of retirement after a recent injury. He may not be interested, but on paper he’s got serious name recognition. Chance of running 50-50.
  • Like Patton Manning, Dan Halloran, long considered a rising star to run against Avella would just have to stay out of it – that’s if Frank throws his hat in the ring. Chance of running 60-40.
  • Like Tony Romo, Vince Tabone is County and  can raise serious money just like the Dallas Cowboys with John Catsimatidis as his manager. Vince always comes up short, but maybe 2012 will be his year as he was already redistricted into the 25th A.D by Braunstein and the Democrats. Keep an eye on him.
  • As far as insiders are concerned Marco Desena is still playing in the College Bowl, not much is known about him but who knows as he has Robert Hornak as his Vince Lombardi.
  • Like Tim Tebow, Elio Forcina, a one-time, pro-life Assembly candidate could be forced into the Superbowl if neither Manning or Montana step up. Elio recently switched parties to become a Republican. Many questioned his decision, but it’s becoming clear as the new lines are finalized.

During the primary for the 26th A.D I volunteered on Elio’s campaign because I felt he was amiable enough to represent the district. Our small but devoted campaign team sacked the District Leaders and solidified a small but reliable voting bloc. A quick story, three days before Election Day, Elio went missing. We searched high, we searched low, we even searched Cherry Valley and he was nowhere to be found. A light bulb went off in my head, and I suddenly had a hunch to see if he was at St. Luke’s church in Whitestone. I drove there around 8pm to find Elio in the first pew taking a knee and praying the rosary for “unborn children.”

Questions to ponder:

Will Elio throw a hail-mary pass for another play at elected office on the GOP line if Frank and Dan stand down?

Will someone rise up from the recent GOP’s Candidate School?

Will the new Northeast Queens Republican club field their own candidate?

What do you think?


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Dec 01 2011

Who Wears The Crown In Whitestone?

"We're going to get people back to work," said Dan who hit the nail on the head. Many of the attendees felt the crush of a shrinking economy.

A political fundraiser gives an insider’s view of things to come.

Councilman Dan Halloran’s fundraiser at Verdi’s of Whitestone is noteworthy not because of the money raised, but because of the people that came to show support.

Fundraisers are not usually covered by Queens-Politics, but because Dan is my Councilmember and he works on behalf of my friends and neighbors, I felt it was important to inform our readers of what was said here especially if you couldn’t make it.

At the fundraiser I saw many Queens luminaries particularly from our corner of the borough. I had the chance to reconnect with old campaign buddies as well as the owner of Verdi’s who happens to be a good friend of the family. I spoke with Dan’s staff, whom I find to be terrific and professional. A constituent can call up with an issue and they are on it the next day (if not that very hour).

No waiting, no politicking, none of that stuff.

When you need something accomplished for the community, Dan’s office is unmatched. Not everyone may agree, but if you ask me I’ll tell you about the time Dan fast-tracked the installation of a no standing sign in front of my Uncle’s house because motorists were blocking the driveway (he did this almost overnight), or how he’s working on making the city plant a tree in a brown site on my street after my request was lost in bureaucratic red tape.

The most striking moment was when Dan took to the podium. He addressed his detractors, particularly the mainstream media that may not have found his reaming of a business which terrorized local residents appropriate for an elected official. QP thinks otherwise.

Dan chats with Pete Zucarello and a constituent.

Many reporters are new additions to the neighborhood and – more often than not –  have lived west of the Hudson most of their life.  If that’s the case, it’s an uphill battle to get a bead on what’s going on behind the scenes. But that didn’t matter to Dan. He embraced it, even calling attention to his Youtube video that went viral.  “For 10 years my predecessor did nothing,” Dan said and described a two-year period of negotiation with the owner and management of Star Nissan that seemed to go in one ear and out the other.

The people are joyous that someone cares enough to do what it takes even if that means rocking the boat a little.

Dan asked the audience rhetorically, “how do you maintain decorum with what goes on in government?” Everyone seemed to nod in agreement.“We’re all here because it is our hope,” he said and hinted at a run for Assembly or Congress, or a reelection to City Council pending on how the district lines are redrawn.

Elio Forcina was the MC for the evening and he helped organize the event with Mario D’Elia, Philip ZerilloPete Zuccarello, and Dennis Ring. Don Capalbi, President of the Queensboro Hill Neighborhood Association was in attendance and so was Dee Richard. Serphin Maltese gave a pep talk, and members of the Bacrarella family were also on hand to show their support.

Frank Padavan was there too. He said Dan would make an excellent Senator. Was it an endorsement? I don’t know.

The audience was a mixture of folks from all political stripes including Democrats, Republicans, and some notable Independents and union members. “It’s not a Democratic or Republican district, it’s a community,” said Dan who was elected on the Republican, Libertarian, Conservative and Independent tickets for which he credits his victory in 2009. A lot of folks tend to overlook that fact.

Vince Tabone, the Executive Director of the Queens Country Republican Party gleamed around the room. He didn’t say hello. I wonder why? Tabone ran against Democrat Ed Braunstein in 2009 for an Assembly seat and lost although I’m not so sure he realized I was the guy with the bullhorn at his poll site. Moving on, Eric Ulrich and Tom Ognibene, who tried to break up the Queens GOP this year were missing in action. That’s a no brainer.

In his closing remarks Mario D’Elia said, “Whitestone has awakened.”

Expect the members of this community to play a significant role when election season heats up.


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