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May 14 2014

Perrianno: Fashion For The Professional Man


Perrianno: fashion for the steps of City Hall to the Silver Screen.

Where do legislators and candidates go to look their best? Perrianno Men’s Fashion Concierge.

Appearances are everything,” said owner and lead stylist Perry El, a Queens native and entrepeneur that opened his first startup clothing line in 2012 to “provide exclusive men’s fashion, custom suits and styles to the professional man with a unique and unmistakable appearance,” and as fashion evolved, so did his client base.


Owner Perry LaBarca gets a warm welcome from men’s fashion mogul Domenico Vacca.

Following the success of his previous exclusive lines to celebrities and pro athletes, El, a habitué of the fashion circuit, created a new capsule collection for government and political professionals made of modern, sophisticated and stylish wool, cashmere, and silk products which blend a sign of the times portrayed in the Madmen series while reserved enough to maintain its high-end fashion motif without breaking your bank account. Still, it’s a dressier take for legislative duties with luxe statement pocket squares, handsome check suits, light-colored jackets and proper formal wear. The line eschews the lived-in look that is so pervasive in men’s wear, and instead offers custom prints and imported fabrics made for both the podium or a photography studio, and everything in between.

Perry El’s custom designs and concierge services have graced the shoulders of A-List celebrities ranging from Stephen Baldwin and James Gandolfini, to 50 cent and Raekwon–not to mention professional athletes particularly in MMA–his style has been starlit on The Grammys and MTV’s Video Music Awards, even Steve Madden wears his line, but perhaps most interesting (and for our readers) are the upper echelons of City Hall clothed in the latest Perrianno, but try to find out who they are exactly and he’ll remind you of the “code of the neighborhood” emphasizing discretion–adding to the mystery of who’s decked out in the latest Perrianno? Here’s a hint: they stand out.

My goal in developing a menswear collection was based on my frustration with the lack of trends and stale approach of major retailers,” El said about his personalized services. “If you live on the East coast, you can get fitted for the perfect suit for the perfect look with the perfect accessory; everything is one phone call away.”


Rapper 50 Cent seen here dressed in Perrianno.

Perry El was born in Flushing, Queens, and his strong fashion sense and unique style techniques started to develop as early as 12 years old. Starting from the ground up without a penny in his pocket, El began saving to invest in a fashion line in his early teens; “A hustle here, a hustle there,” he says, it meant sacrifice and fiscal discipline to build up what would one day become his signature brand.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Through experimentation of swatches, fabrics, patterns and materials, he began to produce men’s garments, shirts, and accessories – at first making them available only to inner circles and A-listers, but in 2013 something clicked: “The reaction from the public was so positive that we decided to make the collection available to everyone,”said El and The Perrianno Concierge Service was born.

perriannoshoesPlain bases and structured textile weaves play a vital role this season balancing an overly drab summer selection from major retailers. Besides the linen sport coats, customers will love the exclusive (and limited edition) range of hand-spun and hand-woven silk hankies which give a new expression to free-spirited fashion. Be it casual or formal, City Hall or 5th Avenue, Perry El has scouted the best the world has to offer and brought it to customers with a personalized approach to make you look the best season after season.




Actor Stephen Baldwin (left) in Tapestry (2014) wearing a Perrianno exlusive.


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Nov 25 2012

Flushing Savings Bank Protest Round 2

Be advised, the saga of the Flushing Protest continues returning for the tko on Monday. Read full coverage of their first protest on QueensCrap.

Press Advisory:

Contact: Mr. Bill Struhs

Tel. 718–846-7630

Email: QnsResAgainstFSB@gmail.com

Queens Residents to stage second
Demonstration Against Predatory Practices of Flushing Savings Bank

Forest Hills Queens:    The Queens Residents Against Flushing Savings Bank, now are again taking their battle against the Banking Behemoth to the streets.  The group has announced their campaign to expose the corrupt and predatory practices of Flushing Savings Bank to local consumers.  The Group will be in front of the Forest Hills branch leafleting and making the community aware of their bad corporate neighbor. 

At this event the Group also will announce their schedule and mobilization activities.   

Who:         Queens Residents Against FSB

What:       Protest Flushing Savings Bank predatory practices

Where:     Front of Flushing Savings Bank, Forest Hills Branch

                  107-11 Continental Avenue Forest Hills, NY 11375

When:      Monday, November 26, 2012

Time:        12 Noon

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Sep 20 2012

Absentee ballots could deliver a victory for Martha Flores Vazquez

Martha could still take the cake.

Tomorrow is the official count of absentee ballots and nobody is more excited than Martha Flores Vazquez who is anticipating a victory for the District Leader post in AD 40 Part B located in Flushing.

While Vazquez lost her bid for Grace Meng’s vacated Assembly seat with just 521 votes, hope is not lost for the longtime community service advocate whose name appeared on the ballot for two different offices.

Unofficial results were not available to the public according to the BOE and will not be made available until next week however, unofficial tallies indicate with 862 votes for the District Leader position, Vazquez could find the extra four votes she needs to win with 316 absentee ballots and 50 emergency ballots yet to be counted.

“I believe the absentees will go in my favor because of my name recognition,” said Vazquez. “In the meantime, I’ve jumped right back on track with working and dealing with the issues.  I’m dedicating myself to the community because for the past two years the District Leader has been absent…she’s just a district leader by title and people don’t like that, the people are upset because she doesn’t do any outreach. She doesn’t do anything.”

Ironically, Vazquez said she was already sent a letter requesting her presence to a special meeting hosted by the Democratic Party normally reserved for elected officials.

On Primary Day voters may have been confused. Vazquez made it on the ballot for both Assembly and District Leader slots, which she believes confused voters as to which office they were actually voting her in for. The total of her votes for both Assembly and District Leader surpass those of the winning Assembly candidate Ron Kim, a   sort of a feather in her cap.

While the election has yet to be certified, Vazquez remains confident.

“Technicality she [Vazquez] got more votes than every candidate that ran and a lot were not duplicates – they voted for one or the other,” according to a source familiar with the situation.

Martha believes a strong electorate builds strong communities.

Yet low turnout still defined the races in AD 40. According to Vazquez, there was confusion and irregularities at the poll sites that may have contributed to the low turnout.

“A lot of people didn’t want to go to their new poll site and names weren’t found in the book, but I made it a point during my campaign to inform people of their new poll site to the best of my ability even though we didn’t get the new list until 4 days before the election.”

Throughout the campaign Vazquez worked with community residents whom would not be able to make it to the polls with a strong absentee ballot drive and many of the absentees informed Vazquez that they voted for her.

“In the future I will do voter education for people to understand and I wont make that mistake again and will be picking one office instead of two.”


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Apr 27 2012

Pols Urged to Investigate Tragic Death

Queens politicians are being urged to investigate the mysterious events surrounding the tragic passing of Flushing resident Michael Lin.

In the wake of his passing friends have begun to petition local elected officials to take action including Grace Meng, Peter Koo, and John Liu,

A Facebook event was created to raise awareness while urging a comprehensive investigation into the details surrounding the tragedy.

If you have any information please contact the authorities or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS.

For more information please read, Mystery grows in death of Michael Lin, 27-year-old clubgoer who died early Saturday






We need to take this further. We can’t just accept for the NYPD to tell us that his autopsy is “inconclusive”, the videos are too “blurry” to see anything and that he just fell down the stairs and died (WITH NOBODY SEEING THIS). There are witnesses that saw bouncers with him at the club bleeding and they possibly tossed him out onto the streets which may have CAUSED HIM TO BLEED MORE and DIE. We need to BOMBARD the officials because WE DO NOT BELIEVE HE JUST FELL AND STUMBLE OUT OF THE CLUB AND DIED IN K-TOWN’S SIDEWALK. 



John Liu 
Tel. (212) 669-3916

Grace Meng


John Liu is running for Mayor and Grace Meng is running for Congress. If they help us with this, they will gain our VOTES. IF NOT, they will lose ALL of our votes in this community.


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Oct 14 2011

In Light Of Dubious Allegations John Liu Is Still The American Dream

Here I am watching a Poll site in Flushing, a few hours before John Liu would become Comptroller of the City of New York. I stand by my guy.

An article in the New York Times  raised some scathing questions about the source  of contributions listed on Comptroller Liu’s disclosure reports with the city’s Campaign Finance Board. What do I think? I say this is a waste of time. I’ll let Liu speak for himself:

Liu responds in Michael Howard Sauls article in The Wall Street Journal,

“If there is anything that is not fully above board, I don’t want those contributions, and I don’t need those contributions,” Mr. Liu said in an interview. “What we do is try to dot every I and cross every T.”

Let me tell you a thing or two about John Liu. He is the American dream incarnate. Liu is an effective legislator. During his tenure as Council Member, he would travel everywhere.

I live in Auburndale which is part of greater Flushing and outside his old Council District, but that did not stop him from being everywhere and helping everyone. His staff is fast and responsive and they tend to stick around.  He is a Queens man at heart, he went to Bronx High School of Science and graduated Suny Binghampton with a B.A in Mathematical Physics, whatever that is.

He’s not blue blood. I used to see him on the 7 train headed to City Hall.  I’m sure deep down inside that he feels most comfortable here. It would be nice to have a guy like this as Mayor. Really, it’s true.

Take a look at my new street light. Take a look at my new stop signs by my house. It’s all thanks to John Liu.

As Comptroller, Liu’s audits have recovered millions of dollars while saving 700,000 individual pension benefits. He’s also an advocate of LGBT rights. Many of his accomplishments tend to go under the radar, that’s because the nature of his position as Chief Financial officer. He’s a number cruncher that works on behalf of tax payers – to make sure we get the most out of our buck.

Liu has the responsibility for auditing city agencies, city contracts, and advising the mayor and city council about the city’s financial situation.

For a full list of his legislative accomplishments click here. 

I live across the street from a car lot. Sometimes they get neglected. Sometimes they become a dump. With one phone call, John Liu tracked down the owner and had the entire place cleaned up.

When John Liu ran his campaign – I volunteered on it – he tapped immigrant communities yearning for a voice in government. They helped him win the election.

I feel a little bit of xenophobia going around especially  when I mentally picture NYTimes journalists in downtown Flushing on Farrington or Prince Street at dusk for an ‘investigation.’  

If you don’t know the neighborhood, then you don’t know the neighborhood.  I think it will blow over soon and we’ll be calling him Mayor, especially if I have anything to do with it.

John C. Liu is the 43rd Comptroller of the City of New York, the first asian-american to hold a city-wide office, independently elected and sworn into office on January 1st 2010.


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Oct 02 2011

Council Member Peter Koo Disgusted With Flushing LIRR Station

Council Member Peter Koo says Flushing has a “third world train station.” For those of us that have ever been to the Flushing LIRR station, we know exactly what he means.

Downtown Flushing is enjoying the fruits of economic prosperity. Businesses are hiring and people are staying in Flushing, raising families and making improvements to living conditions instead of fleeing for the ‘burbs.  One key to Flushing’s economic success is that here, the new rising tax base is growing alongside a rapidly expanding successful territory. Many construction projects are currently underway to “develop” Flushing.

With growth there’s additional strain on the already crumbling infrastructure. Main Street and Roosevelt Ave is one of busiest intersections in New York City. A huge demand for public transportation leads to crowded lines that stretch around the block. This is normal  for the Q13 and Q 12 stops, the bus I use to access the 7 Line just like thousands of other people from eastern Queens.

I hope that Council Member Koo continues to advocate for the money to rejuvenate and update the transportation options in downtown Flushing.  We need it now more then ever, before the 7 Line is extended to the West Side and millions more people will find it convenient to make their way to Main St. to travel into Manhattan.

Let Flushing grow, support infrastructure development.

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