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Sep 04 2014

Update The State BOE Website NOW

Let’s bring it into the 21st century.

There’s a few things New York can do to improve voter turnout, for starters they could put the primary date and time clearly on their website.

Many of us have become very familiar with the New York State Board of Elections homepage, however if you were viewing the page to find out the election date, you’d be lost because the website is directly out of 1999.

In the Mayoral election, voter turnout hit a record low with only 24% of registered voters casting a ballot. That works out to barely over one million of the 4.3 million registered voters in New York City. If this is our measuring stick for the statewide primaries, turnout will be abysmal. 

So how do we improve the situation? Let’s start with updating the NYSBOE website to at least post the date CLEARLY on their homepage. See for yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.28.45 PM

it’s one step away from a BBS.

Note, the Primary date wasn’t posted until this week. And when it was, it was tossed into an excel column at the bottom of the page.

This website is outdated, boring, and confusing.

To see a better example, check out the city’s BOE website which posts the election date at the top of the homepage, including the time in five different languages.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.28.05 PMWe’re not saying that updating a website is going to improve turnout. Same day registration, weekend voting, online voting, there’s a lot that we could do. But honestly, how much money would it cost to redesign the website? Let’s make it a little more visual and interactive. The City did it, why can’t the state?

Sure, we can rely on candidates, NGO’s, and the like, to GOTV, but where is the central hub to connect all voters, to urge and remind them about upcoming elections?

The BOE website is there, that is, if you like to look at artifacts.




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Nov 04 2013

Voting Information Links

While most readers of Queens-Politics are expected to vote, just in case, and for reference, we’ve included links to your poll site locator as well as the NYC voting registry.

Polls will be open on Tuesday from 6 AM – 9 PM. Please vote.

Find your polling site here: http://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/Search.aspx

Lookup your voting information here: https://voterlookup.elections.state.ny.us

Need info on a candidate? Do a search on Queens-Politics.



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Oct 29 2013

Why Joe Lhota won’t win and how John Catsimatidis blew it for the GOP and failed himself

Senate Holds Hearing On Superstorm Sandy And Impacts On TransportationWith the polls predicting a De Blasio trouncing of Joe Lhota, people are already beginning to wonder what Joe Lhota could have possibly done to improve the Republican chances on Election day. The answer may have been for him to have lost the primary….

John Catsimatidis was the biggest loser in this Election season, he had the resources to paint de Blasio as an extreme leftist and the resources to gain support in uninspired communities. Sadly, Joe Lhota can’t win even though he will make it closer than the 40 points he is currently down in the polls. Lhota is governmentally strong but politically weak. Here’s why.

Catsimatidis missed his best chance and people are shocked as to why? Catsimatidis has been running for six years, yet his campaign team was so weak. His decision never to pay his campaign workers made him enemies within his own ranks. If you’re a billionaire why would you never pay your loyal workers? The billionaire candidate had a habit of withholding paychecks from campaign staff or giving them less than the amount originally agreed upon. Multiple sources have come forward claiming they were either never paid, not paid on time, or not paid the correct amount. Now these people aren’t ordinary people, they are the higher echelon of campaign staff – the kind of people who can put together a successful ground operation, but for one reason or another these folks were left hanging in a lurch by the billionaire oil baron.


Hey Johnie Cats you blew it!

Cat’s campaign manager, Eben Bronfman, despite working on non-competitive elections with District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, was somehow hired to manage a citywide election that could have taken off in the right direction but never did because Bronfman’s strategy emphasized media outreach and press events instead of organizing boots on the ground for a grassroots GOTV operation. Even though his plan was shortsighted, he had Cats drinking the Kool-aid. This is not a joke. Cats had zero appeal on camera and needed locals to deliver his message.

Bronfman’s strategy was deeply flawed: basic field organizing was never a priority. Millions were spent on advertising and campaign signs, but the people who actually put the up the signs and get out the vote were all allegedly short-changed, put on a back-burner as if their efforts didn’t matter. And on Primary day you could tell something was clearly wrong; there were simply not enough Cats people on the ground.

Their GOTV operation was nonexistent thanks to Bronfman’s strategy. Many went to work for a candidate that would pay them.

Despite Bronfman’s ill advice, not only did Cats lose, but he managed to incur the wrath of a small army who were never paid – even though he clearly has the money. Typically after a Primary, candidates come together to support their party’s nominee. Cats could have spent some of his millions bolstering Lhota so he could campaign on the same level as de Blasio, including flooding his campaign with boots on the ground, but he didn’t – and not because he doesn’t have the money – but because most of his people are still owed a check. His inaction will cost Joe Lhota and will further place him in mayoral campaign history as the silliest and stupidest billionaire. Clearly he will never be a Mike Bloomberg.

With just seven days left, the polls might tighten up a bit, but it’s most likely Bill de Blasio will be our next Mayor. 


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Status update

Peter Vallone Jr. is the best choice for Queens Borough President. Please vote for him today.

For more information: Peter Vallone is the best choice for Borough President


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Nov 08 2012

A message from Rep. Steve Israel on his election

“I’m honored to have been elected in this new district.  It’s been a very tough week in our community and I know the election was the last thing on most people’s minds.  But I think it really shows our strong our community is.  People didn’t have power, they didn’t know where to vote, they didn’t have gas to get to the polls, but they still got out and exercised their civic duty.  I’m just so proud of the way our community has weathered this storm and I am humbled to represent them in Congress.  Now Democrats and Republicans must join together to rebuild our community, restore it power lines and reignite the  middle class.” – U.S Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY)

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Jun 22 2012

A Mountain of Endorsements

Vote Grace!

It’s the final weekend before Primary Election Day and all the candidates will be making their last rounds. If you’re a Dem headed to the vote on Tuesday and you’re on the fence, consider the following list of endorsements Assemblywoman Grace Meng has earned in the past few months. It’s impressive.

  • ·         The New York Times
  • ·         The Queens Tribune
  • ·         The Queens Times
  • ·         The Queens Gazette
  • ·         El Diario
  • ·         Congressman Gary Ackerman
  • ·         Congressman Joseph Crowley and the Democratic Organization of Queens
  • ·         Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez
  • ·         Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney
  • ·         Emily’s List
  • ·         The United Federation of Teachers
  • ·         The Hotel Trades Council
  • ·         UFCW Local 1500
  • ·         The NYS Troopers PBA
  • ·         Teamsters Local 812
  • ·         The Sanitation Officers Association
  • ·         ATU Local 1056
  • ·         The New York League of Conservation Voters
  • ·         The Sierra Club
  • ·         The China Press
  • ·         Sing Tao Daily
  • ·         Ming Pao Daily
  • ·         Korean American for Political Advancement (KAPA)
  • ·         The Bangladeshi American Community Council
  • ·         ATN Bangla
  • ·         ETV
  • ·         Porichoy Newspaper
  • ·         The Weekly Bangalee
  • ·         Akhon Samoy
  • ·         Bangla Vision,
  • ·         The Weekly Ajkal,
  • ·         The Alliance of South Asian American Labor,
  • ·         The New American Democratic Club,
  • ·         The New American Women’s Forum,
  • ·         The New American Youth Forum,
  • ·         The Jamaican Bangladesh Friend Society,
  • ·         Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio,
  • ·         City Comptroller John Liu,
  • ·         City Council Speaker Christine Quinn,
  • ·         Former City Comptroller Bill Thompson,
  • ·         The Honorable Freddy Ferrer
  • ·         Queens Borough President Helen Marshall
  • ·         Former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman
  • ·         Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz
  • ·         Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras
  • ·         Councilman Mark Weprin
  • ·         Councilman Leroy Comrie
  • ·         Councilman James Gennaro
  • ·         Councilman Ruben Wills
  • ·         Councilman Peter Koo
  • ·         Councilman Danny Dromm
  • ·         Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer
  • ·         Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr.,
  • ·         Councilwoman Letitia James
  • ·         Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito
  • ·         State Senator Jose Peralta
  • ·         State Senator Michael Gianaris
  • ·         State Senator Tony Avella
  • ·         State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky
  • ·         State Senator Liz Kreuger
  • ·         Former Assemblywoman and Councilwoman Melinda Katz
  • ·         Assemblyman Francisco Moya
  • ·         Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi
  • ·         Assemblyman David Weprin
  • ·         Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz
  • ·         Reverend Assemblyman Karim Camara
  • ·         Assemblyman Michael DenDekker
  • ·         Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas
  • ·         Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder

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Nov 09 2011

Election Results 2011

On Tuesday there was an election in Queens. Candidates for the Supreme Court were up for grabs, so was the office of Queens District Attorney.

  • Incumbent D.A Richard Brown  ran on the Democrat, Republican, and Conservative lines and won his sixth term. We heard it was a landslide. No surprise there.
  • The exciting races were in Nassau and Suffolk county. Queens-Politics was proud to endorse Carrie Solages for Nassau County Legislator, third district. Carrie was born in Jamaica, Queens and ran against a 16 year incumbent who hired klansmen to work on his campaign. Carrie won by over 1,200 votes. A big congratulations to him and his elite campaign team.
  • Staten Island D.A Dan Donovan, a Republican will have a third term in office.
  • Democrat Steve Ballone is the new Suffolk County Executor, which is like the Mayor of Suffolk County.
  • Republican James Milano, once known for a failed attempt to oust Congressman Gary Ackerman here in Queens, ran in Nassau County’s 16th District. It sort of went under the radar. Milano was one of those cut medicare and social safety net candidates. He ran on the Conservative and Republican ticket and lost by a wide margin. Milano is an E.R doctor, and he had a high school notion about government and public policy making.
  • We haven’t received the election results of Supreme Court Justices yet. Stay tuned.

D.A Richard Brown and I. He is soft spoken in public, but when he speaks, people listen.


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