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Dec 31 2012

Avella Accepted Money From Companies Dumping in Whitestone Development

Values for sale?

Last week the Times Ledger reported that Barone Management made an unauthorized dumping in a large residential development in Northeast Queens, but what you may not know is that Senator Tony Avella, who denounced the dumping, has quietly accepted thousands of dollars of campaign contributions, according to CFB reports from the imprudent company as well as other entities which took part in the dumping.

Questions remain. Was the material toxic by any means? The Times Ledger reported that an investigation by DEC found that along with clean soil, the companies dumped unapproved material from other construction sites around the city onto the property where 52 single family homes and a water front park are to be constructed.

But so far, the material has not been identified leaving residents concerned and asking where is Tony to speak up about the dumping?

Did Barone Management or the “Secret Investors” or the 151-45 Sixth Road Whitestone Partners Group buy influence through their contributions to Tony Avella? Could this be hush money? Perhaps Tony was too busy seeking higher political offices or had to deliver a speech somewhere when he’s needed the most. We may never know with any degree of certainty. What we do know is that the outspoken Anti-Fracking activist has been very quiet about the ‘incident,’ and is presently sending out letters to the DEC while awaiting the results of a study before he takes action, but so far this hasn’t stopped him from cashing any of their checks.

Typical. In the meantime, many Whitestone residents are beginning to see his hypocrisy. How can he accept money from companies that treat the neighborhood like a garbage dump?

Therefore, and for the sake of the environment and in the name of honest government, we are calling on Senator Tony Avella to return any contributions (both past and present) from Barone Management, the Barone Family and the Sixth Road Whitestone Partners Group immediately.

Any insider will say, you can’t blame Tony for not taking the time to roast the company and bring them to justice when he needs the cash to win the Borough Presidency. But this time, he just can’t afford to walk off the stage. As a career politician looking to advance himself, he’s screwing the people of northeast Queens and leaving an environmental disaster in his wake.

Does money buy political influence? Sure it does. Tony Avella is bad choice for Queens and the environment.

Maybe it’s time we put career politicians like Tony out to pasture.


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