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Feb 18 2013

Vote Donovan Richards In Tuesday’s Special Election

There’s a special election this week, and the people of South Queens will have a chance to elect a tried and tested reformer and civic activist into City Hall. That’s why we here at Queens-Politics are proud to endorse Donovan Richards for New York’s 31st City Council District including the neighborhoods of  Far Rockaway, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens and Rosedale.

  • On Tuesday, February 19th from 6am-9pm the polls will be open and we’re asking you to please make time to cast a ballot.
  • Every vote counts. Low turnout is expected in this crowded race which can go anyway, but with your help we can elect Donovan into City Hall.
  • To read more about Donovan Richards, click here.
  • To locate your polling site click here.
  • To contact the campaign click here.
  • See you at the polls!



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Jan 10 2013

WFP Backs Richards

Working Families Party endorses Donovan Richards for City Council in the upcoming special election.

Press Release: Today, leaders in the Working Families Party announced their support for Donovan Richards for New York City Council, running in a February special election to fill the vacancy created by James Sanders’ election to the State Senate.

WFP backing for Richards will earn him the support of WFP’s formidable activist base.

“A district that’s still badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy needs a champion for working families like Donovan Richards,” said Bill Lipton, Deputy Director of the Working Families Party. “Donovan has fought gun violence and protected libraries, schools and hospitals from cuts and closure. He’ll be a tremendous addition to the City Council.”

In 2009, WFP backing helped elect several progressive New York City Council Members, including Julissa Ferreras, Danny Dromm, and Jimmy van Bramer in Queens, Jumaane Williams, Brad Lander and Steve Levin in Brooklyn and Debi Rose on Staten Island, as well as Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Comptroller John Liu.


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Jan 04 2013

Profiles In Courage: Donovan Richards for City Council

Community service should be the primary consideration for supporting a particular candidate for public office. This week, I’ve been perusing the bios of several candidates and this one in particular stands out above the rest.

Donovan Richards is an activist and community servant running for City Hall to represent the southern portion of Queens including Rosedale, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens and Far Rockaway.

He’s young, smart, and energized. Richards has a history of community initiatives, which rival that of his opponent. Richards worked in the office of then-Councilman James Sanders in a variety of roles despite never losing sight that constituent services comes before politics. In terms of strategy he has significant name recognition with prime voters and the support of Senator James Sanders, his old boss, not to mention the strategic brilliance of Steve Behar steering the campaign.

As of this post he has $8,151 in his war chest

A special election will be held in February, according to a FB post made by Richards.

I think we as a political community are at a critical juncture staring at the upcoming races for 2013. I believe it is important to call attention to this because service is a prerequisite for running for elected office. I think this should be our golden standard, our measuring stick. Given that, I decided to share with you some of Donovan’s bio and hopefully our readers in South Queens will realize the chance to get an excellent rep in City Hall.


Donovan’s Record in the 31st District

Crime and Safety

  • Fought to establish “Gun Buy Back program” in Southeast Queens, successfully removing 919 from our streets
  • Allocated over $5 million dollars to place cameras in Redfern Houses and Hammel Houses to combat shootings and killings
  • Served as President of the Far Rockaway NAACP Youth Chapter, leading efforts to resist Stop & Frisk against local teens by organizing workshops with 100 Blacks & Law Enforcement to teach “Know Your Rights When Stopped and Frisked”
  • Stopped the sale of BB guns and bullet casings at Costco Wholesalers


  • Organized to keep the Rosedale, Laurelton, Averne and Far Rockaway Library open after facing closure threats Mayor Bloomberg
  • Fought against the closures of daycares in Springfield Gardens and the Rockaways
  • Ensured all schools in Laurelton, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens and the Rockaways received $50,000 annually for technology, science labs, and playground upgrades
  • Distributed thousands of book bags and supplies for children since 2005
  • Pushed to keep PS 181 open in Rosedale despite Department of Education’s efforts to close the school
  • Pressured Department of Education to restore PS 251’s playground in Springfield Gardens after it was destroyed by a developer


  • Fought tirelessly against the closure of Peninsula Hospital
  • Pressed the Health Department to increase spraying for mosquitoes this year in Rosedale and the Rockaways
  • Founded Rockaway Walks fitness program in 2005 which continues to combat high obesity rates in the Rockaways during the summer
  • Brought mobile HIV/AIDS testing to residents in the district

Community Based Initiatives

  • Led initiative to bring fresh foods and good jobs to Edgemere next year through a new supermarket
  • Worked along with Counciman Sanders and other community leaders to stop a developer from building a “hot sheet motel” across the street from Springfield Gardens HS and IS 231
  • Allocated millions of dollars to rebuild Montebello Park, Rosedale Little League Baseball Field, Rosedale Jets Football Field, playgrounds for: PS 156, PS 181, PS 104, PS 183 and PS 132 (construction will begin soon) and Lanette Playground
  • Raised thousands of dollars through car washes for disadvantaged youth
  • Called for the Department of Environmental Protection to fund a $14 million dollar project in Rosedale’s Brookville Triangle to alleviate flooding
  • Urged New York City Economic Development Corp to complete Springfield Gardens Lake Project- a $20 million dollar initiative to restore Springfield Lake’s natural beauty and alleviate flooding in Springfield Gardens


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Nov 10 2011

Sanders’ Chief of Staff says He’s got the Right Stuff.



A City Council staffer is planning to run for his old mentor’s seat in South Queens. 

Richards sounds like he’s shaping up to be an activist candidate. There are too many lame duck Chiefs of Staff especially chiefs that remained on board after their pol that hired them was ousted in a residency scandal. Preserving the head of the beast after you rode the anti-establishment tide stinks of hypocrisy. True Mammons of civic uprighteousness toting an exaggerated  sense of self-worth.

I know far too many Chiefs of Staff waiting around in the woodwork for their elected official to retire or die, or be ousted in a scandal, or like in Sander’s case waiting for term limits to kick in. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be going on here.

On the bright side there are many effective and honest staffers in government, but not enough.

 From Queens Chronicle: Donovan Richards, chief of staff to City Councilman James Sanders Jr. (D-Laurelton), always wanted to help others, even at an early age, but his dedication to civic duty came full circle after a tragic event.

On March 13, 2003, his friend was shot and killed after getting into a dispute with another man. The incident led him to attend a community meeting where Sanders was speaking about gun violence, and he was eventually hired by the lawmaker, whom he called his “mentor.”

Now, Richards plans to run for his boss’ seat when he is term-limited out in 2013 and has the councilman’s full support.

For Full Article: http://www.qchron.com/news/eastern/richards-will-run-to-replace-sanders/article_6711e971-8a1e-5f74-8442-4a225b2dc215.html


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