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Mar 01 2013

Avella Failed To Bring Home the Bacon To Council District 19



What can you get done in politics when you have no allies? Just ask Tony Avella.

History set to repeat itself except on a larger scale if Tony is elected Borough President.

Tony doesn’t get along with anyone, and that is his Achilles heel, not for himself but for his constituency.

During his time as City Councilman, Tony brought back some of the lowest amount of discretionary funds in the entire City Council.  The capital budget, expense funds – Tony wasn’t bringing home the bacon, persistently ranking at the bottom rung of allocated funds. He even received less funding than Hiram Monseratte and Charles Barron. During his tenure, civics went hungry, infrastructure neglected, and somehow he’s hailed as a hero for rescuing a pet pig. And when he was running for citywide office, Tony even sent parts of the little funding he had outside the borough!

Trust me when I say it’s not personal, although multiple confirmed reports of him walking in the halls of Albany spreading rumors and innuendo about me is hard to ignore. I just don’t want this to happen across the borough, or to you.  Tony is an honorable man, he’ll fight for what he believes in, there’s no questioning it. He deserves utmost praise for his activism against the spread of hydrofracking and a host of quality of life issues, most especially his landmark initiative for Flushing Meadows. But we don’t think he should have another chance to neglect Queens the way he neglected the Council District.

His colleagues feel the same way. He isn’t so good at what he does – and yet – the blindly faithful will continue to support him, blog about him, even try to discredit anyone who’s brave enough to talk about it. Perhaps he should remain in the Senate as his record in municipal affairs is rather pathetic.

But that’s just his personality, a personality which has been detrimental to the district year after year. The numbers don’t lie. So let’s be clear, I’m not encouraging anyone to kiss the ring of the speaker, but you must be able to cooperate, to work with colleagues for the constituents and put aside personal grudges at a bare minimum. Isn’t that politics 101? Isn’t that why we elected him in the first place?

He’s a very nice guy to people he likes and the rest of us can take a hike. Remember that in the voting booth.


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