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Feb 20 2014

Leroy Comrie To Run Against Malcolm Smith?

Senator Comrie?

Senator Comrie?

The race for Malcolm Smith‘s senate seat is heating up.

Despite his federal corruption charges, Smith has defiantly declared his run along with attorneys Munir Avery and Clyde Vanel, but there’s still talk of one more candidate entering the race.

Perhaps one of the most credible democrats from south Queens is Leroy Comrie, a former City Councilman now serving as Deputy Borough President under Melinda Katz.

According to inside sources, Comrie is being urged to make a run by Queens Democrats.

Do they smell blood? Absolutely, Smith is weak. Is it a long shot? Maybe. Can it be done? Certainly. Comrie has more than ample name recognition, the ability to raise money, plus he’s a skilled campaigner and an experienced statesman, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see him restore integrity in the wake of Malcolm Smith’s political scandals, or to see why people would want him to do it.

Surely, the deputy borough president is a cushy gig with a nice salary, an office with a view of the remains of a beautiful fountain, even a driver – but this may not be the dream job of a skilled lawmaker.

Leroy Comrie, will you run again?


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Mar 01 2013

Peralta’s Supposed ‘Trojan Horse Deal’ Insults Nicest Guy In Politics

trojan-horseAlleged invitation to kiss his ring insults all of Southeast Queens.

Just when you think you heard it all, Senator Jose Peralta publicly humiliated City Councilman Leroy Comrie by offering him a second-rate job as his underling, according to rumors.

Where do you think these rumors originate? Looks like someone was testing the waters.

But in politics it’s all a matter of interpretation. Was it a sign of contempt for the distinguished gentleman from St. Albans and his constituency? Or was the rumor a cleverly disguised sign of Peralta’s weakness as a candidate as his voter base turn their backs on him while he oversees the destruction of public parkland in FMCP?

We may never know for sure, but what we do know is that while both are running for Queens Borough President, Peralta’s supposed ‘olive branch’ was seen as a crass attempt to hold down his losses in one of the highest turnout voting blocs in Queens (second only to David Weprin).

The supposed deal is predicated on the assumption that Comrie’s religious black base would be inclined to vote for him and Peralta by combining two ethnic based voting blocs and thus increasing their chance for victory in a crowded race. But the p.r damage was already done as the rumor spread around town.

Unlike the Trojans, Comrie, who is known as the nicest guy in politics, and is also the Deputy Majority Leader, put a wet towel on the idea when he politely said there was no serious discussion of a possible Peralta\Comrie ticket, just some speculation. Wink. Wink.


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Jan 17 2013

Did Marshall Sanction Online Hit Jobs?

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 3.57.12 PMWho knows what happens behind closed doors, but Helen Marshall sure does. For years there’s been an unwritten code in Borough Hall, protect the dear leader at all costs.

“They made us go online and post good stuff about her while we were on the clock,” said a staffer under the condition of anonymity. “We thought our jobs were on the line, so we did it.”

The revelation confirms years of suspicious activity on blog and newspaper commentary where city staffers can post multiple tirades while having their name concealed.

But some of the comments are not in the Beep’s defense; rather taking affirmative, often times hostile positions against her detractors.

What is unclear at this time is the role former Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik, now running to replace Marshall, may have played under the allegedly sanctioned hit jobs which often occur on city time (and at the taxpayers expense) giving an unfair home field advantage to Helen Marhsall’s number one guy.

More on this to follow.


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