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Jan 10 2012

A Queens Man Rises To Power In Washington

The high school graduation photo of Jack Lew, the new White House Chief of Staff.

It’s a matter of local pride as a man from Queens  becomes Chief of Staff to the President of the United States.

Obama announced on January 9th that Jacob ‘Jack’ Lew, who heads the office of management and budget and served as a top aide to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, will become the #2 man in Washington as the President’s Chief of Staff.

Lew, pictured here, is a graduate of Forest Hills High School  and will be replacing William Daley who will travel back to his hometown of Chicago despite a plea from the President to remain on board.

Everyone pokes fun of Queens (oh, there’s a bunch of cemeteries out there), as if we aren’t sophisticated like our metro brethren. Now we have the top spot in Washington.

The people of Queens are doing big things. Good luck Jack!


Also from Queens: Governor Andrew Cuomo, Justice Anthony Scalia, U.S Attorney General Eric Holder, and Independence Party candidate Donald Trump. Did we forget any? Email us info@queens-politics.com


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