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Aug 08 2012

A Night Out With Crime featuring John Haggerty & Eric Ulrich

Seems kind of odd to see a felon and an elected official arriving together on an night meant to foster positive relationships between the community and the police department, just ask Juan Reyes who witnessed it first hand.

Reyes, who is running against Eric Ulrich in a Republican Primary, noticed something very peculiar about Ulrich’s visit to National Night Out Against Crime, he had a criminal in tow.

In a press statement, Reyes points out the strange relationship between Ulrich and Haggerty which became clear as day when Haggerty accompanied Ulrich at National Night Out Against Crime.

“My Republican Primary opponent, Eric Ulrich, continues to use a convicted felon, John Haggerty, as his top political advisor. His campaign sounds like a Night Out With Crime,” he said.

And Reyes may not be that far off from the truth. Haggerty was convicted for stealing campaign funds from the Mayor and has been seen by Ulrich’s side for the entire Senate campaign – even down at the Board of Elections (and in the court room) in an official capacity for Ulrich’s campaign.

Hard to imagine that Haggerty has turned a new leaf of reform. Rich, politically connected white males hardly see any justice. So has John done his Penance? No, he’s been invited back into the same element that gave him access to commit high crimes against the voters of NYC, and the Mayor, courtesy of Councilman Eric Ulrich.

If this election is about character and integrity of our elected officials, Reyes wins.

Someone should make a call to the Attorney General or Haggerty’s parole judge.





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Oct 21 2011

John Haggerty & Alan Hevesi… Prison Cell Mates?

I hope Council Member Ulrich sends you some cookies.

John Haggerty, an infamous Queens GOP political operative is headed up the river.

According to a report in Crains NY, Jurors found John Haggerty guilty today of grand larceny and money laundering, ending a case that has put a spotlight on the billionaire mayor and the inner workings of his campaigns

Haggerty was accused of an elaborate phantom ballot security operation. What’s that? That’s when a candidate, a political party, or consulting firm organize and send experienced campaigners down to the poll sites on election day, typically to make sure the opposition is playing by the rules.

John billed the Mayor for this and didn’t produce —  instead he pocketed the the cash and went on a personal spending frenzy.

John Haggerty may serve up to 15 years. Because this is Haggertys first offense, that we know of,  he is likely to serve 3-5 years of hard time, according to an inside source.

Haggerty is long known for his political ties to Tom Ognibene, former minority leader of the City Council who was once indicted as a co-conspirator in an unrelated case. John’s brother Bart Haggerty also serves as Chief of Staff to abrasive Council Member Eric Ulrich.

Juiced in? Maybe not.

In prison, you get to watch TV, cable even.

It is rumored  that John Haggerty may share a cell with political rival and former disgraced Comptroller of New York , Alan Hevesi who is serving a one to four years at the Ulster Correctional Facility in upstate Napanoch for a pension fund pay-to-play scandal.

The poster children for everything wrong in government will have ample time to hone their criminals skills.


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