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Feb 14 2012

Judge Recommends Court Drawn Lines

The President of the Bay Terrace Community Alliance, Warren Schreiber is pleased with a federal judge’s recommendation to have the courts redraw the district lines.

Bayside Patch: A federal judge is recommending court intervention in the redistricting process, after considering a lawsuit co-filed by a Bay Terrace man.

Bay Terrace Community Alliance President Warren Schreiber in December blogged on Patch that he filed the suit to prevent self-serving gerrymandering.

The New York Times reports it was inaction by legislators that led Judge Dora L. Irizarry to recommend that the redrawing of political maps be handled by a court-appointed official.

The Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research, referred to more commonly as the “LATFOR” committee, has not yet produced a map of Congressional districts, the Times pointed out

The timeline to produce those lines is more crunched than in past years.

Last month, the state bumped Congressional primaries up from September to June, to assure that troops stationed abroad will receive absentee ballots in time, reports the Times.

A Board of Elections flub up in 2010 brought ballots overseas to U.S. soldiers from Queens and other NYS counties too late for them to be received back by the initial deadline.

“As one of the plaintiffs bringing this action, I couldn’t be more pleased with the ruling of Judge Irizarry,” said Schreiber wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday. “It’s a terrific decision,” he added.

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