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Oct 10 2013

Convicted Felon Serves On Bob Turner’s Legal Team


According to eyewitnesses, when they came into court and saw Haggerty sitting next to Tom Ognibene, they thought he was on trial. Instead it was Haggerty trying to take over the Queens Republican Party (something he’s failed to do for the past 12 years) positioned on the plaintiffs side, a side he is not accustom to being in. Photo: John Haggerty awaits his sentencing. Photo from the NYPOST.

In the history of corrupt political practices…

A few weeks after the disastrous hate-filled republican reorganization meeting, just when you thought things could get no more bizarre in the Queens GOP feud, who shows up and sits second chair next to Tom Ognibene in defense of  former Congressman Bob Turner and the Eric Ulrich-run attempt to overthrow Chairman Ragusa? According to multiple sources, none other than John Haggerty, a convicted felon who stole a million dollars from Michael Bloomberg and is out on appeal pending his request for a retrial.

Contacted for a response, Robert Hornak, Executive Chairman of the Queens GOP was baffled.

John Haggerty was in court today representing Congressman Turner and I find it mind boggling that he would allow such a person to represent him.”

First, it has to be shocking for former Congressman Turner, a well-respected and articulate Republican spokesperson to allow a convicted felon to sit in defense of his claim to being the new chair of the Queens GOP. It leads one to think if he was elected, what type of republican leadership would we have? While both sides have had their problems, one thing remains clear: Just a few weeks ago the Queens GOP held a meeting and the results were definitive. Phil Ragusa was re-elected chairman while Eric Ulrich cried that the results were unfair.

If the results were truly unfair, then why didn’t the renegades file an order to show cause asking for an independent monitor to elect a new chairman? Is it because they knew they didn’t have the votes to win? Or perhaps Tom Ognibene was merely taking lessons on how to steal from John Haggerty? Nevertheless, Turner’s decision to allow a convicted felon to defend his right to be chairman is quite perplexing. It leaves us to believe Bob Turner would do anything for political power including associating himself with one of the most corrupt politician in years who stole more than Tony Seminerio, Sheldon Leffeler, Brian McLaughlin, and so on and so on.


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Jan 23 2012

Congressman Furious With The New York Post

If I were two faced, why would I wear this one?

Meeks blames a deluge of negative press on two Post reporters, Melissa Klein and Isabel Vincent. He alleges that the New York Post only writes negative stories, but he doesn’t know why these two are “after him.”

In the interview, Meeks links a lack of journalistic integrity to  an agreement the Post has with a group called NRPC [National Legal and Policy Center].

Meeks stands by his record and points out that the community he represents does too.

City and State:The very first sentence out of embattled Queens Congressman Greg Meeks’ mouth during an interview yesterday was a New Year’s resolution.

“This is going to be the year that the New York Post stops spreading these things about me,” Meeks said.

Meeks had just come from a meeting with the secretary general of the United Nations. And before that, he attended a State of the State address by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Queens. But as he sipped tea in the posh lounge of the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue, it was clearly the Post that was on his mind.

That’s understandable. Open up the paper many Sundays, and there’s some sort of negative article about the Queens congressman – usually followed the next day by an editorial. The tabloid has hit Meeks for his ties to indicted real estate tycoon Ed Ahmad; ties to a troubled charity he founded; the AEG scandal; his outstanding water bill; campaign cash used to fix a car; and much, much more. Its coverage has sparked subpoenas and investigations.

Our interview wasn’t scheduled to be about anything in particular. I asked Meeks about the details of the various scandals and the proposed convention center out in southeast Queens.  But all the really interesting answers seemed to come when Meeks talked about the Post. What follows is an edited transcript:

For full Article: http://www.cityandstateny.com/congressman-greg-meeks-declares-war-york-post/

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Jan 07 2012

Lancman Vs. Turner: Depends On The Rejigger


Lancman has the gleaming eye for higher office somewhere in Queens. He'll have plenty of support as well.

The Empire: Assemblyman Rory Lancman wanted a shot at the 9th Congressional District during the special election back in September. Since the man Queens party boss Congressman Joe Crowley picked for the seat, Assemblyman David Weprin, lost to Republican Bob Turner, Assemblyman Lancman has kept up a steady stream of criticism of the new congressman, potentially portending a run against him next year.

Today’s critique is over Congressman Turner’s position on gun control (something the city takes very seriously).Or, I suppose, lack there of: Turner, according to the Queens Chronicle, won’t take a position on a bill to strengthen gun background checks.

“Congressman Bob Turner’s troubling position on guns leaves Queens families and New York’s finest vulnerable,” Lancman said in a statement. “It’s extremely unsettling that someone who represents me and my community would put our safety at risk to satisfy the gun lobby.”

Lancman went on to tout his own record on gun control as an Assemblyman, which earned him an “A” from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and an “F” from the National Rifle Association.

While Lancman almost certainly has strong philosophical differences with Turner, and vice versa, whether or not he’ll be able to turn those into campaign fodder will depend entirely on how the Congressional lines are drawn in redistricting.


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