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Jun 27 2012

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Come on, you wanna go to war, we take you to war, okay? -Tony Montana

Congressional candidate Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) today congratulated his Democratic opponent, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, on her victory in last night’s Primary and basically drew the line in the sand.

This is his official statement.

“I look forward to discussing our unique visions for Queens. Assemblywoman Meng wants to raise taxes and increase spending. I want to lower taxes and fees and spend responsibly. Assemblywoman Meng wants another failed government stimulus, bailing out corporations and failed fiscal policies. I want to help the private sector create working-class union jobs and grow our economy. Assemblywoman Meng wants to cut New York City’s share of anti-terror funding from Washington to punish the NYPD. I want to protect those dollars and keep our City and its police officers and firefighters safe.”

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May 08 2012

Dr. Mittman vs. the Machine

Resistance is futile.

Following a political maneuver to pressure Dr. Robert Mittman to drop out of the primary for CD6,  the campaign has announced he will continue to seek election in what Mittman referred to as ‘a broken system’.

Despite legal challenges – which Mittman believes were designed to discourage his grassroots campaign – he issued a public proclamation that states he will be pushing ahead with the race following certification by the Board of Elections.

According to the press release Dr. Mittman stated, “I am running for congress irrespective of the typical back room political maneuvers of my opponent.   I am not a politician, but I accept the process for what it is, a Broken System that needs treatment and repair”

A public event is being scheduled after the lawsuit which is expected to be thrown out by next week.


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Apr 17 2012

Halloran Files; GOP Smiles

City Councilman Dan Halloran also filed his petitions this evening and delivered twice the required number despite being the sole Republican candidate in the race for CD6.

From FB

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Apr 11 2012

Nasty Twitter account takes cheap shots at Grace Meng

Early this morning, a bogus Twitter account was created to lampoon Grace Meng and soon spread around political circles, but instead of a few hearty chuckles; it’s proliferating racist propaganda.

We here at Queens-Politics love satire. It’s expressive and legitimized by fact. One of the freedoms we hold dear is our freedom of speech. But sometimes people take it a step too far and attempt to exploit ethnic bias to further their agenda.

The obnoxious Twitter account in question seems particularly bent on pointing out that Grace is a Chinese American. The entire account, tweets and all, reads like a racist vendetta hell-bent on dividing the community.

It’s unacceptable and far-flung from a fine display of free speech.

In Queens, there are a few good politicians that strive to represent their community by bridging cultural gaps to serve the community in a caring and professional way. Grace Meng is one of those people and she does not deserve a berating of her ethnic background and beliefs.

So, out of a deep sense of loyalty to all that we hold dear, we have an important message to whoever created the account: Anonymity is weak and cowardly. Come to peace with this challenge and reveal yourself before we do. Set the record straight, or otherwise wave the flag.


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Apr 09 2012

Hey Folks, Why Not Jeff?


Jeff Gottlieb giving a tour of historic Forest Hills.

In the past few weeks conspiracy theories spread through political circles like wildfire as latecomer Jeff Gottlieb finally confirmed to toss in his hat for the chance to become the Democratic candidate in a four-way primary for CD6.

Did County prop up this candidate? It’s plausible, but not likely (but perhaps County gave the go-ahead?) Gottlieb spent thirty years in Democratic leadership. He’s an educator, a historian, a preservationist, he’s active in the community, especially in the Jewish community, and he lives in the district. We all know him and we’ve seen him on Queens Boulevard.

Gottlieb was also a delegate to the convention and is known as a masterful petition collector, just ask Grace Meng.

So we are asking, why not Jeff? At a time when voter turnout is pitiful, we should probably encourage everyone to run. But intense media scrutiny is not unwarranted. Every candidate seeking public office should be vetted to the umpteenth degree, especially a Johnny Come Lately.

Should we really care that Jeff has a patronage gig at the Board of Elections and question his motive? Does it mean he’s a paper candidate to siphon the Jewish vote from Lancman? Or maybe he found a path to victory in the past few weeks.

Jeff doesn’t have the money of Grace Meng or Rory Lancman or the name recognition of Liz Crowley, but what he does have is grassroots support and while he’s been unavailable for interview, we heard he was out in the neighborhood knocking on doors…


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