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Apr 22 2013

Liu Raises Ante Against Casino Proposal



Who will follow suit?

A casino won’t be cashing in their chips if John Liu has anything to say about it.

Democratic Mayoral Candidate John Liu signed onboard the Anti-Willets Point Casino Coalition’s petition to stop the development of a casino at Willets Point, Queens on Sunday.

“I will never support a casino in New York City much less Willets Point,” said Liu, adding, “This community deserves more and we demand more.”

Comptroller Liu, who also served as the area’s city councilman, met with community leaders as well as members of the group to express his support for the petition.

“He is the first Citywide candidate and representative who is supporting this important community issue,” according to the group’s spokesman Michael Olmeda.


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Jan 30 2013

New Coalition to Rally in Opposition to Casino Proposal



A new coalition has come together to denounce plans for a casino in Willets Point, Queens.

A rally will take place on February 6th and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Details including commentary from local civic leaders can be found below in the press release.



What: Members of “Don’t Gamble on our Community” coalition will officially announce their group’s formation focusing its efforts on specifically preventing a casino from opening at Willets Point for both economic and moral reasons. 

Who: Community, civic and government leaders.

When: Wednesday, February 6, 2013at 11:00 AM,

Where: RAICES Corona Senior Center located at 107-24 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY 11368.

“Don’t gamble on our Community” coalition draws diverse elements

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:00 AM, the members of “Don’t Gamble on our Community” coalition will officially announce their group’s formation at the RAICES Corona Senior Center located at 107-24 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY 11368. The group, consisting of community, civic and government leaders is focusing its efforts on specifically preventing a casino from opening at Willets Point for both economic and moral reasons.

Michael Olmeda, the group’s convener, said,

A casino in Willets Point makes no economic sense. It will not draw tourist dollars in any significant amount. Instead, it will suck up local dollars that might otherwise be spent at existing recreational facilities, and it will impoverish some of our citizens in the process.”

Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, who represents Willets Point, remarks

“It is unprecedented to convert part of an existing economic development project that provides affordable housing and retail jobs for the purpose of building a casino which would obviously affect the social fabric of our community.”

Councilman Peter Koo who represents the neighboring Flushing community states,

“Shutting the public out of a decision of this magnitude, denying residents an opportunity to have input or even offer comment in any sort of formal proceeding, is inexcusable and necessarily corrosive of local democracy.”

Jesus Sosa, President of the Latinos Unidos de Flushing said,

“I oppose a casino at Willets Point for moral reasons. It is immoral to take the livelihood of low and middle income people in addition to their taxes to bail out a State, which hasn’t done the economic planning it should have done.”

Andrew Rocco, President of College Point Civic Association, one of the group’s leading members, added,

“Rather than creating and investing in a gambling industry, I want our governmental leaders to invest in the things we already have: world class cultural institutions, affordable housing, and our scenic waterfront.”

Maria Morel, Chairwoman of A Better Living Resource Coalition, said

“We are encouraging everyone to call or e-mail Speaker Silver telling him that we do not want this casino in our community.”

 Edwin Salas President of Statewide Association of Minority Businesses agrees.

“Speaker Sheldon Silver does not speak for us,” states Salas. “Casinos located within urban communities have a net negative impact on the host community’s economy; i.e., more jobs are lost at existing businesses than the casino itself generates, because money formerly spent at those businesses is instead spent at the casino—and subsequently exiting the community.”

Anyone who wants to stop the casino is encouraged to stop by and sign our petition, which will be circulated throughout the surrounding communities and delivered to the Governor and Legislature sometime in June.


Which of these leaders has actively opposed the MLS stadium proposal on public parkland?

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Nov 07 2011

Just Another Crooked Queens Politician

From NBC

Queens Lawmaker Organizes Out-of-State Gambling Trips for Elderly

By Chris Glorioso

A Queens lawmaker has been organizing out-of-state gambling trips for hundreds of seniors citizens, which has raised eyebrows among good government groups because the trips are funded by corporate donations.

State Assemblyman William Scarborough (D-Jamaica) solicited about $4,000 in donations for his latest trip in August. The money came from Consolidated Edison, Regal Recycling, Health First, and the Amalgamated Transit Union.

The money paid for round-trip, chartered buses and lunch for the elderly Queens residents.

Nonprofits that monitor government ethics have criticized the concept, concluding it looks more like a self-promotional campaign event rather than a community service for seniors.

“To take a bunch of senior citizens out of state to a casino to show their appreciation — I would call that very questionable,” said Dick Dadey, executive director of Citizens Union.

Scarborough has insisted that money for the trip was never funneled through his Assembly office.

Instead he says the four companies paid the bus company directly. Still, Deanna Bitetti, associate director of Common Cause, said the donations should have been declared as in-kind contributions on Scarborough’s campaign disclosure.

“Kind of reminiscent a little bit of the Tammany Hall political era, if you think about it, Bitetti said. “The idea of buying votes, using corporate money to pay for certain services that may or may not be beneficial to the community.”

Although Scarborough’s name was prominently spelled out on placards in each bus window, the Queens lawmaker insisted the trip was not self-promotional.

“You could say that anything you do for anybody if you’re an elected official could be construed as buying votes — I mean, it’s simply a way to say thank you,” Scarborough told NBC New York as the buses prepared to launch for Atlantic City.

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