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Aug 01 2013

Thompson Comes To Queens


You can find Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson in the following locations in Queens.


THURSDAY & FRIDAY: As Part of 24 Hour Campaign Tour, Bill Thompson Campaigns in Queens

NEW YORK, NY— As part of a 24 Hour, citywide tour, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson will campaign in Queens on THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 and FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.

Please RSVP to Dani Lever at 917 710 5811.

Queens Stops

WHAT: Campaigns at Roosevelt Avenue Subway Stop with Senator Peralta
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 5:00pm

WHERE: Outside Roosevelt Avenue Subway Stop
Queens, NY
WHAT: Hosts Laurelton Meet and Greet with Supporters
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 6:30pm

WHERE: Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church
228-20 137th Avenue
(Next door to PS 156)
Laurelton, NY


WHAT: Speaks at Laurelton Forum
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 7:00pm

WHERE: Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church
228-20 137th Avenue
Laurelton, NY

WHAT: Campaigns with Bridge and Tunnel Workers
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 10:30pm
WHERE: Outside of Administration Building

10-55 51st Avenue

Long Island City, NY

WHAT: Meets with Livery Cab Drivers

WHEN: Friday, August 2 at 3:50am
WHERE: 101-09 Northern Boulevard
Corona, NY


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Jun 28 2013

Thompson Demands Apology From Bloomberg

BillThompson_5011smallPress Release: Thompson on Mayor Bloomberg’s Insulting Racial Profiling Statement: These comments are not worthy of any elected official, much less the Mayor of New York City”
“As a New Yorker, as a father, and as a son of this city, I found Mayor Bloomberg’s comments to be outrageous and insulting.
“The Mayor’s comments seem to indicate that because you’re Black or Latino, you’re automatically a murder suspect. That assumption is ridiculous.
“What he seems to indicate to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been unnecessarily stopped-and-frisked is, ‘We’re sorry we didn’t stop more people.’
It just shows how out of touch the Mayor is with the vast majority of New Yorkers. And it shows a lack of understanding of what the practice of stop-and-frisk under his administration was supposed to have been about. It shows a lack of awareness and a lack of sensitivity.
“These comments are not worthy of any elected official, much less the Mayor of New York City.”

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Oct 23 2012

Forcina predicts Quinn’s downfall

Former North Queens Assembly candidate Elio Forcina gives his insight into Christine Quinn’s run for New York City Mayor.

The Emperors New Clothes

Attention: the Editorial Board of Queens Politics

It’s a foggy night in North Queens and Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is addressing the crowd. She tells a joke. Dead silence as no one laughs. An innocent nine-year old in the back yells out “That joke wasn’t funny!” The Emperors New Clothes fairy tale is very similar to what is being played out in Queens County over the Mayoral race. Many political insiders, lobbyists, and politicos who want access to City Hall are participating in a charade with Christine Quinn and are pretending that she is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all in one.

Christine Quinn’s rise to City Council speaker was orchestrated by political insiders and party bosses. And now, some of the many same ones, are trying to promote her for Mayor. The problem is once people on a city-wide level start seeing her ranting and raving and punishing her own constituents, she will turn people off and is going to have a tough road ahead against more kinder, less vicious individuals such as Bill Thompson and Bill Deblasio.

Just last week, Christine Quinn made an attempt to raise her profile and raise money, by fabricating Pro-Life violence and harassment. There is an old political strategy saying “If we don’t have a crime, and you need one so you can hit the political lottery, hey why not fabricate one.” Christine Quinn’s latest attempt to attack sidewalk counselors offering alternatives to abortion to women who have no place to go and to demonize innocent prayer vigils is more evidence of her unfitness for public office.

Last year, Christine Quinn passed a bill trying to shut down pregnancy centers by attacking their Free Speech. As speaker of the City Council, she attempted to have NYU destroy a business, Chick-fil-a, because management are religious and support traditional marriage. Anyone who believes that she is fit for mayor needs to have their head examined. Don’t think the attacks on Chick-fil-a is an isolated incident she can very well hunt down any business where management does not share her religious beliefs. Her attacks on Chick-fil-a is a dangerous precedent. She can start going after businesses here in Queens County. On a personal note, the Queens College Kosher Cafe Pizzeria was a special place where I would go to have lunch in my first semester of college. I remember the hardworking religious Jews who owned that pizzeria and the thought that Christine Quinn would use her position in government to try to destroy their business because they are religious Jews is disturbing. If she went after Chicker-fil-a she can go after every business where the owners are devoutly religious. Other Mayoral candidates such as Bill Thompson and Bill Deblasio, although are more progressive than most religious folks on social issues, based on the testimony of insiders, there is no evidence that they are out to hurt anyone who does not have the same religious beliefs as them. They seem like they are more understanding than Christine Quinn and realize that we have to share the city with many people, ideologies and religions and appear to be not out to hurt the other side.

Christine Quinn, as speaker, hurt the residents of Queens multiple times not only on social issues. She cut funding of groups to North Queens and South Queens because she was trying to punish and harass Councilman Tony Avella and Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, with no thought of the constituencies that would suffer. Now she expects those constituencies to rally for her candidacy for Mayor, why? Because she’s so sweet? Christine Quinn has cut funding to districts where she is having petty and caddy outbursts towards some council members. She turned the City Council into a reality show version of the movie Mean Girls. To all the insiders who are playing in the charade that she is not a mean-spirited person unfit for public office will soon find out that she probably will not be the mayor. Once everyday ordinary New Yorkers start hearing and learning about her malicious attacks on religious free speech, religious business owners and her treatment of constituencies that are represented by council members that she wants to punish they will be inclined to be turned off by her.

For all the politicos who are hoping to land a job in economic development or commissioner of an agency, mark my words: She is not a shoe-in for Mayor and once the great residents of New York start seeing her for who she really is, expect her poll numbers to go down even lower. Just ask any nine-year old to watch her malicious rants and raves on Youtube and they will tell you “It’s not funny.”




Elio Forcina


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May 10 2012

Thompson Sends ‘Good Job’ Message to President

Bill Equality Thompson

NYC Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson commends President Obama’s decision to embrace marriage equality for all Americans.

“I am proud to live in a country where our leaders understand and acknowledge the importance of celebrating diversity, and ensuring that all people truly are treated equally. President Obama today has shown a courage of conviction. He has acknowledged his evolution of mind, as so many others have. My hope is that the President’s words will lead to even greater change so that our country follows in the footsteps of a growing number of states, including New York. Marriage should not be limited to gender rules, but governed by love and mutual respect.”

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Nov 14 2011

Puerto Rico Hosts Political Schmooze Fest

Politics, not policy was the subject of the New York Times coverage of the Somos El Futuro, a political summit in Puerto Rico.

 From NY Times: SAN JUAN, P.R. — For a few days every November, the place for New York State politicians to see and be seen is not Angelo’s 677 Prime in Albany or the Regency Hotel in Manhattan, but a resort hotel in the Caribbean.

The New York State Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force has held an annual conference here for 24 years, attracting lawmakers, lobbyists and labor leaders with 85-degree weather, pristine beaches, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Officially a chance to discuss issues of concern to Puerto Rican and Hispanic voters, the conference, known as Somos el Futuro, is unofficially a giant schmooze-fest, a place to foster relationships and broker deals by the pool, on the beach or in the casino.

This year’s conference, which took place from Thursday to Sunday, featured workshops on housing and health care and an appearance by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. But as usual, the real news of the conference was not policy but politics.

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