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Jul 09 2015

Women’s Soccer Parade Includes Illegal Bus Operation


Canyon of Heroes to become Canyon of Violations.

Congratulations Team USA, you certainly deserve this honor but without the baggage.

As the parade is set for this Friday in the Canyon of Heroes, it is our understanding that Open Loop NYC, the scofflaw tour bus company, has been invited to participate in the parade, that is, not withstanding their open violations of the industry, a source has indicated.

Here they are, ready for the triumphant spotlight in a historic ticker tape parade, but here’s the inside scoop: Open Loop NYC does not have the legal authority to make all but one stop (see our FOILED documents from the DOT), however Open Loop makes over 40+ stops which are listed openly on their website; and now NYC is going to openly embrace them to participate in this operation?

See French Government to New York City: We do as we please!

Mr. Mayor, we love you. But today’s newspaper has you worried about hiring an individual to become a liaison to empower NYC on a national level, in the meantime you sit by and watch how a foreign government doesn’t comply with NYC laws and is putting small business out of work and now you honor Open Loop by allowing them to participate in the parade? Shame!

Mr. Mayor, there’s a lot of your initiatives we approve of, whether it’s universal pre-k or standing up for the poor and downtrodden, but how for the life of you can you allow someone to abuse the system in such a blatant manner, and yet your commissioners – who have all been notified – do nothing about it?

What’s up with that?



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Mar 13 2014

Queens Leaders Ready Serve In New Roles


Peter Vallone Jr.

A good day for Queens.

Former City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. and labor leader Rebecca Lynch were selected to once again serve in the halls of government.

Vallone, who was term-limited this year in the Astoria based Council district, will serve in the Cuomo administration as a special assistant to the state’s corrections commissioner, and Rebecca Lynch of Glen Oaks will serve in Mayor de Blasio’s Community Affairs Unit.

Lynch, a former District Leader in northeast Queens, gave up the post this week as her role in the de Blasio administration becomes more clear in time, according to the Politicker.

Role reversal?


Rebecca Lynch

Both Lynch and Vallone have a long history of community service. Ironically, the former City Councilman will now work with Albany, and the former state party District Leader will now serve inside City Hall.

Congratulations to both and best of luck.


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Dec 24 2013

A Heartfelt Christmas Message To Gotham

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Nov 20 2013

Jukay Hsu, Queens Hero Appointed To De Blasio’s Transition Team

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 6.18.46 PM

Jukay Hsu opening the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2013.

Queens-Politics would like to recognize Jukay Hsu, founder of the nonprofit group Coalition for Queens, for being appointed to Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s transition team.

Jukay, before his days in community activism, served as a U.S. Army officer where he earned the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Bronze Star Medal while commanding a rifle platoon and later leading economic development and governance initiatives for two Iraqi districts.

Since his time in the service, Jukay has become a voice of change and fresh ideas in NYC. We had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back as he began to advocate for a tech campus in Queens to help foster a ‘Queens Tech’ ecosystem to increase economic opportunity and, in their own words “to transform the world’s most diverse community into a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

We would also like to recognize Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s other appointees listed here on the Politicker and commend him for choosing a diverse team that will surely bring the experience and leadership this city needs.


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Nov 06 2013

Joe Lhota, Future Party Boss?


He lost the mayoral race, so what’s the next best thing?

Old grudges die-hard, but after tonight the balance of power in the GOP will certainly shift.

For far too long, NYC Republicans have lacked a genuine leader. And many of problems NYC Republicans face are symptomatic of being, well, leaderless. There’s Rudy Guiliani and then there’s no one else, except for Joe Lhota.

Right after he lost, the question quickly became what will Lhota do next? And chances are he will become the de facto Republican Party power broker in NYC.

“He’s going to have a big say,” according a Republican operative in the Lhota camp who is already thinking beyond tonight’s loss. “It doesn’t matter, de Blasio will take it and Joe – he will run again.”

Lhota’s campaign efforts boiled down to a base building exercise, a wide-scale base building exercise — a couple million dollars worth, according to sources familiar with the situation. But it wasn’t a complete loss. During the campaign he became a household name, picked up some steam, and he will run again. But for now, chances are Joe Lhota will be anointed the de facto leader of NYC Republicans everywhere.


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Nov 04 2013

Bill de Blasio In Queens Supporting Paul Vallone

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.08.24 PMAt a local GOTV rally, NYC Democratic Mayoral candidate, Bill de Blasio was racking up last-minute votes by shaking hands and kissing babies while encouraging the crowd to vote Paul Vallone for CIty Council.

The crowd grew enormous as voters across the district made their way down to show their support and hopefully snag a picture. The event never had a moment of silence as cars passing by tooted their horns in solidarity.

De Blasio’s support was hard-won in this part of town. The one-time Lhota leaning voters became energized the morning after the local GOP candidate, Dennis Saffran, tried to falsely indicate Rudy Guiliani’s endorsement in his literature, and was promptly called out by a rarely made personal robocall by the well-respected former mayor.

The misleading literature quickly backfired, and by many accounts is turning away Saffran’s base vote to his opponent, Paul Vallone, who has always been known for his bipartisan support anyway.

The Mayoral frontrunner spent considerable time in the precious hours leading up to the election chatting with voters at the local Waldbaums in Bay Terrace, energizing the crowd to get out and vote — not just for himself — but for Vallone.

His efforts seemed to have paid off — bolstered by the political naiveté of the local GOP candidate. However, becoming the frontrunner wasn’t easy in this traditional swing district. Eventually, partly due to recent revelations, de Blasio won over the majority of the voting public, which includes Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats with his call for unity. This was clearly evident in the turnout at the GOTV event, yet it remains to be seen until after the polls close and the final results are in.


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Nov 02 2013

Behind the scenes of de Blasio’s powerful campaign message

deblasioBehind the scenes with BerlinRosen Public Affairs, the firm that set Bill de Blasio  on the road to victory.

From Crains NY: (Bloomberg) — As Bill de Blasio weighed a longshot run for New York City mayor, he needed help from people who shared his self-described activist-progressive views. He found it in a political consulting firm, hatched in a Manhattan sublet, where many on the staff are closer in age to his children than to him.

BerlinRosen Public Affairs, the eight-year-old firm founded by Valerie Berlin and Jonathan Rosen, has built a reputation working behind the scenes for Democratic candidates and causes such as paid sick leave, limiting police stop-and-frisk tactics and universal preschool—issues that dominated Mr. de Blasio’s message and helped take the 52-year-old from underdog to frontrunner.

With polls showing de Blasio 40 percentage points ahead of Joseph Lhota a week before the election, and with Mr. Lhota’s fellow Republicans outnumbered 6-to-1 in the most populous U.S. city, Mr. de Blasio is likely to be the first Democrat to run New York since 1993. That leaves BerlinRosen poised to extend its influence and access to power.

“They are of the long-term vision that you really need to have with progressive politics, but they’re also completely grounded in the reality of getting votes and sowing messages,” said Eric Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general. BerlinRosen helped him win election in 2010 by a margin of almost 450,000 votes.

The company provides help with public relations, strategic advice, political consulting and advertising. “We specialize in bringing field and media strategy together to help our clients engage, organize and mobilize key constituencies,” according to its website.

For full article: http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20131028/POLITICS/131029895


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Sep 26 2013

Birth Pangs From The Streets

As you all may know Queens-Politics is north Queens based even though we cover the whole borough city, state, and sometimes national news. Reporting straight from the hood, Joe Lhota is taking off like wild fire, and this is not just some political speak – just ask some of the largest voting groups who’ve they endorsed. Many individuals feel a personal connection with Joe Lhota that we have not seen in a long time. Although North Queens was Rudy country, Joe seems to have a connection with the people that we never really had with Rudy. Bloomberg, although thankfully played defense to the radical lefties who want to destroy our city, he was never really one of us.

Joe Lhota, the Bronx Bomber, has never lost his outer borough sensibility. Gifted with the ability to manage city agencies and understand the interweave of public and private sectors and comprehend how they all interrelate has made Joe special, but as he spends more time in North Queens, more and more people are realizing Joe is really one of us. Joe has a compassion to sincerely try to better the lives of all New Yorkers and a purity that says he might just pull it off. Recent polls have shown that the city is just getting to know Joe Lhota and we are confident that once the city gets to know Joe and contrasts him with the alternative, he may just be our next mayor.

New Yorkers, political insiders, political junkies, gadflies, and County kiss assess get ready to have a front row seat in one of the most exciting months in NYC political history. We all grew up watching Rocky and in that movie although based on a fictional boxer, was a metaphor for comebacks, dreams, overcoming adversity, and the little guy taking on the system. This mayoral race will surprise a lot of people. We see and feel here on the streets of North Queens, the rumblings and birth pangs of a new Renaissance of common sense pro-New York values.


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Sep 24 2013

Hipster Paradise In Peril



Next time your on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, and you buy a shot of liquor, give a salute to Joe Lhota and his quest to become the next mayor of NYC.

Imagine you’re a man in Wisconsin and your sweet little precious twenty one-year-old girl tells you she wants to move to NY to pursue a career in acting and writing. Chances are she will end up in either Williamsburg, Bushwick, or even Park Slope. After 20 years of Guiliani and Bloomberg and the NYC police department – you can feel safe that she resides in one of the safest urban areas in the world, but it wasn’t always like that.

Under Bill de Blasio’s former boss, David Dinkins, those communities were war zones. And if you lived in Williamsburg or Bushwick you were more likely to be killed than a soldier in Iraq. Murders rocketed to 2,000 a year. The crime surge was only stopped after the NYC police department under the direction of Rudy Guiliani and Bloomberg promoted the stop and frisk program.

De Blasio vows to cater to the radical anti-police crowd. Clearly, de Blasio is getting his public policy positions from fantasy island academic circles mixed with radical pandering politicians who don’t know a darn thing about protecting New Yorkers.

For the father of Wisconsin, thank you for trusting NY’s finest and sending your daughter to New York as the hipster community is the creative backbone of the greatest city in the world. Here in NY we are proud that creative souls from across the country and the world want to come to our communities to live, work, and to manifest their creativity whether it be in acting, cinema, writing, or the painted arts, we welcome all to NY.

And we thank Guiliani and the Bloomberg administration as well as the NYPD for providing a safe place for artists to flourish, live, and grow.

Sadly, many hipsters were not around during the Dinkins era when the very communities that they call home were among the most violent war zones in the world. Bill de Blasio, while capitalizing on the hipster subculture is the worst threat to their security.

We will make the hipsters safe and it’s through the public policy positions of Joe Lhota.


A reader emailed this in response:

“Public safety in NYC improved because of NYPD Commissioner Bratton, who
(1) was fired by Giuliani for getting too many headlines he thought were rightfully his; and who
(2) both Lhota and deBlasio have on their to-hire lists.
Stop & Frisk is a great idea. So is the US Constitution.
They CAN coexist.”

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Sep 18 2013

Bloomberg Reveals Secret Plan To Trump Bill de Blasio


Did you really think Bloomberg would sit on sidelines while his legacy gets trounced? Picture from the Village Voice.

There is only one winning political party in NYC, the money party and Bill de Blasio crossed it.

According to whispers from an inner-circle Bloomberg loyalist, Mayor Bloomberg is so infuriated with Bill de Blasio for trouncing his legacy by running a smear campaign as the anti-Bloomberg candidate – and achieving high levels of success while doing so – that he decided to dig deep in his own pockets by bankrolling an independent expenditure with upwards of $20 million of his own money to assist Joe Lhota on the road to victory.

Could this be the turning point in the campaign?

The source, who for years built strong personal relations with Bloomberg, said that Bloomberg’s ego can’t take the de Blasio beating and political embarrassment without him standing up and fighting back.

If the mayor can’t do it in the press or in debates, he’ll do it the only way he knows how, his wallet.


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Sep 06 2013

Final Thoughts: GOTV Weekend Edition

Once more unto the breach, dear friends… -Henry V


Me and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

It’s certainly been an adventure so far in this electoral season to say the least. As the candidates gear up for one last push to consolidate their voting blocs, Queens-Politics continues to ponder the possibilities that Tuesday’s Primary results will present us with.

So without further adieu, here are my suggestions to help guide you through this process. 

Hailing from North Queens, I’ve kept a watchful eye on the developments in Council District 19 because it’s important to me, it’s home. The real race comes down between two candidates: community activist Paul Vallone, whom I fully support, and a trained operative and spin doctor named Austin Shafran. This weekend, Shafran will be making his final push to concentrate the Jewish voting bloc by emphasizing his Jewish heritage – sort of ironic for a man who graduated St. Francis Prep and was married in a Catholic church, but I digress. Did I mention Shafran received money from special interests yet held a press conference to denounce such contributions and outside spending?

He’s really worried Vallone is going to win this thing, and I can’t blame him. Despite the misleading blog headlines, Vallone ran a completely positive campaign. Sure, this statement will certainly raise eyebrows on the blogs (which have apparently aligned themselves against Vallone and for lobbyist Paul Graziano) but the whole Jobs For NY issue was NOT connected to his campaign, after all that’s illegal. The powers that be behind the real estate backed PAC independently sent mailers which offended the delicate sensibilities of candidates who obviously could not handle the heat in the kitchen to face the truth about themselves: you can’t have a seedy past and expect to come up smelling like roses. Ignoring these issues is a disservice to the electorate. In politics your record will be challenged and sometimes it’s just not pretty. I believe it’s all part of the vetting process and definitely not for the feint of heart. I’ve faced it myself despite not running for public office and I took it all in stride. If I can do it, so can they. But never in my life have I witnessed such two-faced bigotry from questionable candidates who have fallen to the wayside and become desperate for a headline.  And it got even worse on TV. On the NY1 debate, to which everyone of Vallone’s opponents united against him in attack mode, all I saw was a bunch of insecure politicians that ganged up on the frontrunner and showed the public one thing: Paul Vallone will be the very best candidate for the 19th City Council district. 

As for Queens Borough President, it’s well known that I’m supporting Peter Vallone Jr. and as of now – despite not having the County’s endorsement – it looks like he could win, that is, if enough votes are pulled out. Name recognition credit goes to Vallone, as well as his unwavering support of public safety issues. Queens will be a safer place with Peter Vallone as Borough President. Did we mention the NY POST just endorsed him as well as the PBA?

Comptroller? I’m going to go with Eliot Spitzer, and I’ll even go as far as to say he will win Queens just based on name recognition. After all, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has never come around to these parts. No one here has ever heard of him and that’s got to mean something.

Public Advocate? We’ve endorsed Cathy Guerriero. Cathy has also been endorsed by practically every law enforcement union in the city, and for good reason. The office of Public Advocate is not meant to be held by a career politician. The Public Advocate is the city’s chief ombudsman – and we need someone in there who’s outside the scope of politics and unafraid to call people out, cut the red tape and do the job well. Hailing from the outer boroughs, Cathy knows the issues important to Queens. That’s why I chose Cathy and I hope you do too.


Borough President candidate Peter Vallone Jr. and Bill Thompson.

Now I’ve helped out on elections across NYC and I’ve become quite familiar with poll site politics. Poll workers are political hires. They have allegiance to their District Leaders, whom in turn have their allegiance to the County organization (not all but most). In recent elections, there were instances when newly registered voters were told by poll workers they “accidentally” showed up at the wrong poll site and were redirected (sometimes across town). Upon arriving at the new site, they were told yet again they’re in the wrong place and they simply gave up at that point. And who could blame them? Some of these voters were even mailed the wrong poll site location from the BOE. It certainly has the makings of a conspiracy theory.

In NY politics, voters are easily disenfranchised especially if your recognized as supporting another candidate running against a County candidate at the polls; they just don’t want your vote to count and it’s hard to prove. As voters, our only defense is to be armed with knowledge and insist on an Affidavit ballot to protect our vote and mitigate any political factors that may have come into play at the polling site.


Me and Comptroller John Liu.

I can’t honestly go on and accurately predict results because this season there’s too many factors and variables to take into consideration which change minute to minute. My only hope is that people like you will take my suggestions on candidates who have proven themselves to be strong advocates for Queens and cast your ballots accordingly. Now, it may be unscientific, but it’s what’s best for our borough (and yet still more scientific than some of the polls I’ve read), which is my guiding philosophy. Ultimately, neither official polls nor unofficial ones can truly say what will happen with certainty this year. However, the unpredictable nature of this primary election has not stopped a seemingly endless array of pundits, wonks, and psychics from bombarding the airwaves with their half-witted predictions. So who will be the predictive champion? Time will tell.

Yes, our posting schedule is quite random but Queens-Politics is here to stay. So check back often for the unfiltered commentary and if you have a tip email info@queens-politics.com. Again, no matter whom you choose, it’s time to get out the vote.

Polls are open from 6 AM – 9 PM.

To find your poll site click here: http://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/Search.aspx



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New Yorkers for de Blasio TV Ad: “Dante”


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Feb 05 2013

Bill de Blasio’s Petition to End School Bus Strike


Public Advocate Bill De BlasioA letter from the office of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio asking readers to sign a petition which calls on City Hall to resume negotiations in the hopes of bringing a swift conclusion to the citywide school bus strike.


Good Afternoon NYC Bloggers, 


I was hoping you’d be interested in publicizing our petition calling on City Hall to come back to the negotiation table and end this school bus strike that’s hurting families across our City. 


It’s been for three weeks now that parents and children across the city have had to cope with this strike that has disrupted daily routines, causing economic hardship, and limiting access to essential support services.


And the Mayor is still sitting on the sidelines, refusing to get involved.


It is simply unacceptable for the City to not be engaged in the negotiation process. Too many of our children are being denied access to school and the therapies that they are entitled too.


Please tell your readers about this petition. In the last 48 hours, hundreds of parents have signed on, calling on the Mayor to acknowledge the City’s responsibility in finding resolution to this strike.

>   > Readers can click here to add their name.
Petition Press Conference Video


Together, we can ensure a resolution to this strike that retains the safest, most experienced workforce for our kids and values the bus drivers and matrons that many of us have trusted with our kids’ lives for so many years.


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Nov 14 2011

Puerto Rico Hosts Political Schmooze Fest

Politics, not policy was the subject of the New York Times coverage of the Somos El Futuro, a political summit in Puerto Rico.

 From NY Times: SAN JUAN, P.R. — For a few days every November, the place for New York State politicians to see and be seen is not Angelo’s 677 Prime in Albany or the Regency Hotel in Manhattan, but a resort hotel in the Caribbean.

The New York State Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force has held an annual conference here for 24 years, attracting lawmakers, lobbyists and labor leaders with 85-degree weather, pristine beaches, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Officially a chance to discuss issues of concern to Puerto Rican and Hispanic voters, the conference, known as Somos el Futuro, is unofficially a giant schmooze-fest, a place to foster relationships and broker deals by the pool, on the beach or in the casino.

This year’s conference, which took place from Thursday to Sunday, featured workshops on housing and health care and an appearance by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. But as usual, the real news of the conference was not policy but politics.

For Full Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/14/nyregion/ny-lawmakers-confer-in-puerto-rico.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2

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