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Feb 06 2013

Mayoral Candidate Says She’ll Find ‘Low Income People’ on Nostrand Ave


In another twist, Chris Bragg questioned Ceceilia about her Twitter feed which informed us she was tweeting from Newark, NJ.

Real NYC politicos never sleep.

It was around 11PM when I saw a tweet from Azi Paybarah announcing NYC Mayoral candidate Ceceilia Berkowitz was about to take center stage for a social media press conference hosted via Twitter.

Within minutes there is was; Ceceilia live on Twitter fielding questions from NY’s most seasoned journos and media watchers. Luckily I was wide awake and fired off a question, “Cecilia, do you support the MLS stadium proposal for FMCP?” A few minutes passed and she got back to me, “It is hard to say,” she wrote. “I think we know too little about low income people & they need their green space. Not the stadium. So NO.”

I pondered her response for a moment. She was apparently serious.

Curious, I asked how might she go about learning more about the “low income people” that she said needed the greenspace.

“Recruit them, interview them. Find them at places like four seasons jamaican restaurant at president st & Nostrand ave bkln.”

“…and similar type restaurants in queens and Bronx etc.”

And there you have it folks, another well-qualified candidate running to become our next Mayor.


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Nov 15 2011

Independent Redistricting is Dead says Avella

Tony Avella fights valiantly for independent redistricting. The title of this article, first line in paragraph, sums it all up. On redistricting, I’m not so sure Queens will annex a part of the Bronx or Nassau County, but then again it’s all just a bunch of speculation as far as I’m concerned. Party bosses would have a canary. Be that as it may,  I never doubted Tony, but I knew completely independent redistricting was a no-go. It’s asking Shelly Silver to give up most of his power.

From Capital NYAvella, speaker of inconvenient opinions fears Cuomo will back down and ‘independent redistricting is dead.’ Despite assurances from Governor Andrew Cuomo, State Senator Tony Avella is afraid that New York’s decennial, party-controlled redistricting process will not be reformed in time for next year’s elections.

“In my opinion, independent redistricting is dead,” said Avella, a freshman Democrat from Queens, during a panel discussion in Manhattan this weekend hosted by the Alliance of South Asian American Labor. “There just isn’t time to do it.”

Cuomo has pledged as part of his broader Albany-reform agenda to wrest the power to redraw legislative- and congressional-district lines from legislative leaders in Albany, who currently exercise control of the process through a redistricting task force whose members they appoint. The governor proposed legislation to establish an independent body to undertake redistricting, but it was blocked by the Republican majority in the State Senate, whose 32-30 majority is enabled by lines that were drawn a decade ago to favor G.O.P. incumbents. (The lines in the Assembly, which is controlled by Democrats, were drawn to favor Democrats.)

Cuomo has repeatedly promised that he would veto whatever lines the task force comes up with, likely triggering court involvement in the process to ensure that new lines are organized in time for the 2012 primary in New York, even as he warned that such a move would cause chaos

For Full Article: http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/culture/2011/11/4138655/avella-speaker-inconvenient-opinions-fears-cuomo-will-back-down-and-


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