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Aug 08 2012

A Night Out With Crime featuring John Haggerty & Eric Ulrich

Seems kind of odd to see a felon and an elected official arriving together on an night meant to foster positive relationships between the community and the police department, just ask Juan Reyes who witnessed it first hand.

Reyes, who is running against Eric Ulrich in a Republican Primary, noticed something very peculiar about Ulrich’s visit to National Night Out Against Crime, he had a criminal in tow.

In a press statement, Reyes points out the strange relationship between Ulrich and Haggerty which became clear as day when Haggerty accompanied Ulrich at National Night Out Against Crime.

“My Republican Primary opponent, Eric Ulrich, continues to use a convicted felon, John Haggerty, as his top political advisor. His campaign sounds like a Night Out With Crime,” he said.

And Reyes may not be that far off from the truth. Haggerty was convicted for stealing campaign funds from the Mayor and has been seen by Ulrich’s side for the entire Senate campaign – even down at the Board of Elections (and in the court room) in an official capacity for Ulrich’s campaign.

Hard to imagine that Haggerty has turned a new leaf of reform. Rich, politically connected white males hardly see any justice. So has John done his Penance? No, he’s been invited back into the same element that gave him access to commit high crimes against the voters of NYC, and the Mayor, courtesy of Councilman Eric Ulrich.

If this election is about character and integrity of our elected officials, Reyes wins.

Someone should make a call to the Attorney General or Haggerty’s parole judge.





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Oct 25 2011

Change.Org Claims Child Sex Workers On BackPage.com

Everything is on Backpage.com. It's disgusting.

Village Voice Owns Backpage.com

I received a communication from Change.org alleging that Backpage.com, owned by The Village Voice is being used as a platform for child sex trafficking and that they have done “close to nothing to stop it.”

For those of you who don’t know Backpage.com became the goto site for prostitution and used refrigerators after Craigslist censored their adult section.

Brothels exist all over Queens. While some consider prostitution a ‘victimless’ crime, Queens Politics remains outraged by the thought of innocent children being trafficked in our borough.

Taking down the site will not end child prostitution rings but it’s a good start.

Backpage is far from the only seedy classified section, a Google search will reveal thousands of adult classifieds. However, Craigslist Sex is what scares the public, and it’s become the focus of politicians including the Attorney General. However, after Craigslist censored itself, Backpage.com became the premier site for dirty old men looking for a rub-n-tug or a table shower, or according to Change.org, a child prostitute.

A Disturbing Trend
From Change.org

Earlier this week a Georgia man was arrested for pimping two 17-year-old girls around the Nashville area. Detectives responded to a suspicious ad on Backpage and drove to a motel. There, they found the teens and their 37-year-old pimp, as well as a laptop computer, likely used to post the online advertising. Just four days prior to that, four people in Denver were arrested for forcing a teen girl into prostitution. They also advertised her sexual services, including semi-nude pictures, on Backpage. And last year, a South Dakota couple was arrested for selling underage girls for sex on …. wait for it … Backpage.com yet again.

Sorry Village Voice, but it looks like child sex trafficking on one of your websites is a disturbing trend.

Here’s the letter,

Dear Adam,

By the time Norman Barnes was picked up by Massachusetts state troopers, he had made $19,000 forcing a 15-year-old girl to have sex with up to 8 men a day for 10 days.

He couldn’t have done it without Backpage.com, a classified website owned by Village Voice Media.

Backpage.com is reported to be the nation’s #1 online platform for advertising sex with minors.  A recent letter from 51 Attorneys General to Village Voice Media’s lawyers cites over 50 cases (in 22 states) of trafficking or attempted trafficking of minors for sex using the site.  Although such use violates Backpage.com’s terms of service, the site continually fails to identify and remove ads selling sex with children.

Driven by the universal moral imperative to end child sex trafficking, a new multifaith action network called Groundswell has started a petition on Change.org.

Sign Groundswell’s petition now to shut down the adult services section of Backpage.com — the only effective way to end child sex trafficking on the site.

Village Voice Media executives are fully aware that their site is used as a platform for child sex trafficking, but have done close to nothing to stop it.

Instead, after executives were confronted by the Attorneys General, the Village Voice ran a shocking cover story ‘expose’ that smeared hard-working advocacy groups by presenting sensationally low (and poorly researched) statistics on child sex trafficking.

What the story didn’t mention is that Village Voice Media earns $22.7 million a year from its adult services ads on Backpage.com, which it may have to shut down completely (like Craigslist did last year after hearing from 10,000 Change.org members) to effectively prevent the site from being used as a platform for selling sex with children.

All Village Voice Media has done so far is throw up a smokescreen to try and hide how they’re providing a platform child sex trafficking on Backpage.com. Let Village Voice Media executives know that they can’t hide their complicity. Sign Groundswell’s petition to end child sex trafficking on Backpage.com now:

Don't ever click this.

Sign the petition. Save the children. 

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