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Feb 28 2014

Letter to the editor: Avella Talks Smack

Ali FadilLocal Queens transit activist, Ali Fadil, writes in discussing his frustrations with Senator Tony Avella regarding negative rumors Avella allegedly spread about him to MTA officials instead of working together to solve a community issue.

[Letter to the editor]

Dear Queens-Politics:

As you all may know I am a community activist based in Northeast Queens and I work on issues related to express bus service in Northeast Queens. I am writing today to discuss Senator Tony Avella.

One of the most troubling and disheartening things that I have heard about Avella are the rumors which I have heard about him. These rumors are about Avella talking about me behind my back to MTA officials which I really hope is not true. It is unacceptable for an elected official to advocate for his constituents to their faces while at the same time turning around and talking about his constituents behind his constituents’ back to the agency that the constituent has problems with. If doing something like that does not violate the public trust, then what does?

No pun intended, but IDC (internet jargon for I don’t care for those who don’t know) about someone’s political party/caucus affiliation or how progressive or conservative they are. I am willing to work with anyone who will work with me to get what our neighborhood needs are, bottom line. Neighborhood needs such as improved express bus service are not necessarily partisan; in fact some of the biggest advocates for improved express bus service include Republicans such as Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden or Staten Island Borough President Jim Oddo and Democrats such as District Leader Lew Simon or Councilman Costa Constantinides.

All in all, what is most disheartening to me personally is not Avella’s switch to the State Senate Independent Democratic Conference (although I found it to be a shocker); but it is the rumors that I have heard that Avella spoke about me behind my back to MTA officials instead of genuinely working with me to get the MTA to make the service improvements our express bus riders in Northeast Queens deserve.


Ali Fadil


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Jun 13 2013

Shafran Insults Local Leader, Shows Ignorance Of Critical District Issues


Ali Fadil discusses Austin Shafran’s sham candidacy for district 19.

We’ve been posting for quite some time about the sham candidacy of Austin Shafran, a candidate who has never been seen or heard from in District 19. For those of you who took it all with a grain of salt, things are finally getting real. We knew it was only a matter of time before community leaders like Ali Fadil would come forward. In his letter Fadil discusses an encounter with Austin Shafran regarding a critical district issue. Fadil was astonished with the lack of knowledge and dismissive attitude showed by the candidate, which is not surprising given his pedigree of tweeder jobs and absenteeism from community life.

Meanwhile, the New York Post exposed Shafran’s philandering, Queens-Politics highlighted his past as chief excuse maker for corrupt politicians and a dysfunctional government, and now the cat is out of the bag. These points are not really disputed by anyone in the district. Read his letter below:

Dear Editor,


I am Ali Fadil, a community organizer based in Northeast Queens and I am writing this letter to put my two cents in on how I feel about the Democratic primary race in the 19th council district, a Northeast Queens based district.

Austin Shafran is a candidate who I think feels that because of his connections; he can talk down to our community and not have to care about our community. I have experienced this from Shafran first hand when I approached him to discuss issues that face our express bus riders and made him aware of the various problems that we have with our express bus routes. The response that I received from Shafran was that transit priorities in the district should be focused on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) because LIRR stations have parking lots where people can park their cars; not considering that parking can be difficult at the LIRR stations in the district that have parking lots available such as Bayside or Broadway and there are other LIRR stations such as Auburndale that do not have parking available. This is not considering the fact that the LIRR only goes to Penn Station and does not offer free transfers to buses and Subways once in Manhattan and one has to pay for parking at some of the LIRR stations in our area in addition to an LIRR ticket. Express buses have the benefit of offering more direct service to areas in Manhattan and Queens when compared to the LIRR and are also cheaper and offer transfers to the Subway, and local and express buses. Residents of neighborhoods in the 19th council district such as College Point want direct express bus service. When I tried to explain to him that his stance towards transit in the district is not necessarily the best one for this district, Shafran immediately excused himself from the conversation that I was having with him. This shows how Shafran is out of touch with the residents of the 19th council district as he is unable to relate to the needs of this district. Other civic leaders have also stated that he is someone who also has not been seen in the community until his candidacy and as a member of the Jefferson Democratic Club in Northeast Queens, I have not seen him attend meetings until his candidacy for the 19th council district. 

manes shafran

What’s the connection?

Other candidates such as Paul Vallone have been very supportive to the needs of our community and our express bus riders. One of the issues with our express bus service that I have championed in the district is to get a Lower Manhattan express bus from Bayside, Whitestone, and North Flushing and Vallone has supported me on that issue from the very beginning and is very receptive to the needs of the community and the needs of this district’s express bus riders and unlike Shafran does not seem to be someone who would shaft his constituents as I have had his support on that issue before he declared his run for the City Council as a civic leader. Overall, I think that Vallone would be the best person to win the Democratic primary for the 19th council district because unlike candidates such as Shafran who feels that it is unnecessary to care about the community, Vallone is a civic leader who is in touch with our community and the needs of the community and would do his best to support the needs of our community and I feel that the Democratic Organization of Queens County made the right choice to endorse Vallone instead of Shafran (who was rumored to get County’s endorsement) for the 19th city council district Democratic Primary.

Ali Fadil,


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Dec 10 2012

Activist Says Lhota Refused To Make Service Investments In Northeast Queens

Ali Fadil, an 18-year-old sophomore at Quinnipiac University, writes in response to Elio Forcina’s letter urging Joseph Lhota to enter the Mayor’s race.

A letter from community activist and Whitestone resident, Ali Fadil.

Dear Queens-Politics,

I am Ali Fadil, a community organizer based in Northeast Queens, and I am writing this letter in response to your posting of Elio Forcina’s letter to MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota encouraging Lhota to run for mayor next year.

                What I am critical of in Elio Forcina’s letter is that he seems to offer wholehearted support to Lhota despite the fact that Lhota has done little for Northeast Queens, especially when it comes to Express Bus service which many in Northeast Queens rely on. During Lhota’s chairmanship, service reliability on the Express Buses in Northeast Queens has gotten worse, which in part is due to the MTA making substantial changes to Bus Operator work schedules at the College Point Bus Depot where the QM1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 20 which all operate in Northeast Queens are based out of. Service levels during some parts of the day on some Northeast Queens Express Bus routes are worse than they were under Queens Surface. Lhota has also refused to make service investments in Northeast Queens where it matters such as adding a Bayside/Whitestone/North Flushing to Lower Manhattan service which the MTA has admitted is a good idea; or having service on the QM2 and QM20 begin earlier in the morning which would better accommodate lots of people; or adding a 3rd Avenue branch to the QM20 bus; or restoring North Shore Towers to Lower Manhattan Express Bus service which the MTA quietly cut in 2008 without a public hearing, and at a time when there were plenty of service investments being planned, such as a Q45 extension to Atlas Park which drew widespread opposition in Glendale and by Community Board 5. 

                 If Joseph Lhota really cared about Northeast Queens, he would have had his agency meet with myself and Senator Tony Avella when we wanted to have a sit down with the MTA to discuss the possibility of having a Bayside/Whitestone/North Flushing to Lower Manhattan Express Bus route which the MTA thinks is a good idea. But when Senator Tony Avella requested a meeting with the MTA when they were mulling service investments, Lhota’s agency refused to meet with myself and Senator Tony Avella. Lhota could have also restored the North Shore Towers to Lower Manhattan Express Bus route that was cut without a public hearing and during a time when the MTA was making service investments that communities did not want to have which was the case when the MTA wanted to extend the Q45 to Atlas Park.

                  As someone who wanted to represent Northeast Queens in Albany, I hope that Elio Forcina understands that Joseph Lhota is a man that has done little for the area that he lives in and has done little for the area that he wanted to represent. As mentioned, Lhota even refused to have a representative of his agency meet with myself and Senator Tony Avella to discuss service in Northeast Queens. I do not think that someone such as Joseph Lhota who does little for Northeast Queens and refuses to work with Express Bus riders/advocates like myself and our elected officials should be our mayor.



Ali Fadil 


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