Feb 28 2014

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Letter to the editor: Avella Talks Smack

Ali FadilLocal Queens transit activist, Ali Fadil, writes in discussing his frustrations with Senator Tony Avella regarding negative rumors Avella allegedly spread about him to MTA officials instead of working together to solve a community issue.

[Letter to the editor]

Dear Queens-Politics:

As you all may know I am a community activist based in Northeast Queens and I work on issues related to express bus service in Northeast Queens. I am writing today to discuss Senator Tony Avella.

One of the most troubling and disheartening things that I have heard about Avella are the rumors which I have heard about him. These rumors are about Avella talking about me behind my back to MTA officials which I really hope is not true. It is unacceptable for an elected official to advocate for his constituents to their faces while at the same time turning around and talking about his constituents behind his constituents’ back to the agency that the constituent has problems with. If doing something like that does not violate the public trust, then what does?

No pun intended, but IDC (internet jargon for I don’t care for those who don’t know) about someone’s political party/caucus affiliation or how progressive or conservative they are. I am willing to work with anyone who will work with me to get what our neighborhood needs are, bottom line. Neighborhood needs such as improved express bus service are not necessarily partisan; in fact some of the biggest advocates for improved express bus service include Republicans such as Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden or Staten Island Borough President Jim Oddo and Democrats such as District Leader Lew Simon or Councilman Costa Constantinides.

All in all, what is most disheartening to me personally is not Avella’s switch to the State Senate Independent Democratic Conference (although I found it to be a shocker); but it is the rumors that I have heard that Avella spoke about me behind my back to MTA officials instead of genuinely working with me to get the MTA to make the service improvements our express bus riders in Northeast Queens deserve.


Ali Fadil


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