Nov 06 2013

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Turnout Hits Historic Low Proportion


Calling all voters.

As if the notoriety candidates brought to all New Yorkers through the press, social media, and old-fashioned campaign mail wasn’t enough to raise awareness this season, voter turnout still came back less than what was hoped for.

Reaching a meager 24 percent, turnout was the lowest in more than fifty years, according to the NYPOST.

While paper ballots have yet to be counted, the Board of Elections reported 1,026,169 ballots cast with over 4.3 million registered voters in NYC.

“That compares with a turnout of 93 percent in 1953. Before Tuesday, the lowest turnout since 1950 had been in 2009, when 1.137 million ballots were cast in Mayor Bloomberg’s widely expected victory over Bill Thompson,” according to the Post article.


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