Sep 10 2013

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Don’t vote for Chrissy Voskerichian, her campaigner threatened to kill me

This ol’ battle axe Rhea O’ Gorman thinks she can get away with, well,  murder.

Chrissy’s former boss, Dan Halloran must have really rubbed off on her. 

We all know Chrissy Voskerichian held a press conference denouncing the mailings from Jobs For NY, but did you know her chief advisor is in the field threatening the lives of the opposition? No, I’m not kidding. While she was campaigning for Chrissy (and wearing a Chrissy T-Shirt), Rhea O’ Gorman threatened me with violence stating she would stuff me in a box and kill me for calling out her lies about Paul Vallone which she was telling voters as they were walking into a poll site in Flushing.

Unfortunately, no one else was around to hear it. But never in my life have I witnessed such bigotry and hatred coming directly from a campaign, not to mention from a civic president working side by side with a political candidate. O’Gorman is the co-founder – alongside Chrissy – of the Station Road Civic Association formed in 2005.

O’ Gorman’s combative nature has lent itself well to Chrissy’s campaign. Having O’ Gorman as her malevolent mouthpiece gave Chrissy distance from the type of campaigning she called negative, until now. The arrangement appears to be part of an underhanded agreement with the civic association they both founded.

Mind you, this is the same campaign that openly denounced the free speech mailings from Jobs For NY for being too outlandish, yet that hasn’t stopped Chrissy’s campaign from physically threatening the opposition with violence.

Questions arise like how does a campaign talk about ethics and good campaigning when their actions do not reflect their positions?

While we are all entitled to free speech, sometimes it can get heated, and that’s ok. But there’s a fine line between committing a crime and the right to free speech that O’ Gorman crossed. Just because I support someone of the highest moral standing doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten to murder me, especially from a so-called community leader. 

O’Gorman’s unrestrained and wild antics are well-known throughout the community: she’s been known to pick fights with the elderly patrons of Waldbaums for no apparent reason, that is, amongst other seedy accolades. Prior to today’s threats, she also made her bones carrying out the dirty work of Chrissy Voskerichian throughout the election by penning multiple hateful letters against Paul Vallone with lie after lie.

What Rhea O’ Gorman did is criminal and it should be investigated by the D.A. So crazy were her comments and behavior that after she left the polling site her daughter came up to me and apologized on her mother’s behalf.

This whole crew is not to be trusted. With the election for the 19th City Council District underway, we’re asking you to cast a ballot for anyone but Chrissy because with Rhea O’ Gorman around, you could be next.


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