Jul 15 2013

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Katz Latest Endorsement: A Bunch Of Hogwash

Are you a crooked politician? Hit up Melinda Katz for a check.

Bogus endorsement prompts response from Vallone campaign.

A union misled by Katz.

This afternoon Melinda Katz celebrated an endorsement by the Uniformed Firefighters Association, but what many people may not have realized was that in fact, her opponent, Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. has been supporting first responders for longer than any of Melinda Katz’s exaggerated campaign rhetoric would lead you to believe.

In response, the Vallone campaign fired back issuing the following  statement to set the record straight.

“Council Member Vallone respects our Firefighters and is proud to have worked with them to stop firehouse closings, and he knows that their members will remember who stood with them for the last 12 years.  As a former Prosecutor and as Public Safety Chair, Council Member Vallone has spent a lifetime protecting the people of Queens.  While he is proud that he has many more public safety union endorsements than Melinda Katz, he doesn’t need to create the illusion of experience protecting Queens residents – his is real,” said Andrew Moesel, spokesperson for the Vallone campaign.

And there you have it folks, a union negligent of the facts.


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