Apr 19 2013

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Impeach Quinn Now!

Letter to the editor.

Christine QuinnDear QUEENS-POLITICS Editor:

Council Speaker Christine Quinn deserves to be instantly impeached from her present post, in addition to lifetime banishment from ever holding public office again. 

Her false, fake and failed record is one of criminal misconduct—the latest (but not the most egregious), involving First Amendment issues of her truth telling opponents.  Add that outrageous betrayal of trust to her 2009 self-appointed pay raise (and the entire city council) that defied a majority opposition to any pay raise voiced at a public hearing , followed by disobeying public referendum laws that recognized term limits that she abrogated (in favor of arranging an unlawful third term for Michael Bloomberg to serve, that automatically guaranteed her own job security), plus a final and detrimental insult to the working poor that blocked our rightful vote on sick pay coverage, and collectively, it would make total sense to impeach and prosecute such unethical, improper and unfair conduct–that is unbecoming to anyone purporting to serve their constituency.  But that would mean a thorough examination of the dishonest, dishonorable, disloyal and unethical record of Quinn’s personal puppetmaster, Dictator/Emperor/Monarch Bloomberg.

Until the laws stop selectively enforcing policy against flagrant abusers of trust, ethics, unfair civic and labor practices, and integrity from within city and state government, there will certainly be a rampant element of corruption, low morale that dishonors a tainted leadership façade, and societal decay from the top downward.  No human life form with a soul and conscience could possibly vote for a rapacious and predatory imposter like Christine Quinn.  But the question still begs:  Why hasn’t she taken a leave of absence from her position as city council speaker while running for the mayoralty?  Likewise, Bill De Blasio who has remained public advocate but refuses to step down, in spite of obvious conflict of interest issues.  When I ran for a city council seat in the 32nd councilmanic district in 2003, I was required to take a mandatory leave of absence from my employ.  Do the rules not apply to Ms. Quinn and Mr. De Blasio?  Are they exalted?  If not, then when will democracy, freedom of choice, ethics and human decency be fully restored to constituents like me?

No matter how many ethics commissions there may be, no matter how much power that is jointly shared and acquired by the attorney general and prosecutors, corruption will continue to flourish unless the system is uprooted from its breeding point.  Demand impeachment for QUINN and BLOOMBERG forthwith!





Community Activist

Southeastern Queens

107-41 107th Street

Ozone Park, New York   11417-2316

917/837-2573 (cell telephone)

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