Dec 18 2012

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Taylor Considered Frontrunner For Party Endorsement

District Leader Martha Taylor is widely considered the frontrunner for the Party nod.

Joe Crowley will visit Rory Lancman’s announcement tonight, but it’s District Leader Martha Taylor who has the one up when it comes to the Party’s endorsement for City Council District 24, according to insiders.

Ask any activist in the community and they will most assuredly recognize her name. Taylor, who worked in the Comptroller’s office as the Director of Affirmative Claims from 2002-2011 (and is currently an attorney by trade), has a distinguished record of community service that is well-known by constituents  and among political circles.

During her run in 2009, early support from big political dynamos was recognized here and will likely continue into 2013. The endorsement is likely to go to Taylor considering her opponent, Rory Lancman, has fallen into disfavor with the Party as key decision makers will recall his insurgent (and costly) primary against Congresswoman Grace Meng.

Since her run for Jim Gennaro’s seat in 2009, Taylor made the most of out of her Democratic District Leader position (24th A.D Part A) by aiding constituents and being a central figure in civic activism. Her visibility in the comunity is aided in part by her work experience in the Mayor’s Community Affair’s unit under the Dinkin’s administration.

Isaac Sasson is also expected to announce a run, but it is not likely he will be considered for the endorsement.

Years of coalition building, and a very helpful Party nod, might bring her one step closer to victory for Jim Gennaro’s term limited Council seat in 2013.


* Note: Martha Taylor did not run against Jim Gennaro in 2009. A committee was filed, but was later dissolved. 

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