Oct 04 2012

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Lipsky bought influence from numerous political campaigns.

Queens Politics is calling on all candidates and elected officials to return contributions made by criminal lobbyist Richard Lipsky.

It seems every politician wants to take a stand against crime and criminal activity and every candidate wants people to think they aren’t criminals and thus people should have respect for political figures, but when push comes to shove, actions speak louder than words, and right now everyone remains silent.

Both prominent politicians and convicted felons received money from Richard Lipsky.

Lipsky conducts his lobbyist business from his residence at 140 Riverside Drive on Manhattan’s West Side. Coincidentally, several other donors with the surname Lipsky (possibly family members) – living at the same address – are also large-scale contributors to political campaigns such as Pedro Espada, Hiram Monseratte, Tony Avella, Jose Peralta, and Ruben Diaz.

Just check out the financial disclosure reports and see who Lipsky donated to.

Last week Lipsky was sentenced to a puny three months in exchange for cooperating with authorities. Many have speculated that his cooperation could be the undoing of several high-ranking elected officials and fellow lobbyists, but this remains to be seen as constituents are just beginning to demand a full return of his contributions.

Queens-Politics is urging all elected officials to return the money, don’t pocket it, give it back, or give it to charity. To our friends in the media we invite you to carefully scrutinize his donor list available on the link above.


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