Jul 15 2012

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Reyes Family Files Petitions

Look out Eric, here comes a storm.

In case you didn’t hear, Republican Juan Reyes successfully filed his nominating petitions for state Senate.

Reyes, the father of three young daughters, and his wife Meaghan used the petition filing as a teaching experience for their children.

The Reyes girls, ages 5 and 7, personally handed their father’s nominating petitiions to Board of Elections personnel at the agency’s office at 32 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

“I want my daughters to know right from wrong,” said Reyes, “and they may not be old enough to vote for many years, but when they are, I hope they will understand the importance of being a good citizen.”


For more information or copies of this family photo, contact the Reyes campaign at 718-487-9551.

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