Jun 20 2012

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Juan Reyes Photo courtesy Jamie Moss

Received via Email: Republican State Senate candidate Juan Reyes revealed that he has filed a complaint with the 112th Police Precinct, after vandals targeted his Forest Hills home — coincidentally on the same evening as his first campaign fundraiser on Wednesday, June 13th.


“When I got into this race, I wasn’t expecting the opposition to roll out the red carpet for me,” said Reyes, an attorney and father of three who served as General Counsel to several city agencies during the Giuliani Administration, “But I never thought someone would come to my home in the dead of night and steal the ‘Welcome’ mat from my front door.”

In addition to the theft of the welcome mat, the intruder bizarrely emptied a box of plastic forks on the Reyes lawn.

“Political campaigns should be about the important issues facing New York State, not about childish antics that belong in Animal House,” continued Reyes, who is running in the Republican Primary in the new 15th Senate District.


Reyes is not distracted by the vandalism, saying “Midnight pranks aren’t going to create jobs or convince businesses to move to New York State. We need to roll out the welcome mat to businesses large and small, and make our state more business-friendly. Plus, I’d like my welcome mat back.”


As far as the bizarre spread of plastic forks on his lawn, Reyes added, “They can stick forks wherever they like. Done? We’re just getting started with this campaign.”


Note: The complaint field with the precinct for this incident was # 2532, filed at the 112th Precinct.

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