Jun 04 2012

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An Educated Failure

The commentary from QueensCrap (in bold) should be read by everyone because it exemplifies the truth about Liz Crowley, a congressional candidate that is unfit for any role in public policy making.


What Dizzy Lizzy stands for in her own words

The two-term councilwoman is seeking the Democratic nomination for the new 6th Congressional District.

Crowley is in the midst of her first full term. She served a year prior to that after winning a special election.

On transportation, she said she is tired of projects such as the Long Island Rail Road’s East Side Access project and the 7 subway line extension, “projects that pass through here that we don’t benefit from.”

Actually, quite a few of her potential constituents would benefit from this project. LIRR runs east of Flushing and would bring all those folks into Grand Central. As for the 7 subway line extension, that doesn’t run through her potential district, it’s in Manhattan only.

Crowley said the 7 could be extended in other directions, such as to connect LaGuardia Airport and the future development at Willets Point to Manhattan.

When did the 7 train STOP going to Willets Point?

In addressing the nation’s $16 trillion deficit, Crowley could not identify any non-military programs that she would eliminate from the budget.

“I would cut parts of programs,” she said. “I’m sure there is waste and fraud.”

Wow, now there’s some deep thinking.

She did not directly acknowledge that saving the money by pulling out of Afghanistan, where the Taliban allowed al-Qaeda to hatch its 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, could once again leave a dangerous vacuum where terrorists could plot more attacks on the United States. “I don’t know where it ends over there,” she said.

What a fine grasp of foreign policy and homeland security!

While demographics in the Unites States have changed dramatically since Social Security’s inception in 1935, Crowley said that there is no need to restructure the program, even with President Obama’s own experts saying the fund is unsustainable at its current ratio of workers to benefit recipients.

“I think when more people get back to work and begin paying into the system again that will fix itself,” she said.

And there you go. Stupid is as stupid does. Or in this case, doesn’t do.


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